Title: tekmarb3.zip
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/tekmarb3.zip
Size: 292 KB
Date: 10/28/04
Author: Jan Engelhardt
Description: This map begun with a blood-marbled room as a possible candidate entry to CC2, but soon evolved into a textural experiment involving two facing worlds, tech vs marble. I tried to find a good tex combination, since most tech(*) textures do not fit well with marble. I hope I can satisfy this.

The "Three" in the map title refers to the early textural map design where a lot of structural objects came in groups of three due to the limited texture set. I mean, there are three faces (LION, GARG, SATYR), three daemons (MARBFAC*), three key(color)s... and that's pretty limited.
Credits: - cc2 Erik - testing trampoline
Base: from scratch and memory
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: - Under non-ZDoom, the red skull accelerates, which should not happen. This has been worked around, it now gets "out in time" in all ports. - not all secrets may be reached due to the fact that Legacy is not fully Boom compatible - [Legacy Software Renderer at least] the light is different (dark areas are darker, and light areas are lighter than other ports have it)
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Nice 10-minute map! Not too easy, and not too hard. And the architecture is awesome! 5/5x
This one is a medium-sized map with a gothic style. It's playing in and around a temple-like building in a mainly gloomy and well-detailed ambience with a lot of marble, blood and earthy textures. The challenge is avarage, the monsters aren't too hard and you've got plenty of shotgun shells. Only in one or two situations I was really in trouble when I was suddenly surrounded by a flock of imps. Very nice! 4.5/5 -Milianx
Great detailed map, thats messed up with too low ammo, not fun if you have to make every bullet count. 3/5x
A damn good map! Very detailed and fun. I thought it a bad choice to release your map before CC2 was out, though -Agent Sporkx
why did u release ur cc2 map early.x
blah relesing yer cc2 map early u suckx
good mapx

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