Title: Kastel of The Koebrah
Filename: levels/doom2/j-l/koebrah.zip
Size: 32.94 KB
Date: 09/27/06
Author: Ruba
E-mail: rubarubyrock@hotmail.com
Description: This level is inspyred by a kastel I visitd in Germeny. This level looks realie good, I think you will like it. The ammo and gameplay balanse are much better and I also discuvered some new texteres in Doom2 which I decuidad to yuse in this levul, one textere has a pichure of a man with a mistushe on his face and another is a flag like thing which looks really good, like a red cross like flag thing. I hope you like it, should be lotsa FUN!!
Base: New level from scratch Editor(s) used Doom Builder 1.60, Known Bugs None this time, scrolling walls swatted.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 1.60, Known Bugs None this time, scrolling walls swatted.
Bugs: None this time, scrolling walls swatted.
Rating: (10 votes)
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Not bad, Not bad. 5/5x
Your either: 1. An underaged twat who thinks he can map, but has proven otherwise... 2. From another country which would explain your bad english. 3. Both. I reckon it's number 3, but you still get an F. I'm surprised people gave you an F+. I'm glad this is the last of you. 0'd.x
This is actually quite good for a Ruba Map. 3/5x
Not Good, Not Good!x
Not Good, Not Bad!x
At this point it becomes doubly clear that Ruba is a hoax. The poor spelling is unnaturally contrived and the dissonance between the supposed mental level of the author and the level's flashes of coherence is insurmountable. This gets a star for the outside bit with the boxes, but it's basically a minimalistic three-room blast with a small number of generally weak monsters. The level isn't funny enough to be a novelty joke and it's not long enough to be entertaining.x

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