Title: bw1.zip
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/bw1.zip
Size: 89 KB
Date: 06/16/94
Description: Included in this file are 2 wad files for use with Doom 1.2 by id Software. The first one (Dark.wad) is already online. This new one contains a few minor changes, most notably the inclusion of the BFG9000 to make fighting the CyberDemon a little bit easier. There is also an Ultra violence level, although its even harder than the original

The second one is called Sequel.wad for want of a better name. This one has more traps and surprises and also has anothe CyberDemon towards the end. As you might have guessed I like a challenge and the Cyber Demon is the hardest villian in Doom:) this one seems to be easier than my first level although not too easy.
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There are two WADs in the zip. DARK.WAD: Style clashes and ugly sector work ahoy, but some genuinely fun fights (especially the ending). Some parts can be quite dangerous if you're careless. Okay map. SEQUEL.WAD: Far more polished and complex than DARK, both in progression and architecture. Good traps, nice fights, plenty of fine secrets, and a good finale. Made mostly in the wooden/marble style. Some parts are a little challenging. Overall: Worth the download because of SEQUEL, which is recommended. --3/5x

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