Wad Review - Depths!
Title Depths!
Filename depths!.zip
Author Joseph Reeves
Email Address jreev@our-town.com
Misc. Author Info - Unknown -

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Review - Chief
Since the release of Team TNT's Boom engine there have been many level authors who have dug up their old wads, and revamped them with Boom features.  The most popular appearing to be undernukage.  Depths!, by Joseph Reeves is a perfect example of this.

It is not clear exactly when this wad was made, but according to Joseph it is 'very old', which would put it somewhere soon after the release of Doom 2 perhaps.  I dare say it shows, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.  While playing this wad it just seemed as if I had stepped back in time - this was due to two factors.

The level architecture and texture use was fairly simple and dull.  With most rooms being large it is difficult to include much detail.  The indoor areas were the highlight though with considerable effort put into decorating the rooms.  Kind of like a toned down version of barracks, with chairs, tables, rugs etc.  The lighting was very simple, for example a sector enclosing a torch, and then set to flashing.

And secondly, there was a complete lack of monsters (42 on UV), which was particularly apparent since the level was quite large and open spaced.  The most monsters accounted at once was around 4 or 5 which is a very small amount compared to other levels.  This might have been a result of the time this wad was made, when levels were easier.

Since this is a Boom only wad, I should make mention of the Boom features.  But the only feature I did notice was two areas of undernukage, each with a blue colourmap.

While revamping this wad, I can't help but think that Joseph should have taken the opportunity to add a lot more monsters, at least to the UV setting to make it more of a challenge for the modern doomer.  But this is a worthy download for historical value, and a look at 'the way we were'.

Overall: 7/10
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