Filename: utils/misc/allwall2.zip
Size: 1.19 MB
Date: 07/12/94
Author: Starch
E-mail: starch@iglou.com
Description: This is a corrected version of ALL-WALL.GIF, which contains TEKWALL4. The 900*4128 size and the palette have been kept the same; I've just squeezed in this extra piece. Let me comment, first, that the graphics here have been downsized--the average 128*128 graphic is 100*100. Furthermore, ALL-WALL.GIF has a different palette than the normal DOOM, but as far as I can tell, converting it to the DOOM palette (which I included) in NEOPAINT doesn't do too much harm. I wish the textures hadn't been labeled in bright white, because NEOPAINT won't accept anything but bright white as the background color, and so there is no quick way to move, paste, or change the color of these labels. Anyway, I hope the uploader of the original ALL-WALL.GIF will not mind--he didn't leave his name or e-mail address, or say anything about using his GIF--that I uploaded this file. If YOU see anything in it that needs to be changed, please tell me.
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