Title: +inter screen by Metabolist
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/oneweek.zip
Size: 914.13 KB
Date: 11/01/01
Author: for keeping me busy on my feet and for their (mostly)
E-mail: erik_a80@hotmail.com
Description: A small industrial map with a metal theme and some nice slime areas. Not too hard, just blast away with the shotgun when you have enough shells. Some minor traps, the one with the sargeants teleporting behind you can hurt some on ultra violence. Nightmare is hard as hell, I tried 20+ runs, died all times right after getting the red card or on the way to the exit. There are a few very minor bugs: Some node problems in the blue key area sometimes. The trap by the shotgun can be avoided if you approach it very carefully (can't get 100% kills then though).

Difficulty Easy

+-------+ | MAP02 | +-------+

Name INDUSTRIAL 5 Author Erik Alm Week # 09 Description A short, intense map with many gunners, watch your health.

Difficulty Medium/Hard

+-------+ | MAP03 | +-------+

Name CAVERNS OF MALICE Author Dan Crowley Week # 02 Description No secrets, a simple, straight forward level. Rather small, it was intended to be an early level, but with a good amount of challenge anyway, especially for those who don't know what awaits them...

Difficulty Medium

+-------+ | MAP04 | +-------+

Name IN AND OUT Author Gregory Dick Week # 05 Description Tech style map for Doom 2 v1.9.(Metabolist speedmapping contest) Designed strictly for single player. (deathmatch and co-op in possible later version). A small/compact level consisting of a technicaly advanced alien fortress buried within a mountain side. Opposition is heavy at times...I've spread the monsters on kind of thick...PrBoom counts this level at 165 monsters strong, so things will get a little chaotic at times! Other features are a secret, a one way door >:>, and a massive toxic silo.

Difficulty Medium/Hard

+-------+ | MAP05 | +-------+

Name Fort Aphex Bioweapon Containment Facility (F.A.B.C.F.) Author Dan Crowley Week # 03 Description Pretty much the opposite of 2CAVE_DC, very large and belittling. A good amount of fighting. A tip to keep in mind: You get what you pay for. >;)

Difficulty Easy

+-------+ | MAP06 | +-------+

Name CLOSE COMBAT Author Phil Brown Week # 01 Description Level from a future Mission pack "UAC- Close Combat Squad"

Difficulty Easy/medium

+-------+ | MAP07 | +-------+

Name HELL SIMPLE Author Erik Alm Week # 08 Description This is a level in the Doom2 map07 genre, Dead simple. This time things are a bit more complicated though, the weapons aren't just laying around. You need to go and get them in various dangerous areas. The main area is outdoors, one big central castle and a few side areas, all filled with mancubi to kill. And when you finally kill them all, you gain entrance to the central castle where a few spiders await you. Areas to look out for: If you dont have the plasma when you get the rocket launcher, you will probably be in trouble, that arch-vile is not nice at all. Also note the e3m7 rip-off (nothing copied from the original doom, just inspiration). I know this map was supposed to be short, this is not exactly short if you measure it in time to finish, ammo can be a problem in the last area unless you make some infights between the cyberdemon and the spiders (or if you get 100% secrets). With infights I finished in 17 minutes and without in 14 minutes (I am not all that fast though). Sources of inspiration: E3M5,E3M7,E3M6,E3M1,MAP07, various E4 and HR maps and my own twisted mind. Bugs: Some texture misalignments, minor node problems

Difficulty just finishing in UV isn't all that hard, 100% secret is a bit harder since you have to get the rocket launcher before the plasma and SSG (Rocket launcher area is cramped and filled with revenants + an evil arch-vile). As usual in my maps, none of the secrets are actually hidden, you can see them clearly, you just need to get there.

+-------+ | MAP08 | +-------+

Name CASTLE Author Erik Alm Week # 06 Description This is my first map not made for personal purposes only. It may not be the all time high of doom editing, but it has it points.

Castle1.wad begins inside a castle, on the ground floor. To finish the map, you have to make your way through the basement and the two towers to the outside area (which may be a bit bare, ran out of time here) where a large battle unfolds, including tons of hell knights and baby spiders (and a teleporting cyber who spews rockets all over the place).

Difficulty Medium

+-------+ | MAP09 | +-------+

Name THE ARCHVILE'S REVENGE Author Opulent Week # 04 Description [Metabolist: the description is best left to the player! :) ]

Difficulty Very Hard

+-------+ | MAP10 | +-------+

Name 3-TECH Author Virgil the Doom Poet Week # 05 Description You saunter toward the dark, hulking shape of the building, whose shape against the city's dark-gray twilight sky outlines itself as if it was merely a dark blotch of ink on a picture. As you near it, the ink fades away and what's left fuses into the picture. You stand before a relatively quiet place.. Too quiet...

Small/medium size map, tekgren/compblue with some BOOM-style 3D bridges, glowing slime, and enemies appearing out of nowhere. Careful with your ammo and health, especially on Ultra-Violence.

Difficulty Medium/Hard

+-------+ | MAP11 | +-------+

Name THE 24 CYBER SPIRITS Author Erik Alm Week # 10 Description Here's my final entry for Metabolist's mini wad. I worked really hard on this map and I think that it turned out ok. It's a large hellish map with 4 different sections, one for each key and one final section which requires all 3 keys to enter. The difficulty level is rather extreme, Hell revealed style. There are over 1000 monsters on every difficulty setting and 24(!) cyberdemons (on UV) to defeat. The difficulty settings are implemented a bit differently than usual. Instead of removing monsters on the lower difficulties, I added ammo and health. I also changed some monsters in the most difficult situations (Mostly replaced cyberdemons with arch-viles and arch-viles with chaingunners). The different difficulties plays as follows:

skill 1 & 2: mindless slaughter, mega spheres and cell packs all over the place, the only dangerous situations includes many arch-viles at once.

skill 3: This is hard, some mega spheres and extra cell packs makes life easier though, a little less cybies than on skill 4.

skill 4: Urgh, this is mega hard. I had to use save games and reload over 10 times to finish this. The cyber battles and arch-vile/revenant packs are deadly, you'll probably need the secrets to live through this.

skill 5: =)

Difficulty Excruciatingly Hard
Build time: 10 weeks
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: Tutti-Frutti at the end of map03 HOMs and VPOs. (esp. in map02,7,8) Map11's blockmap is greater than 64k. Run it in Boom/MBF/whatever.
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Definitely worth a look. But Map03,05,06,09=Don' t bother. 4/5x
MAP11 is incredibly detailed for one week's work. And a lot of fun at all difficulty levels.x
Some maps are very funny (like the cacodemons cascade in map 04) and others are crap (like map 05 with giant doors, poor gameplay and detail). 4/5 Anyway. x

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