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The Doom FAQ v6.666
Hank Leukart's Doom FAQ, dealing with id Software's first game. Old, but -very- detailed. Contains descriptions of utilities and a trouble-shooting section, as well as a secret list for Doom.

The Page of Doom
All sorts of crazy information about Doom, the various console ports, the monsters, weapons, levels, cheatcodes, and on and on.

/docs/faqs dir
Directory at containing lots of (small) FAQs, dealing with things from how to use a chaingun in combat to a secret list of Ultimate Doom episode 4.
Walkthroughs and guides, game comparisons, passwords, links and more, for game-console and computer-based Classic Doom games

Doom 64 FAQ
An FAQ for Doom 64 for the Nintendo 64 console.

Doom Benchmark Results
This page lists system performance using Doom as benchmark. Also has the Doom source code available for download.

Doom Help Service
All kinds of cheats, spoilers, and help for both Doom I and II.

DoomGate : Docs
Need some help with Doom, editing for Doom, or some Doom deathmatch hints? Check this site out, maybe one out of the twenty FAQs here can help you.

Doomgate's Doom Help Service
Old but comprehensive FAQ, which also points you to other FAQs for eg. Heretic and non-DOS platforms. Contains basic stuff like "how do I use add-ons" and walk-throughs for the games, to editing information and internet gaming.

FTP And WWW Sites List
John van Essen's list of basic ftp and www Doom sites. Updated regulary, contains also pointers to essential FAQs.

A site with in depth coverage on Doom as well as other games, also with a gaming forum. is a very informative web site on the classic computer games Doom and Doom 2. At this site, you can download replacement levels, download utilities for editing the game, or just learn about the game itself.

Stimpee's JDoom Resource
Information on how to set up, tweak, and run the Doomsday Engine written by Jaakko Keränen.

The Doom Encyclopedia
A guide to Doom and other first person shooter games. From here you can download utilities, music and wallpapers. Also has links to purchase some of the games mentioned on the site.

The Linux Doom FAQ
Contains information on Doom for Linux.

The official FAQ posted in the RGCD newsgroups, maintained by Frans P. de Vries. This FAQ points you towards essential files and gives answers to somewhat commonly asked questions. It also provides the URLs of some well-known Doom sites, ftp mirrors and lots of other FAQs which also deal with non-DOS platforms.

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