Filename: levels/doom/s-u/temple11.zip
Size: 56.09 KB
Date: 05/12/94
Author: Mark Mackey
E-mail: mdm1004@cus.cam.ac.uk
Description: TEMPLE11.WAD is a new WAD file for (registered) DOOM. It's not a large level, but it's tricky (grin). This WAD is intended for those who like panic situations but dislike (a) Oh! Another 247 cacodemons in this room. Ho hum! (b) Now let me see, if I flip the third, fourteenth and 182nd switches, then shoot these three walls, then the door _might_ open... type situations. I wrote this to see what new traps and ideas I could come up with...
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I don't like the start: desperately looking for shotgun while avoiding enemies (because who the hell uses pistol?). The rest is really good: the author understood how to work with textures very well and was full of new ideas. The white room with weird hanging things and the exit room are particularly cool. It's somewhat challenging too, even today. Definitely worth playing if you like doom.wad.x

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