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Date: 11/27/01
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This is dated November 2001. It's another one of those "REoL TOUGH" levels, and follows the same formula; a decent-looking but very square castle-type level packed with baddies, in packs. You turn a corner, and there are a dozen imps; then a dozen shotgun men; imps; lost souls, etc. Has a clever bit with a small transforming maze, otherwise repeats the feat of being action-packed but a bit tedious, because it's so padded.x
Brown and crude looking, shotgun oriented monster pack killing. The first part is tedious, the huge amount of hitscan monsters can inflict some damage. As monster placement isn't bad and health balance is good. The last part after the cyberdemon is better. It has elements of map27 in it. If the first part was seriously trimmed, then I would recommend this. Now you're better off playing rt10years as that one is much better and as brown. 3/5 coldfusiox

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