Title: CaCHoWaD
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/a-c/cachowad.zip
Size: 298 KB
Date: 06/09/96
Author: RiCHaRD D a D D ; BLM ; FCToR
E-mail: bedlam@arrakis.es
Base: NaSioEnLaSProFuNdiDaDeSdeLAVERNo!
Build time: MaKiNG a DEaTHMaCTH WaD iS no WorTHy,so DoNT SAy AnyThin! I WaNNa SEE SiNGLE PLaYErS WaDS,ok? LeTS the ReVeNaNTs be YouR GuiDinG LiGHT
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.2 , MiDi2Mus , DEuTEx , WiNtEx .SB SofT 4 SouNdS ANd PainT ShoP Pro 4 GraPhiCS & PatChESs!
Bugs: BugS? QUeSeSO?? LaM FaCToR HaS No BuGs ... DiGNiTy ... ALLwaYS DiGNiTy ...

---- -----Ŀ If YoU ReAD -FRoM LM FCToR- you haVE . QualiTY,MaN. I MEAN -> NO BUGs,AwESoME WaD -------- -


You MAY distribute this WAD ,modificate ,or use to build new levels XcePT in ChiNa,FraNce & The PaiS BaSKo! aNd ALL The SiCK AreaS iN ThiS PLaNET! And...please...doNt forGEt To put my Tiny NamE Over THeRe |D .PerhapS some day someguy at ID see my WAD and...weLL...


bedlam@arrakis.es www.arrakis.es/~bedlam/

- Second Add. Credits - To Arthur Charles Clarke ,to Howard Phillips Lovecraft ,to Terry Pratchett, to Jonh Varley ,Ridley Scott , Heather ,Juan Sanchez Ramirez VillaLobos ,and HoWlinG Mad MurDoCK ...and you ,iF ya pLay iT! VFX1 FoRTe TeCHNoLoGieS and SoNY for MAkiNG PSX ThaT iTS a step To ThE FuTuRE! .SeGA You'rE A...FucKiN MeNTiRoSo!

- BeT TeStErS - Mr. PaBLo PoV CoSTaS -> oFFiciAL TA TSTR oF LM FCTOR! TAke a LooK At HiS CooL PaGe aT: HTTP://WWW.lander.es/~pcostas/wads/ JJMoNtES the KiNG oF DeATHMaCTH!

----- -Ŀ
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Maybe one of the most annoying textfiles ever written, the maps themselves are actually kinda charming, even as tiny singleplayer maps.x

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