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Date: 08/26/99
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OK for it's time, fresh but retarded concept for a TC. Has aged very poorly, just like the DOOM itself.x
Interesting in a perspective that this was aimed to gather the attention of North American Sailor Moon fans in an effort to keep the anime on-air. Unfortunately, it's not so good of a TC, especially when compared to other efforts such as Batman and Eternal DOOM. Maybe for its time it was fun to play, but this is one of those WADs that just didn't age that well. 2 Stars. Sorry, but it's just not very good. Maybe someday we can get a cool Sailor Moon TC for DOOM or DOOM 2.x
You can find the very last (2002) updated SOS Doom2 Team's page here: http://web.archive.o rg/web/2002080219584 1/http://dau.physics .sunysb.edu/~ming/so s/sosdoom.html Ok... Just the BEST... The best what?... The best sh***t ever made, for sure: no gameplay, no architecture, aweful graphics. 2/5 (one for the fun they surely had to do it, when they were students. One for the musics (without any comment about their origin). Dated 1997-2002... Hmmm... Eternal III is dated 1997... - Jivex
Just the BEST!x

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