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Links / Classic Doom / Music

Doom Depot Music
MP3s of the music from basically every Doom console port ever made.

Tolwyn-Klem page for Tolwyn and Mark Klem, featuring MP3s of songs by the two artists, as well as collaborations.

Bobby Prince Music
Homepage of Bobby Prince, composer of the music in Doom and Doom 2.

Doomworld Music
Doomworld's own music repository with MIDIs and MP2s of all the songs found in Doom and Doom 2.

Fanatic's Asylum
Links to music by Marc "Fanatic" Pullen, including MIDIs from various Doom projects, and original MP3 creations.

Fredrik's Music
Original music by Fredrik Johansson.

MP3 conversions of Doom and Doom 2 music.

Kniggit's House of MIDI Goodness
MIDIs by the composer of music for The Darkening E2.

Mark Klem's Original MIDI Collection
Archive of songs that appeared in the Gothic DMs, STRAIN, Requiem, Memento Mori, and All Hell is Breaking Loose.

Tolwyn's Music Repository
Music page of David "Tolwyn" Shaw, music composer for TeamTNT, Memento Mori, STRAIN, Requiem, and the Gothic DMs.

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