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Doomworld's mailbag is an occasional compilation of e-mails we've received about a certain topic which is of particular interest to the Doom community. It's not every week or anything like that -- if one is warranted, there will be one; otherwise, there won't. However, if you want to know what the Doom community thinks about a particular topic, this would be a great place to go; thus, you can submit any questions you feel are worthy.

Current topic: Is Doom being ridiculed and frowned upon by the Quake communities? What do you think? First read this letter written by Javier Heredia to Loonygames.

You talk about the community being elitist and yet in the very presumption and topic of the article, the elitist attitude emerges to once again make me very sick and disturbed at the state of the Gaming Community.

For introductions, my name is Javier Heredia, known to many as Dukrous, and have been a very active participant in the Doom Community for about three years now. In my three years, I've seen a change in the Doom Community from a rag-tag bunch of level-makers and players to actual definable groups. At the core of this, for the past year has been a website I co-ran (with my longtime friend Andrew Stine AKA Linguica) called Functional Entropy, which has long since gone away. It's reason for begin retired as the opening of Doomworld, the first (and, during it's opening first few months, only) second-level domain site dedicated Doom and all things related to Doom. Doomworld is a part of the Telefragged network of games, and we would like to think that we serve some sort of purpose in keeping the Father of 3D shooters (Wolfenstein 3D being the Grandfather) alive and in the minds of current and future gamers.

Doomworld opened March 13, 1998, and since then we have been summarily ignored (and in some cases ridiculed) for having the site. Yet we were the first. The second site to compete with us is the newly minted Doomnation, which is part of the Frag-dot-Com network with Hanif at the helm. Yet, on it's first day, it has gotten mentions on Blue's and PlanetQuake's news page whereas Doomworld finally got it's first mention as a blurb on Blue's nearly three weeks ago in the Misc. section.

You want to talk about being hard to get into the community or the community being elitist? We've been asking for at least two months to be included in QBS2 with the firm belief that Doomworld qualifies as a site worthy to be put on the list, yet we have received no answers. Blue's News has a links page dedicated to all games, except Doom, despite repeated requests that he give us some space. And now, in what you propose is a Community Summit, a meeting of the most 'powerful' people in the community you have, like those before you, summarily ignored our community, which has continued to grow and thrive alongside the current crop of 3D shooters.

You wish to see elitism in action, review your actions and ask yourself 'Why wasn't members of the Doom Community invited?' If you answer is 'I do not know anyone from the Doom Community' then find out why you don't. For what you have dubbed as 'the best damn gaming magazine online', it appears you seem to be out of touch with the oldest and still thriving Gaming Community, the Doom Community.

Javier Heredia

And then read the response by Loonygames:

Actually, Joost Schuur ran a Doom site of his own (at, as well as being on the staff of Doomgate. So we did, in fact, have a representative from the Doom community at this chat. That he is also considered a member of the Quake community, was just killing two birds with one stone.

There are communities we ignored...Ultima Online being a huge one that comes to mind. But I think the fps community is a separate entity in itself, and that's the one this chat focused on.

As for the websites not posting about your site, I think they all explained very well how they choose what news they post. Read it, and maybe you'll have a better understanding of why they sometimes can't always do what you request.

Let's us know what you think. Send your responses to Covaro.

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