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Random Deaths & Decoration
After getting burnt out on Brutal Doom, I still wanted vanilla gameplay but I liked having alternate deaths for the monsters (and other things) so I put together this for my entertainment and yours. Nearly all monsters have multiple death sequences...Date:05/15/14
Size:1411 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Ultra Dis
Hell's Colosseum, more or less....Date:02/22/14
Size:40 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Ultra Anomaly
The conclusion to Phobos Anomaly in a slightly grander scale in terms of design and end episode opposition....Date:02/21/14
Size:17 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

I didn't think the Tower of Babel wasn't so much of a tower so I decided to make a literal tower that you must ascend and battle your way up to reach the Cyberdemon at the very top. Be prepared for a long climb!...Date:02/17/14
Size:122 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Rock It! Electronic Edition
A music compilation set to more energetic electronic(a) and techno tunes for both Doom and Doom 2. Version 1.01 replaces a few of the "dud" songs....Date:02/13/14
Size:315 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Doomer's Domain
This was one of my oldest if the oldest maps I have released publicly. It is a bit tight in space but a fair amount of action in a Tech/urban textured level. What is different with the tidied up release is fixing a few texture issues, 2 closed sect...Date:12/17/13
Size:160 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Doom Music Inversion
Changes the notes in all the music so they are inverted, so low notes are high and vice versa. Makes for some weird, wacky or awkward sounding tunes....Date:10/26/13
Size:462 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Brutal Mix Up
A compilation of songs for both Doom games composed of tunes from my Rock It! series and various megawads found on /idgames/...Date:07/31/13
Size:388 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Rock It! v2.5 Final
Complete music replacement for both Doom and Doom 2 with original compositions found on the internet. Mostly heavy rock with a few techno and electronic tracks scoured around. : With v2.5, this replaces almost all songs that were present in v1 have b...Date:07/17/13
Size:354 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

The Damned
A collab map in the E2M5/E2M6/E2M7 vein which at least 2 or 3 other Doomworld members assisted on building with me so the distinct styles show. I did post on Wads & Mods with screens but I had no luck. Maybe someone in the comments below will.. The...Date:11/27/12
Size:108 KB
Author:Mr. Chris & collaborators

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