Wad Review - Fractured
Title Fractured
Filename fracture.zip
Author Adam Foster
Email Address afoster@zetnet.co.uk
Misc. Author Info - unknown -

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Review - Chief
Doom levels seem to be their best when they are kept relatively simple.  The original levels were by no means complicated, but they still looked great and were fun to play.  Five years later, nothing has changed, and Fractured by Adam Foster is yet another reason to stick with Doom.
Fractured contains not one, but 5 levels, which makes up a kind of mini-episode.  Each level being a great map in its own right.  Immediate comparisons can be made to Paul Corfiatis' PE4M_ALL levels, and the Classic series by Jan Van Der Veken.  So if you are familiar with those wads you will know that it's quite a compliment just to be compared with them.
Adam has steered clear of the marble and castle themes and stuck with the starbase type theme - Doom's best IMO.  Texture use is just perfect, with the right choices made 99% of the time.  Unfortunately I did notice a few texture misalignments.  All were under windows and could have easily been fixed.  Lighting was simple and effective - perfect for no gamma correction.
Every level uses all three keys and there aren't really any puzzles to speak of.  The classic 'press the switch and run to the door before it closes' is used, as well as the under-rated raise stairs linedef.  On the later levels you might have to do some back-tracking but since the size of the levels remains quite small you never get bored of it.  One annoyance was a trap that crushed me to death on level 3 I think it was - I never understood the point of such traps.
Monster placement was perfect.  Early on you mainly encounter pistol guys, seargents and imps.  Which is fair enough because you won't be given the SSG for some time.  The tougher monsters are used sparingly, with the mancubis, arachnotron and hell knight making rare appearances.  Overall, the number of monsters per level was spot on.  Just the right amount without going overboard.  In fact, I had so much more fun playing these levels than i did playing Unreal and Quake II at a friends house the same day it's quite sad really :-)
Fractured took around a year to complete, and the effort has obviously paid off.  The set of five levels contains great level design and gamplay.  Definitely Doom at its best.
Overall: 9/10
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