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The Man Behind Internet Doom

Since the moment that the Doom source was released Doomers have been clamouring for an Internet Doom client. Well there prayers have been anwsered, as DoomWorld has been released! The DoomWorld project is a one man operation, and that man is Jonathan Stuart.

Doomworld: How did you decide upon doing the DoomWorld Internet Client?

Jonathan Stuart: I wanted to play people without paying long distance.

Doomworld: The big question is: Who are you? How long have you been involved with Doom?

Jonathan Stuart: I have been playing DOOM for 3 or 4 years deathmatch, mostly on Phoenix BBS's and Dwango.

Doomworld: What type of experience do you have in coding? Have you done anything related to gaming in the past that could help you with building a TCP/IP version of Doom?

Jonathan Stuart: I wrote Gcplay, a gaming client for MajorBBS Game Connection. It supports Build games, id games, and IPX games.

Doomworld: In terms of coding, how complicated is it to build a Internet Doom? Have you used any sort of base for the project? If so what.

Jonathan Stuart: Making DOOM play over the Internet isn't very hard.. making it playable over the internet is hard =)

Doomworld: What would you see as the biggest problems that must be faced to get a high-speed game of Internet Doom (coding wise)?

Jonathan Stuart: Well, I have to undo a lot of the stuff id software did, like tic commands and syncronous gameplay.

Doomworld: Do you think that making an Internet Doom will help rebuild the popularity of Doom? Why do you think that it would or would not accomplish this?

Jonathan Stuart: I hope it does. ;-)

Doomworld: Do you have plans on later incorporating CTFDoom or other such multi-player enhancements? Would it be possible to include something along the lines of 32-players?

Jonathan Stuart: Yes it would be very possible, that is on my list of things to do.. along with lag reduction, join-in progress (already works but not released), dedicated servers, and a user interface.

Doomworld: Do you plan on using DoomWorld as a means of later moving into the gaming industry? If so, do you have plans on going into the industry as a programmer and if so, what are looking to program?

Jonathan Stuart: Not really, I am just doing this for fun. But maybe some day.

Doomworld: Are you an avid Deathmatch player? If so, given the oppurtunity what level sets would you most like to see omptimized for DoomWorld play?

Jonathan Stuart: Yeah I used to play DM a lot, and I am starting to again now that DoomWorld is out. I like Dwango5 alot (although DOOM2.WAD is my favorite).

Doomworld: Will there ever be a Co-op option for DoomWorld? Would this be feasible considering Doom is no where near as demanding on the PC as Quake and it's brethern.

Jonathan Stuart: There is a Co-op option right now, because DoomWorld isn't totally asyncronous yet. In the future this (probably) won't be possible, since you would have to syncronize the monsters.

Doomworld: Are there any planned joint utilities for DoomWorld, such as a DoomSpy? How far away from those are we if you plan on making them?

Jonathan Stuart: Yeah, we are going to post servers on doomworld.com (thanks).

DoomWorld is such a joy to play! You must experience it yourself. You can download the most current version here.

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