Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/redking.zip
Size: 186.93 KB
Date: 11/03/95
Author: Gereon P.J. Meuser 26 year old student of chemistry. I love playing soccer, computer and my wife and
E-mail: koenig@pool.informatik.rwth
Description: Welcome to THE AWFUL MONASTERY. This level is made intentionally for single player. At the beginning I wanted to make a multiplayer game-level but I have taken so much monsters in this level (e.g.: 110(!) Cacodemons at the final of the level in UV) and it's size is so big, that, when I added some more monsters, the programme did crash everytime (486 DX2-80 / 8MB). Nevertheless this level gives great fun in multiplayer mode. Deathmatch is possible, of course, but this level might be a little too big for this. Recommendation for rookies: Take skill 1! It's hot enough for you! I prefer skill 3. When I tested my wad, I had to save very often and I needed 1 hour to reach the exit.
Credits: Ren Knig, Dirk Hecking and Jrgen Thiele for single-player- and Holger Hgens and Ren Knig for multiplayer-testing. Credits to the authors of DOOM Construction Kit 2.2 (the very best DOOM-Level-Editor I've ever used!! (I've used only one.)), DeuTex 3.4, WinTex, TED 1.2, MIDI2MUS and to the guys from ID Software, too.
Base: Very new Map from scratch
Build time: Around 160 hours. 30 hours about testing.
Editor(s) used: DOOM Construktion Kit 2.2, DeuTex 3.4 (graphics), TED 1.2 (ENDOOM), WinTex and MIDI2MUS.
Bugs: None.
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It's a killing floor styled map. A nice maze in it. Too many Cacodemons, and it uses in my opinion the worse music included in Doom 2. The level design however was better than what I expected from a map in 1995. Not too blocky, but still the rooms are square. SQUARE! ***x
This is dated November 1995. The name bugs me; it sounds too weak. It should be THE KILL FLOOR OF THE DEPRAVED HELL BEASTS OF SATAN'S MASTER. Still, for the period it's unusually large, with almost 250 baddies, although it's very mazey and feels like a slog, at least as far as I could play it; the map continually crashed v1.1.06 of GZDoom near the beginning. Obviously deeper magic from before the dawn of time is at work.x
In the beginning you must not save the game - it will crash. First kill some monsters, after that saving is possible.x
This level not only blows up normal Doom ][, but blows up Zdoom 2.0.63a... and at the very beginning, no less. Feh. Take this one back to the shop, Gereon.x
This is my masterpiece. Try it only, if you have big eggs! ;o) Greez, Gereon.x

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