Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/gldtr22.zip
Size: 151.01 KB
Date: 08/05/95
Author: may use this level as a base to build additional
Credits: -ADMiRAL and SONiC (the Un-Naturals) for DEU2C -The creators of DeeP, a DEU-based level editor -Clint Russell for the T2 theme (from !CSRE2M1.WAD) -The creators of DDT, the Doom Development Toolkit -The contributors to the Doom Level Design FAQ, -Olivier Montanuy and HevKev for DEUTEX 3.1 -The author of the Beginner's Guide to DEU -The original team behind the original DEU -Ben Morris, for the Doom Construction Kit -Steve McCrea, for tips from Trinity WAD -Colin Reed, for his wonderful BSP 1.2x -Bill Neisius for the Doom Music Editor -Other Doom WAD authors for inspiration -ID software for such an awesome game
Base: New level from scratch/previous Gladiator versions
Build time: Hours upon hours (somewhere around 80-110)
Editor(s) used: DEU2C (by the ADMiRAL and SONiC, the Un-Naturals), The Doom Developers Toolkit v1.0 BETA, BSP 1.2x, DeeP (and DeePBSP) v6.13a, DCK 2.0, The Doom Music Editor v1.0 by Bill Neisius, DEUTEX v3.1 (Doom Editor Utility Texture Editor) by Olivier Montanuy/docs by HevKev (Kevin McGrail)
Bugs: Occasionally torches don't show up until you're very close; ceiling anomalies; minor TFE. Clipping problems (aka HOM -- Hall of Mirrors) are now virtually nonexistant; it took a while, but they seem to be gone everywhere but occasionally by the 1st teleport zone. Nothing really major.
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I liked it - it's playable, and the single cyber fight after the lift was kinda trickyx
This comes with an enormously bloated 7,000-word (!) readme which has a long section of level design tips. It's hilarious, because the level is so awful, unbelievably awful. The author greatly overestimated his talents. It's a big mess, with loads of cyberdemons and spider masterminds set up to fight each other, loads of power-ups sitting around randomly, random textures, hand-drawn rooms. Zero stars for the level, five stars for the comedy.x
It's not too good, but I've played much worse wads.x
in a figet between dave shipel and galiger.. who do you think wood win?....OH yes the wad.. it sucks.. 0/5 x

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