Title: Blue Streak Doom v1.0
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/bluestr.zip
Size: 783.35 KB
Date: 05/24/98
Author: Nick Giles
E-mail: anacondauk@aol.com
Description: For single player, read the story below. You basically wander around killing everything in sight Where have I seen that idea before??!!! There are some neat tricks, you may have to watch the demo to complete it properly but try to figure it out yourself! Ultra-Violence is VERY hard and nightmare is just stupid!!! If you can complete it on nightmare, record a demo and send it to me!! I'd like to see it done!!! Find the vacuum cleaner and suck brains out!!! It's great fun! Do it to your mates in a multiplayer game!! They make a kinda slurping noise!!! Visit my web page shown above for some screen shots...
Credits: * My Dad for telling me about the real "Blue Streak" * My brother for the feather duster idea * iD Software * The makers of DoomCAD v6.1, DEUSF, WinDEU and WINTEX and Endoomer * Doug Ryerson for the new status bar thing which I ripped from his Pure Evil WAD * Author of DALEKY.WAD for some extra GFX * Author of REDDWARF.WAD for the lift sound * Skywalker,(author of NIRVANA.WAD) for intermission music * Mark A. Klem for the new shotgun sounds * Whoever made the WAD called "funthing.wad" for the new sprites. * Whoever made the level 1,2,3 music
Base: Scratch.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DoomCAD v6.1, Wintex v4.3, PSP, SB sound utils, DEUSF, WinDEU v5.99b1, Endoomer
Bugs: None, please tell me if you find any and I'll fix them!
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Three maps from July 1997, with custom sounds and graphics in separate files that I didn't bother to load. Gets off to a bad start with Map01, which can only be described as a series of undetailed 1994-style rooms one after the other, except that it's impossible because of a cyberdemon that blocks you; Map02 is a single square room with no baddies; Map03 is a larger square room - dark - with one monster and no exit. DO NOT WANT.x

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