Title: POST...The mini-episode
Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/post_mep.zip
Size: 1.33 MB
Date: 09/16/96
E-mail: tonys111@erols.com
Description: This is the sequel to Debut (debut_ep.zip), which was a full episode replacement for UDoom.

This is 11 new levels from scratch for Doom2 versions 1.7 - 1.9. It contains a new exe, new sprites, new floors, new walls, and a whole hell of alot of other new stuff.

Like Debut, most of my time on this was spent, working on the levels. Lighting, "fancy" archetechture, and other fun little things are present throughout the WAD.

Although everyone who mailed me about Debut said they enjoyed it, a few people said it was too easy, so...this one isn't (if it is then i suck!).

NO CHEATS are needed to complete these levels (if fact, hehe) there are different skill levels so choose one that suits you.

Stop reading, and download it, you won't be sorry, Oh yeah, just 'cause it's not a monster doesn't mean it can't be shot!
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starts slow, but gets better, looks nicex
more maps plzx
Worth the d/l and playthru.x
Indeed very well done but not as good to be in the top ten of 1996. Therefore it lacks a little bit of detail. But I agree with the poster from above about nuts and kicking. Coldfusio. x
This episode is amazing. It looks excellent for a 1996 wad and it also has an amazing story. You're basically kicking yourself in the nuts if you don't play this. 5/5x
Not bad - a decent challenge. A few weird ideas here and there.x

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