Title: Temple of Death
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/cabal4.zip
Size: 81.62 KB
Date: 11/08/95
Author: Sverre Andre Kvernmo (aka "Cranium")
E-mail: 100755.2032@compuserve.com
Credits: The whole of id Software for DOOM & DOOM II. Andrew (& Mark) Cornes, Gregory "Acoma" Hyne, Peter "Pete" Ripley, David "Macca" Mccandless, Jim F Flynn, Bj›rnar Johansen, Baard Zakariassen and Stian Danielsen for playtesting, viewpoints, help, enthusiasm and for being mad bastards. Oh, and Erling Paulsen for managing to convince me that there was such a thing as a full fledged Doom-editor, back in early 94. Os! A brand new BFG goes out to Geoff Allan (DOOMed), Raphael Quinet (DEU), Olivier Montanuy (DeuTex) and Colin Reed (BSP) plus whoever put together idBSP. These guys gave us tremendous tools of joy without claiming a buck for it. Keep going guys, you are much admired and respected. About a thousand times more so than those who are deeply doomed...;) Shawn Green for sending me the picture of that very friendly pizza-girl. Oh, and for including me in "DOOM2: The Master Levels" project. A humongous round of applause to those doom-players who still play without cheating. I made these wads for you guys! :) Last but never least to all other WAD-designers who have lost themselves in the worlds of tag numbers, upper textures and vertexes as badly as me. Quake will be the end of what's left of our social lives.
Base: An obsessive personality, lotsa caffeine and lotsa nicotine. :Q A twiseted mind doesn't hurt either. :) An additional credit should go out to those wad- designers that have inspired me greatly through their work. I don't know all their names, but the names of their WADs should suffice. Hail the hall of fame: "Nukemine" (old I know, but the supreme numero uno at it's hayday) "Castle of the Renegades". Best castle-type wad I've seen. "Eternity" "Dante's Gate" The secret level in the AlienDoom episode was groovy as well, and "Cleimos" had some nice touches.
Build time: Don't ask, really! First baby steps at "wadding" taken in the summer of 94. Almost dropped out of university for this bloody obsession. One reason for surviving was that I handed in a wad of my campus as one of my projects. I would guess that I on average spend about 130 hours on each wad. And it's not because I work slow :)
Editor(s) used: DoomED 4, DEU2, DETH, BSP1.2, idBSP and DEUTEX.
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Even Sverre's lesser creations were pretty damned good.x
Because he's a britfag, also zero.x
To the previous reviewer: why not just stick to the point, rather than including all the irrelevant gibberish/waffle?x
It's funny; here in the UK we say ZED instead of ZEE, but I've never heard anybody call ZZ Top ZED ZED Top. People instinctively call them ZEE ZEE Top. I blame Sesame Street. The last letter of the alphabet cannot be used in a rhyme to teach people about the alphabet. Now that I've got that off my ample bosom, this is a powerfully mediocre level. Starts off poorly with an irritating push-the-barrels trick and although it's not offensive it just goes on and on and on. Lacks polish.x
Even if this is the weakest in the Cabal series, it is still a very good map.x
Sorry, I can't play this to the end. It's the 4th map of the Cabal-series and by far the weakest. Boring, misaligned textures, common layout. It's tough, but in a discouraging, not in a challenging way. I would play it, just for the sake of completeness, but it has more than 300 monsters! And the time this would take is simply not worth it. Play parts 1-3 instead. 1/5 -Milianx

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