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When you play a WAD or a modified EXE, the only impression you get of its author is through the effort and skill put into their work. However, you don't get a sense of the author's purpose, their motivation, their thoughts or feelings.

Doomworld hopes to interview anyone and everyone who has significantly contributed to the propogation and preservation of Doom. You'll learn their likes and dislikes, their thoughts on their own project and others, and perhaps their future plans and aspirations. Interviews hopes to expose the human side of a community which expresses itself through sprites and WADs.

Fred Nilsson The newest hire at the id Software, Fredrik L. Nilsson hails from Sweden, the land of ice and snow - or is that Norway? In any event, he's joining the legendary company for a little touch-up work on their Team Arena expansion pak, and then he'll be sailing full-speed-ahead on id's next game, the recently announced Doom remake. We had a chance to ask Nilsson a few questions about his past, present and future, to get a feel for one of the people who will be responsible for the look of what is already one of the most hotly anticipated PC games of all time.

John Carmack Yes, that John Carmack. He created the Doom engine long, long ago and is responsible for the game we all know and love. Carmack answers some questions about the birth and inspiration of Doom, and looks back upon it five years later.

Carl Persson Seen the newfangled lightsourcing in Doom Legacy? Carl Persson is the man behind it. See his motivations, his goals, and whatever else this interview happens to cover.

Dan Twomey The other half of the duo from GothicDM and GothicDM2 speaks about himself, Doom, and level design, as well as his relationship with Matt Dixon.

Matt Dixon One half of the terrible duo from the GothicDM and GothicDM2 projects speaks about Doom, level design, life in general, and his relationship with real life pal Dan Twomey.

Mordeth When people think of awesome TCs they almost always have the Mordeth Project come to mind. And well, here we have a interview with the man behind that project, Mordeth himself.

Jonathan Stuart Jonathan Stuart is the one man coding team that is taking a crack at the biggest task in the Doom source commnutiy, making Doom run over the internet.

Ty Halderman Ty Halderman, leader of the extraordinary Doom-hacking team TeamTNT, details plans for their next project, the TC Ragnarok.