Title: "Da Kills" Final Release
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/dakills.zip
Size: 1261 KB
Date: 07/28/95
Author: Phillip Pi (aka /| n t)
E-mail: philpi@apu.edu
Base: Does it looked modified? I think not. New level from an imp's horrible scratch!
Build time: Ask that ugly baron behind you. Total editing time would be more than a year.
Editor(s) used: DOOM Editing Utility (DEU) v5.21 GCC DEU ][ (Hacked) DeHackEd v2.4 DOOM BSP Node Builder v1.2x DShrink DM2CONV v3.1 and GFXMAKER v3.0 DOOM Music Editor v1.0a MIDI 2 MUS Converter v2.04 NewWadTools (NWT) v1.3 NeoPaint v3.1 RMB v2.0a TED v1.2 UN-Pause v1.00 Borland Turbo C++ v3.0 for DOS My brain cells -- I need to recompile my brain nodes -- hands, computer systems, etc. OOPS! I went too far, huh? :)
Bugs: Speed will be slow in some areas, especially in the beginning of map 02. Just live with it or go buy a faster computer :). My previous releases were even slower! These maps were designed on a 486 DX2/66 machine. I tried my best to optimize this release. O:) :Missing yellow keycard is NOT a bug! Like I said before, cooperative play is REQUIRED. :IDDQD God Mode will kick you out to DOS. This is NOT a bug. :) Cheaters never win! :If there are any other bugs, please report them to me! I must exterminate them like killing ants! :>
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