Title: PIR2.WAD
Filename: levels/doom2/megawads/pir2.zip
Size: 1.33 MB
Date: 04/15/14
Author: Bill Parker, Parker Information Resources
E-mail: ckassap@sbcglobal.net
Description: PIR2 is 32 levels designed specifically for co-op play with my grandson. The levels are all fairly small, and packed with as much health, ammo and monsters as I could cram in. It gets boring running around in the dark trying to figure out the maze when there's no monsters left. That ain't gonna happen in these wads. Have all the fun you can, and if you can't BE CAREFUL!... --bp
Credits: The Usual Suspects, ID Software, and Joe...
Base: New level(s) from scratch
Build time: 5 Months
Editor(s) used: Doomcad, Wintext, Wadmerge, DMapEdit, BSP11
Bugs: None
Rating: (10 votes)
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Getsu Fune
very simplistic, cannon fodder killing maps. it looks like some of the maps are hub-based with very similar starting rooms. there's flat and texture misalignments everywhere and it gets old really quickly.x
Average at bestx
Mr Parker, this wad is bad, I'm sorry. :(x
WAD contains small variants of about 4 different maps, all of some extremely simple rambo versus cannonfodder style fights. Map layout, texture use, ammo & monster placement, and gameplay are typical 1994 with all its flaws. If you're interested in easy cannonfodder only, then give it a try, else skip it. 1/5 + 1 for the efford. BTW Pity of the amount of work, author & grandson would seriously benefit from using beta tester input.x
^You're right. That was an oversight on my part, so thanks for pointing it out. I will attempt to reupload it with the missing files included.x
This upload only has pir2.wad, and is missing two other wads. The original zip that was available at Bill Parker's website contains bpsnd.wad (sounds) and heavy.wad (music).x
I used to be part of PIR back in thae day... The wad(mega) is a little simplistic and dated, but, other than the ludicrous ammount of health/ammo, this is good for a little carnage and mayhem with the Brutal Doom addon. 3.5/4x

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