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August 1999 News
   29th August 1999

New WADAuthor Tutorial - Linguica

Rick Clark has posted a new tutorial on using WADAuthor. Says he:
This is a very in-depth tutorial and has step by step procedures on creating sectors, joining lines and such. Be warned that the tutorial has a ton of graphics. If you can't get the idea with this tutorial, I can't help you. :)
And if Rick Clark can't help you to learn WADAuthor, then maybe you should move down a notch to learning SLIGE commands...

More Players - Linguica

Those updating monkeys at The Doom Deathmatch Resource have updated the Player's List, so all of you who are looking for a Doom deathmatch opponent don't have any excuses anymore...

Igor Smash! - Linguica

Everyone's favorite "knock your opponent off of a big cliff in order to gain frags" ZDoom mod, SmashDM, has gained their first official skin, entitled "Astreal." My "Linguica in a tux" skin is also going well, thanks for asking. Also, The Chaos Crew has decided to submit an arena based off of their WAD-in-progress, Caverns of Darkness. Hey, it's one big room... submit two.

Securitron Stuff - Linguica

The Securitron Homepage, bastion of information about the post-apocalytpic Doom TC, has posted 5 "mildly interesting" screenshots of one of the levels in the upcoming episode 3.

D2XTreme ASAP - Linguica

Brad Spencer sent in word that the old Doom 2 PC "Doom 2 X-Treme Gold," the webpage of which mysteriously disappeared a few months back, is now available at this page. It's 26 megs unzipped which tells you how massive this WAD really is.

The Monk Of Funk - Linguica

Attention: fUnKyMoNk did not update his homepage. He did not release "Deathmatch Incarnate 02". It is not described as a "very small, very fast, courtyard type level." That is all.

Moe Money - Linguica

Moe has updated his Cool Doom Page (as opposed to a "Lame Doom Page," I suppose) with two new WADs on his "Cool WADs" page and some other assorted stuff about Hexen and a ZDoom megawad.

   28th August 1999

Sitewatch - Linguica

  • The Tool-Assisted Demos page with a few "impossible" demos, including E1M6 Pacifist (in what may be the first such recording), Map29 Nightmare in an outlandishly short time, and The Plutonia Experiment Map08 in Nightmare, for the first time ever.
  • You only have until noon EDT to submit your entry to Fanatic's "Name That CD" contest! In other news, Fanatic has a big ole paragraph about what he's been up to with DDF lately. I noticed the following paragraph:
    There's some more cool stuff coming our way for DDF. Real 3D multiple floors for one -wait till you see this in QDOOM (friggin incredible to really see and interact with).
    Erm... I have to see this. Finally, Marc has an exclusive on a secret project he's been working on so people can play Doom without a computer. Impossible you say? Well... go and read for yourself.
  • I noticed that WolfenDoom has posted more screenshots of the upcoming Operation Rheingold, episode 2. The new shots show off a big lobby and auditorium.

Doom Nation Stuff - Linguica

  • Doom nation has picked up a new hosted site called The Brotherhood of Ruin, a 32-level megawad/PC being created by one Kristian Aro.
  • Execution has posted a status report, noting the addition of some new team members (I knew those "Vicious Circles" guys would pop up again somewhere), and some info on music and levels.

   27th August 1999

Sitewatch - Linguica

  • Desktop Doom's Thomas Sturm has started thinking about making a "Wintex Plus" which will improve the interface, add scripts, and still work under Windows 3.1.

Alien Vindicta - Linguica

Anders Johnson sent in some info about a Doom project of his called Alien Vindicta, a 32-level megawad with new textures and music. One of the WADs mentioned as inspiration for the project is the immortal Hell Revealed, so expect some pretty architecture mixed in with some super-tough fights.

The Hells Are Alive - Linguica

I got the following letter from RagNoRoc:
Hey just wanted DoomWorld to know that I am working on some Doom Music thatwill be techno-fied. It will feature little snippets of the old themes as well as in game sounds re-super-mixed into dance techno, raves, and techno-trance music. I hope to have a page up about it soon.
Maybe he can get together with Fatal and put together a Doom rave (now that would be something).

New Version Deep97 Delayed - Mordeth

First thought to be ready mid-July, the upcoming version of the Win32 level editor Deep97 with updated support for "a couple of" Doom ports (and some new features!) will be released a little later than planned. Owners of the current version of Deep are still entitled to a free upgrade once this new version is complete.

Doom Nation Stuff - Linguica

  • Doom Anomaly has a news update about debugging the beta version, working on the music CD, helping out other TCs, and some other stuff.
  • Doom Millennium has another status report, talking a bit about the Millennium engine and news about some of the levels which are progressing nicely. There are also six screenshots to peruse.

   26th August 1999

Sitewatch - Linguica

  • The WolfenDoom homepage has updated with the news that the release of the second episode of Operation: Rheingold has been pushed back until September... but to ease the pain of waiting, there are an absolute slew of new screenshots to drool over.

SOM Stuff - Linguica

StroggOnMeth's Game Stop has some clarification on the nature of what a DoomC scripting language would be like, and begs for some more votes as it's evenly split between LDF and DoomC.

Source Wintex Released - Mordeth

Andre Majorel has released the source to Wintex v4.3 (454 Kb), the popular editor for graphic and other WAD lumps, as sent to him by Wintex author Olivier Montanuy. From the short announcement in a RGCD newsgroup I gather that this program is not yet GPL'ed, but soon will be. If you plan on using these sources you might want to contact Andre first, to be on the safe side.

I Am The Gatekeeper - Linguica

I got the news that The Gates Of Hell has (have?) updated with a little snippet of news that the project has a new shotgun sprite, among other things.

In The Name Of All That Is Unholy - Linguica

Unholy Software sent in some mail saying that the Nimrod project has gained a new member by the name of Darco. There are also two screenshots on the page showing off a new level which is under construction.

   25th August 1999

Sitewatch - Linguica

  • The Doom DM Resource has posted a review of Afterglow's latest DM WAD, Sacrifice DM 5. Also, they're looking for feedback on how to improve their humble deathmatch-loving abode. Is there anything they should be doing that they're not? Go tell em!

New glLegacy - Linguica

The OpenGL Legacy Home Page has posted beta 7 of, well, OpenGL Doom Legacy. The page simply states that this new version "fixes a lot of remaining bugs and improves the OpenGL renderer," but no new features are readily apparent. Also, this is probably the last release until the final version comes out.

The Ricrob Cometh - Linguica

Everyone's favorite Doomer The Ricster has updated his homepage with a little blurboid about his score on the Doomworld Purity Test. Cool stuff. I've gotten more response about the purity test than I've had since I can remember... should more purity tests follow? Email me if you think so.

B4Doom Stuff - Linguica

B4Doom has released a patch-update sort of thing that includes "mapinfo modifications, script changes, all new skies, small changes to music looping in mod.wad, improved story line, levels are improved, lotsa bug fixes." If you've tried out B4Doom already and were annoyed by errors in the aforementioned, be sure to download the improved version.

   24th August 1999

Sitewatch - Linguica

  • Fanatic has updated once again explaining the rules of the "name the QDOOM CD" contest, in which entries are due no later than August 29th...
  • The Parallel Team has the announcement that they've dropped out of the Skulltag project due to lack of time and interest. However, Pennywise is still making levels for the project, so not all is lost.
  • Skulltag has a related update about the lack of progress, but promises to get on the ball soon and get the project moving again.
  • The Doom DM Resource has posted two new review of Aardappel's "DM4ish" and Cyb's "CybDM02." Remember, they're still looking for people to help out in writing DM WAD reviews! I'm leaving that box message about the Doomworld purity test up until they get some help, dammit!

Parallel Team Interview - Linguica

I see over at DoomHQ that they've posted an exclusive interview with some of the members of the Parallel Team about their recently released deathmatch WAD Fragfest Initalized, as well as Parallel Dimension II.

LDF Questions - Linguica

StroggOnMeth has upated his Game Stop asking an important question: would you rather see a less flexible scripting language (i.e. LDF) that would be done sooner, or a more flexible scripting language (i.e. DoomC) that would take longer to implement? Go over and voice your opinion!

Doom Nation Stuff - Linguica

  • Doom Anomaly has the news that they'll be sending out press copies to all the major Doom sites! w00p! That means I get to play Doom Anomaly before all of the rest of you suckers! Erm... ahem. Also there's some stuff about looking forward to Doom Anomaly episode 2, and some other things.
  • Afterglow has posted a new fixed version of SacrificeDM5 due to a bug which kept the central platform from lowering quickly. He also is looking for feedback on his maps.

   23rd August 1999

Sitewatch - Covaro

  • Covert-Ops has had a tidy little update all about cleaning. Yes, we all know it had to come sooner or later, but cleaning time is here. So now all the nice little code for the project is clean! =D There is also news on completed enemies and new weapon sprites that are in the works.

Hexen32 - Covaro

Sheldon Clark has released the first Win32 version of his Hexen port, known as Hexen32. Features included in this version:
- DirectDraw support for the original 320x200 resolution.
- All basic single player gameplay features intact.
- New config file: hexen32.cfg. Will be created after the first run of the game. New keyboard mapping is used so the original "setup.exe" will not assign them properly. Keys are now mapped to Windows Virtual Keys (VK_...) for those who wish to edit them. Facilities will be added later for key assignments.
You can download it now from it's homepage and of course, look for Mord to mirror this soon.

For All That Is Unholy - Covaro

The Unholy Crew is looking for another level designer to join their ranks to work on the Nimrod project. Think you got what it takes? Then go over to the page and take a look at what they want and sign up!

Doom Nation Stuff - Covaro

  • Your friendly p1mps of Anomalous Materials, have updated once again. This time to announce their lucky contest winner, talk about Marc Pullen's Contest, and of course, big ol' batch of news on the project itself.

   22nd August 1999

Sitewatch - Linguica

  • The DM Doom Resource has updated again, this time highlighting their new deathmatch map of the month release for August. The map is called Hazard; it's a fraggy little map that plays great over Doomserv, works well with the ZDoom Cajun Bot, can be played using any source port, and makes great julienne fries (ok, so it can't do the last part). Also there will be some forthcoming DM map reviews for tomorrow.
  • El Fanatico posts the following:
    Since I'm going to sell this CD, I cannot name it "QDOOM", or use any graphics from the game (since they are all protected under copyright law -the game is free, the CD audio is not).

    The contest? Name the CD.

    Whomever gives it the coolest and most appropriate name will win this demo CD. It is not a final version of the CD music (still have some cleanup and re-mixing to do), but it looks to be a few more months before QDOOM is complete and the CD will be publically available. Consider it a free preview I will ship to you, but only if you send in a name that fits the best.

    You all have until next Sunday, the 29th at noon EST, to send in your entries. At noon, I'll email the winner for an address to send the CD to. The only rules I'll require is you only get one name per entry. Period. Only send one entry, and in that one entry, only one name. If you should feel the need to put in more than one anyway, I'll use the first one you list.

    I think my entry will be "The QDOOM Music CD." No one will ever beat that name.

What's Up, Docs - Linguica

Jeromy \"Manna\" Visser has HTMLized the ZDoom editing documents, for easier consultation and use, over on this page.

Gang Dang - Mordeth

O my... lots and lots of new demos have been posted at the Public Dang site. This includes a new Doom2 UV max movie by Vincent Catalaa! Be sure to check this and those other wonderfull demos out.

New XDoom Released - Mordeth

Udo Munk sent word that he has released a new version of his Unix source-only port XDoom. No real new features have been added but there are some bug fixes and improvements made. The updated collection of XWadTools (which can be used on all platforms for almost all Doom or Doom-based games) contain improved versions of acc, wadgc, a "completely overworked' idbsp, tkwadcad and an example WAD. Detailed information can be found at our source port section, including a mirrored copy of XDoom and XWadTools.

Linux Heretic v1.0 Released - Mordeth

Andre Werthmann has released v1.0 final of his Linux Heretic port. This version fixes a lot of different problems; for a complete list see his site. A whole slew of pre-compiled binaries can be found there as well, but only the source has been mirrrored at our source port section.

Doom Nation Stuff - Linguica

  • Afterglow has updated his page with another map in his SacrificeDM series, 05 : "Four Sticks" and other stuff including a new texture wad and a change in email address.

   21st August 1999

Sitewatch - Linguica

  • The DM Doom Resource has updated yet again with two new reviews of Sacrifice DM 4 and SomeDM1, and some news about the impending release of the new WAD of the month soon. Can they keep up this updating furor indefinitely? My sources say yes.
  • Fanatic has slightly updated his QDOOM log page with some stuff that'll be in the new DOSDoom, talks about his test-burning of a QDOOM music CD, and last but not least, has released the MP3 for Map05 of QDOOM.

It Does Do Windows - Linguica

The Snowman sent along some info about a new Doom utility he's coding entitled Windex, which is a self-proclaimed "clone of the popular Doom editing program Wintex." This is a good thing in my mind. Here's a snippet from the page.
One of the main ideas behind this project is modularity. Libraries will be able to be used with other programs, and the necessary headers will be available for developers. DLL source may or may not be made public, and the main program source probably will not be public until the project is finished. Portability is important with the libraries, so once they are done if any Linux developers would like to work on porting them, I would be more than happy to supply code.
It's about time that we get something to replace WinTex, which is getting kind of old (the whole not-displaying-ZDoom-maps-correctly thing expecially).

The Resurrection - Covaro

Well, it seems that the great Fatal has met the time when his Dooming career may finally be coming to an end... but before he leaves he has something to leave us all. This letter was sent in by Tommie to finish up a few items before he moved on.
I am writing this email to all of the major doom news pages, since I know it will get more "publicity" than if I updated the Resurrection web page. Over the past few months my life has become extremely hectic. I have started a new job and have had many many DJ'ing gigs (I am now registered as a pro DJ in the UK and Europe.) I am also working with a big producer of progressive house and trance music.

What with all this, I have had no time for gaming, let alone designing. I have, therefore decided to give up all of my responsibilities for the time being. I have resigned from TeamTNT (whos D2K project is looking great BTW) and I now want to work out what to do with Resurrection. I will NOT, and I repeat NOT close this project down again. So, I am looking for someone to take it over.

Whoever wishes for the job will have full responsibility of the project, including modifying / designing levels, hiring new designers and maintaining the web site etc etc. If anyone is interested in making something of this project please contact me with a CV style mail. I would prefer someone who is known in the community and has a past work history.

Lets make it happen.

You can check out the Resurrection page, and if you think you have what it takes e-mail Tommie.

Survive! - Linguica

Rick Clark, aka Wildman, has released a new ZDoom level over on his page called "Survival," which drops you into a small arena and leaves you to fight monsters of increasing difficulty using only a beserker pack and your Dooming skillz. Wildman warns of a bug that screws up the level when you die, but it seems to me that you could just restart the game... oh well. He's also posted a new tutorial on making a force field in ZDoom.

DM4-ish - Linguica

Aardappel has released a new deathmatch WAD over on his homepage called "DM4-ish" which emulates the gameplay and connectivity of DM4 from Quake.

   20th August 1999

Sitewatch - Linguica

  • The DM Doom Resource has been updating more lately than a thousand monkeys on crack (if that were somehow possible). Reviews have been posted for Afterglow's maps Sacrifice DM1, DM2, and DM3, with a DM4 review on the way. They're also looking for someone to help out in writing reviews or maintaining the page, so if you've ever wanted to work on the DM Doom Resource (Lord knows I have) then hop on over there like the bunny at the end of Doom 1 with a severed head (again, if that were somehow possible).
  • Securitron has a short update talking a bit about new sprites and levels, but mostly about incomprehensible rambling. But oh well, it's not like I'm hosting the site or anything (wait a minute...).

Fraggle Fraggle - Linguica

Everyone's favorite British Doom coder Fraggle has updated Fraggle Rock with the release of a FraggleScript (not SMMU) beta, all in the attempt to get me to say "Fraggle" on this news page as much as possible. Fraggle. Ahem.

Page O' Doom - Linguica

The Page of Doom has slightly updated its Doom quiz, and has added some new information on the SNES Doom page.

B4Doom - Linguica

B4Doom has updated with new screenshots and downloads, as well as a link the the band which will be providing music for the PC.

New HexenDOS - Linguica

Frans P. de Vries from the 3D Action Gamers' Archive sends word that HexenDOS v0.1 has been released. On the webpage, there's also some news on the progress of Hexen32.

New wHeretic, Too - Linguica

I also saw on Blue's that wHeretic v0.4a build 3 has been released, which "adds new config file options, fixes issues with the MIDI code, and has a bunch of other new optimizations and fixes," and also includes a nice and organized table showing off some benchmark performances. This source port as well as the above one will be mirrored here on Doomworld once Mordeth uploads em.

Doom Nation Stuff - Linguica

  • Recidivus has a short update apologizing for the lack of a new level thus far, and also has written a short article explaining what happened to Doom Rally, and why.

   19th August 1999

Sitewatch - Linguica

  • Fanatic seems awfully giddy about the new updated documentation on DDF that the DOSDoom team has put together. Hopefully when it's released we'll see some more cool DDF mods to play with.
  • On the Doom Deathmatch Resource's new forum, I saw the following post from Rick Clark:

    I am also going to release a new map this weekend that is single-player, but DM related. What you say? Well, I was inspired by SmashDM and Tekken3 and using ACS I have come up with a new type of Doom map. You fight in arena with a monster in rounds, using only a berserker pack. There are skill settings so that advanced players will be challenged and new players can still compete. There is a scoreboard to keep track of your kills as your progress. Just like in Tekken survival mode, you just try to go as long as you can. I will have a top ten list on my page for each skill setting. The beta should be out by Saturday.

    Sounds like fun!

  • After a long hiatus, Doom Underground has posted 5 new WAD reviews for your reading pleasure.

WAD News - Linguica

Shane Ward sent in word that he's released a new WAD for Doom 2 over at his homepage entitled "Underground 2: Lava Domain".

DOSDoom Stuff - Linguica

The Official DOSDoom Homepage has been updated by Fanatic who appears just as giddy as he does on his homepage (see above) about the impending release of more DDF docs as well as a possible new DOSDoom version.

The Ricrob Returneth - Linguica

Remember Ricrob? Well, he's posted a new featured pick of "A Hell Day" by Michael Krause, which is a must-read/ download. Good to see you around, Eric...

   18th August 1999

Sitewatch - Linguica

  • There's a small update on the Doom Deathmatch Resource which talks about how Rick Clark has reworked some parts of his King of the Hill map for maximum carnage, some stuff about the newly announced SmashDM mod, and pleading for some action over on their forum.

Quiz Time - Linguica

The Page Of Doom has posted a nice little 10-question Doom quiz that all of you out there should get 100% on. Go on... try it... see how well you do...

Here's my trivia question for the day: name three of the treasures that were originally supposed to be lying around in Doom.

REoL Stuff - Linguica

The REoL TOUGH Death Site has some stuff about Fizzdude getting set to release a new Doom 2 map with detail straight from the liked of FUCT, as well as a new article about another article a while back.

Doom Nation Stuff - Linguica

  • Doom Anomaly has announced that the level contest has been scrapped due to lack of interest, but one level will still be used in Doom Anomaly. There also might be a Doom Anomaly music CD (yet another Doom-inspired music CD), and some general info on the progress of Doom Anomaly.

   17th August 1999

Sitewatch - Mordeth

What do you mean, no more news today? We've got all the news you could want right here on Doomworld property...
  • Edmundo Bordeu, of Batman Doom's ACE Team, made some new MD2 models for MichaŽl Ryssen's DoomGL port. These models are for the new cacodemon, lost soul, medikit & stimpack. Download it now!
  • Captain Mellow has some news about the progress and upcoming features of Fly's Doombot, as well as a mention of Wildman's latest wad called "King of the Hill".
  • A "big open, cavern-like area with partial openings to the sky. Rain pours in, lightning rumbles from time to time. You travel down through the huge watery caves to find different areas of an embedded castle, built into the ruins of the rock." Sound good? It's Fanatic's description of one of his new QDoom levels.
  • There will be a new public beta of DoomServ out in a couple of weeks. There might also be a special LAN version of the Doomserv client and server; but the server might become commercial.
  • The Doom DM Resource has a new review up of Rick Clark's "King of the Hill" ZDoom DM map, David Gevert's "Deathmatch 4", Brad Spencer's Ambush Arena and opened their forum.
  • Yoghurt has released version 0.97 of the Cajun Bot, fixing the crashing bug during level changes, as well as adding a few other minor improvements.

   16th August 1999

Master Of The Universe - Linguica

The Page Of Doom, which should really be called "The Doom History Page" or something, has moved its Master Levels section onto its own page and is also starting to collect information about commercial WAD sets for Doom.

LDF etc - Linguica

StroggOnMeth has updated his Game Stop saying that he's run into some hard times programming his Legacy Definition Format, and has a newfound respect for the DOSDoom team and their accomplishments. He's going to take a short break from Doom programming too, so LDF will be postponed a little longer...

All About Archie - Linguica

Unholy Software has a report on some progress of the TC, and has also posted a new poll asking, "is the Archvile a blast, or does he revive bad feelings and make you want to flame id Software?" A little Doom humor there... man, am I a dork.

B4 Doom - Linguica

I got an email from Chris Syrimes about a new Doom project called B4Doom. Here's an excerpt (space filler? What's that):

Starting from medieval times, where a heretic banished d'sparil and his minions, B4doom tells the story of doom and how things got so botched up in the future with UAC!

The graphics and gameplay is awesome, the best idea yet! You are an evil sorcerer, so lots of new capabilities apply. Like reflecting rockets being fired at you, floating, etc.. You gotta possess marines into zombies rather than kill them. The weapons are imaginative too, like firing lost souls that only attack humans!

Check it out!

   15th August 1999

Sitewatch - Linguica

  • Fanatic has decided to release his QDOOM .MP3 for Map15, which is described as "basically as a confusing, Winger/Def Leppard/Meshuggah-like song, that contains good sections, but don't seem to fit together." Erm... good!

Pass The Weeds - Linguica

Rich ĚWeedsĚ Nagel sent this in:

I'm working (finally ) on an Eternal DOOM soundtrack CD, and it should be ready for sale in a month or so. Also, I have started a mailing list that I have been emailing MP3s that I record/encode from the Eternal DOOM music that the CD will consist of. If anyone wants to be added to this list, they can simply send me an email. I have also started a music web page where I will have a few samples of the Eternal DOOM music (as well as other samples of my work). It's just getting started and there are no MP3s available for download yet, but there will be soon :)

Check it out, dammit!

Doom Legacy - Mordeth

Thierry released a fourth v1.29 Doom Legacy GL test at his site and at the Doom Legacy home page. This Win32 port is of course also mirrored at our source port section. New in this release are among others an adjustable FOV and, finally, no more monsters with "hidden feet".

ZDoom v1.18 Source And ACC v1.12 - Mordeth

Randy Heit updated the ZDoom site with an updated version of the script compiler ACC. The previous version had an array bounds overflow that caused troubles with switch statements. Also, there's no final ZDoom v1.18 yet due to lack of time, but he has released its current v1.18 source code. As usual, both files are mirrored here at Doomworld in the appropriate sections.

Doom Nation Stuff - Linguica

  • Forgot to mention a new project over at DN called Super Smash DM, where you try to knock your opponent off a platform into a gigantic pit in order to gain frags.
  • The Eternity TC has word on a new helper creature in its TC described as "4 feet of bald, screaming, demon-ass-kicking old man." Sounds like my old man too, boy howdy.

   13th August 1999

Sitewatch - Linguica

  • Twice Risen has a big ole status report, talking about sprites, sounds, cutscenes, and more. Remember, they still need sprite and texture artists, and a coder would be nice too. Not to mention a few team members which he's trying to get back in contact with....
  • The Parallel Team has posted, as a little Friday the 13th surprise, a picture showing off the team members dressed in camos and holding large guns (paintbull guns, of course; they still want to be around to finish off Parallel Dimension II).

Doom Legacy GL - Mordeth

A new Doom Legacy GL test version is available at Thierry's site which is a "little updated" since the previous incarnation. It has a better supported status bar, better palette changes and three modes for "crappymlook". I'm not sure if this is a stand-alone release or requires you to have Doom Legacy as well... the size of this new distribution makes me think you do.

Update: people who already have downloaded this third test version need to do so again, this because of a missing / wrong r_opengl.dll file.

glHeretic v0.90 Released - Mordeth

MichaČl Ryssen has released a new version of his Win32 glHeretic port, sporting decals and compatability with 3Dfx minigl and Quake3 OpenGL drivers. As usual, you can find it mirrored at our source port section as well.

Doom Nation Stuff - Linguica

  • Afterglow has released a new deathmatch map called Sacrifice DM 4! It's described as being "very brown"... anyways, he also talks about his map progress for Crucified Dreams (Covaro, where are you?) and some other stuff.
  • Mewse gives his reasons for not wanting id Software to make a Doom2000... well, at least not in name anyway. (They could call it "Linguica Is A Gigantic Idiot" and I'd still buy it.)
  • Doom Anomaly is extending their "make us a level" contest indefinitely due to lack of entries. Doesn't anyone want a shiny new 3D card? Thanks DoomHQ.

   12th August 1999

Impulse MP3s For Free! - Mordeth

David Shaw (aka Tolwyn) and Mark Klem have made their entire Impulse One and Impulse Two album available to download in MP3 format on MP3.com:
You can also get the 2 CDs for MP3's lowest offered price of $5.99 each. Bonus material is also available on their page on MP3.com. (...) Tolwyn and Mark Klem greatly appreciate the continued support that the Doom and, of course, Quake community has given them.
You -know- you want this!

COMPET-N Summer Break - Mordeth

Adam Hegyi will be away the rest of this month, spending his days withering away in some godforsaken place without internet. We pity him. We also laugh at him, but since he's away we can do this without repercussions! HAHAHA..! Erm. This also means that the COMPET-N site won't be updated, so no breathtaking demos for you until next month.

Sitewatch - Mordeth

  • DoomServ, a popular program to play ZDoom online, has acquired a new member: Thomas Sturm. He will be helping on extending DoomServ with more rooms and Doom Legacy support.
  • More blatant plugging for Fanatic's MP3 CD at his site :)

Fraggled - Mordeth

Simon Howard apparantly plans on becoming a really old geezer :) He also list some of the SMMU features currently being worked on: zoom, cool demo playback features, Fragglescript, console stuff and a list of fixed bugs.

   11th August 1999 - Caught Dancing Naked Around A Runestone Again?

Sitewatch - Linguica

  • Nice little progress report at the Covert Ops project site. There is some progress on sprites (namely, terrorists and a Mossberg shotgun) but the accent up to now has been on creating DDF documentation.
  • Desktop Doom's Thomas Sturm has stopped work on his Legacy Online project, and now is working on DoomServ. Expect to see Legacy support in DoomServ soon...
  • The moderator of Zombie Doom sent this along:

    I've have an ever so small problem. My hard drive got ever so slightly shagged by a small disk controller error. The result was the loss of about the last 8 months work on zombie doom (amongst other things which I wont trouble you with). Anyway I haven't managed to retrieve my password to even update the webpage to the effect that the odds are I wont be continuing with the project. I'm only getting my computer fully together again now. I dont even have a copy of doom (I gave my CDs away to a friend). All that I have left is what's on the Doomworld servers. I'm giving up at this stage. I really would have loved to finish it but it isn't going to happen. Here's the URL for the only remaing beta version. It's not one I would have liked to go out public but if anyone wants to do anything with it please do.

    The password is either "metro" or "wyzig" cant remember which anyway. Sorry it had to end this way. Thanks to all those who helped.

DHT Returns - Linguica

Remember the Doom Honorific Titles? No? Well, it was created way back in May 1994 to "test" the skills of Doomers and to award them titles based on their proficiency. Anyways, it's back! If you've ever wanted to be an Incubus, Velox, Ninja or Yagyu, now's your chance! Win that title!

Hell Unleashing - Linguica

I saw over at Tha DooM Shack that Hell Unleashed, billed as a prequel to the classic WAD Hell Revealed, is looking for someone to finish up Map28.

DANG It - Linguica

The Public DANG has updated with a bunch of new demos to watch, and this little announcement.

Thurday to Sunday the whole DANG crew will meet in Dordrecht. Between our long deathmatch and coop sessions, we will work on a new Coop site, where you will find all 2-4 player world records for all categories.

No need to get angry, man... oh wait, DANG is the name of the website... erm, nevermind.

Star Wars Missions - Mordeth

Rusty Shaw sent me the URL of a ZDoom Star Wars TC called Star Wars Missions. Unlike some other SW conversions this one seems to be pretty much alive. He does have some screenshots up, but they are linked to a location on the author's HD, so... hopefully that gets fixed soon.

Doom Nation Stuff - Linguica

  • Doom Anomaly figures that with the construction of the latest build, they're about 90-95% done with the project. We're all waiting for September 9! Also, there's something about a Doom Anomaly mission pack...

   10th August 1999

Vote Dammit - Linguica

Maybe there will be a Doom movie, maybe not... but everyone loves to speculate about who would be the perfect Doomguy. Who do you think should play Flynn Taggart, or whatever the hell his name is? Personally I would go for Howie Long... I think id Software digitized his face for the status bar.

Teppicky - Linguica

Teppic8 has emoticonned his webpage with a bunch of cute little graphics. On the Doom front, he has a nice long rant-ish speech about the merits of Doom 1 versus Doom 2 (dammit, the double-barrel rules).

Page O' Doom - Linguica

Do another little dance... the Page Of Doom has updated its Contribute, Doom History and Creators pages.

DoomHQ Stuff - Linguica

Sure, why not...
  • There's a new poll up for all to vote on.
  • The Hell Gates TC is getting close to wrapping up and releasing its first chapter.
  • Remember the Doom Anomaly make-the-starting-level contest? Well, the entries are due in two days on August 12, so polish up those masterpieces and send them on in. The winner gets his meaty paws on a Savage4 3D card.

Doom Nation Stuff - Linguica

  • Doom Anomaly has a bunch of general stuff about WAVs versus MP3s, problems with DEU (use DCK or DETH already), the status of the Doom Anomaly beta, an upcoming interview, and some other stuff.

   9th August 1999

Sitewatch - Mordeth

  • MichaČl Ryssen has released DoomGL v0.90, which fixes a crash related to one-frame MD2 interpolated animations and has support for transparant MD2s. Last but not least, DoomGL now has decals... yup baby, unload your mighty SSG and leave bullet holes and blood splats on the walls!
  • The Parallel Team has posted a page talking about the work they're doing on the CTF-ish multiplayer Doom mod Skulltag.

Cyb Stuff - Linguica

Cyb, recently promoted to webmaster of Doom Nation, has updated his homepage about Doom Nation, CGI, Half-Life Doom, and other assorted things.

Atari 2600 Doom? - Linguica

The Page Of Doom has posted a page about Atari 2600 Doom. What's that, you say? No, there's not really any Atari 2600 Doom, but there was a rather convincing hoax a while back...

Carmack On Doom - Linguica

3D Action Planet has posted a wrapup of John Carmack's speech last weekend at QuakeCon. Obviously the vast majority of the talk was on Quake 3, but there were a few small tidbits that seemed interesting:

I asked what id plans to do after Quake 3 is released, and Carmack admitted that, quite frankly, they don't know. He mentioned that there was strong support in their office to make Doom 2000. [...]

(About the Doom movie) id Software took a look at one script and decided it was terrible. Then they looked at another script and agreed it was pretty mediocre. Nobody moved on it and the option on the movie rights expired, so the project is -- for the time being -- dead in the water.

Doom2000, eh? I guess that might be marginally entertaining, maybe...

   8th August 1999

Sitewatch - Linguica

  • Captain Mellow has word on an update for the ZCajun, as well as a comparison on the current newest versions of the two Cajun Bots currently available (Cajun, and then its genetically enhanced offspring, the ZCajun).
  • It looks as if Fanatic has uploaded the MP3 for Map13 of QDOOM as another little teaser. Hopefully the two people who voted for it will be happy :)

COMPET-News - Linguica

Over at the COMPET-N homepage, there are as usual a whole slew of new and wonderous demos to enjoy, with the focus this time around seeming to be NM100S demos. Also, the bios for two more demo gods have been posted.

DMHQ - Linguica

The Deathmatch HQ has posted a bunch of new ratings for Doom and Doom 2 levels in their now-patented "one number" style.

Doom Nation Stuff - Linguica

  • Mike Tawney has discovered a "bug" in his recently released WAD Q2DM1 that caused some bridges to not function properly when used in conjunction with the railgun .BEX. He also talks about RageDM some, and offers to make free webpages for those who ask (hopefully not all with dark red text on a black background, ack).
  • I see that Doom Nation has posted a review of a new DM level entitled SAYDM1.

   7th August 1999

Sitewatch - Linguica

  • The Tool-Assisted Demos page has 4 demos including two awesome times by COMPET-N administrator Adam Hegyi, an improvement of a previous demo and the first TAS demo by a keyboarder.
  • The Cajun Bot Homepage has released version 0.95, which includes lots of new stuff including new movement code without nodes, nukage/lava avoidance, demo recording, smarter AI, and a more realistic view model so the bots don't see well in the dark. Thanks Captain Mellow.
  • It looks as if Fanatic will be uploading the MP3 for Map13 of QDoom soon, unless more people send in their votes (what is it now, about 5 people?). In other news, the Dehacked version of QDoom has been cancelled (boo!).

Carmack Does Doom (Sort Of) - Linguica

I see over at PlanetQuake, in their QuakeCon coverage, that in John Carmack's hour-long presentation about his work with 3D engines (as if he's doing much else these days)...

He also talked briefly about everything from Doom 2000 to the future of 3D engines, and even mentioned the Doom movie.

Hopefully on a positive note! Anyways, look for a 3D Action Planet writeup sometime soon... in the meantime, check out our interview with John Carmack which reveals the origin of the name "Doom" among other things.

JJ Goes Away - Linguica

Over at Doom Nation, the recently-departed webmaster JJ has left behind his final contribution: a slew of ZDoom deathmatch demos. Also, please welcome the new Doom Nation webmaster, Cyb, who's better known for his humor site, Doom, Damnit!

New Legacy - Linguica

Over at the Doom Legacy homepage, the OpenGL DooM Legacy v1.29 beta 2 has been released. Sayeth the Legacy dudes:

All the things included in DooM Legacy v1.28 are available in this version including the splitscreen in OpenGL mode; but there is actually no glide support (use OpenGL instead). This version also includes the new 3D engine, optimised for OpenGL. Of course, all the features of the previous Alphas are still available, like coronas and the launcher which supports OpenGL. There are also some minor changes.

Sounds cool to me! Man, Doomers without graphics accelerators are missing out...

The Gates Of Hell - Linguica

The Gates Of Hell has updated some stuff around the site, including the links section.

   6th August 1999

Sitewatch - Linguica

  • The Ninja Doom homepage has one of those rare updates that few even dream of. The TC is apparently almost done, except for some levels and between-level animations. Kayin has a little speech about why Ninja Doom has taken so much longer than expected (heh) and has also posted six brand-spanking-new screenies showing Ninja Doom in all its OpenGL glory. Hey, are those candles casting light?
  • Paradox's leader Nick Baker has fed the relevant statistics into a NASA supercomputer and after days of number-crunching has determined that the project is about 30% done. He's also thinking of implementing hubs into the PC, and has another new screenshot for all to enjoy.

More Death - Linguica

You know you want it, you know you love it... the Mordeth TC Site has an update about the status of the project. Work on the techno-based episode II has suffered recently as Gaston has been busy churning out dozens of sprites for the gothic-themed episode III. I saw one of the new gothic sargeants, and man does it look cool. BTW, he's still looking (Gaston, not the gothic sarge) for coders to replace Joel Murdoch, if you're interested...

REoL STUFF - Linguica

The REoL TOUGH DeatH Site has another review up on "Satan's Castle" for Doom 1, the most recent level that turned 5 years old this year. This is the last 5 year-old review, and "landmark levels are up for review next, FUCT being the next one."

ZDoom v1.18 Test9 Released - Mordeth

Randy Heit has released a new test version of the Win32 source port ZDoom v1.18 which has restored the savegame function but not yet hubs. Among other improvements the bot "wild spin" problem has been fixed but the bot status can't yet be saved. You can pick up this latest version at our source port section.

   5th August 1999

Doom 2 Review - Linguica

Better late than never, I guess... while everyone is gearing up to review Quake 3, Peter Blake has reviewed Doom 2 over at his homepage.

Ixnay On The Hombre - Linguica

The Unholy Software page has update with some responses to stuff about a recent poll, and talks about their TC Nimrod a little bit.

Doom Directory - Linguica

Your friend and mine Rick Clark sent in a note about a new site called The Open Directory Project which is sort of like Yahoo but instead is volunteer-run. They have a Doom section (guess what site has a gold star, whee) but need editors for the project. If you might like to help, swing on by and check it out!

Show Us Some Skin - Linguica

The Skin Connection, a bastion of custom skins for use with Doom Legacy or ZDoom, has posted new skins of a Teletubby, Stone Cold Steve Austin, the T-1000, and a female imp (!). There are now, erm, a lot of skins available for download, including a monkey on a tricycle, a ferret, and a pirate (again, !).

Doom Nation Stuff - Linguica

  • Doom Anomaly is trying to figure out how to upload a short music clip without busting the bandwidth (it's called MP3), the news that levels are almost done, and some other stuff.

   4th August 1999

Sitewatch - Mordeth

  • The Doom DM Resource has a brand new spanking design! Poke around, will you?
  • Captain Mellow has posted even more ZCajun bot nodetables, this time for Gothic DM II and Vicious, and has word about a Dehacked based 007 Goldeneye ZDoom DM mod. Plus he has updated the unofficial DosDoom site with the release of the weapons mod TF101 and an updated version of the Deathbot mod Valkyrie.
  • Fanatic has updated about various QDoom stuff and his upcoming MP3 CD.

Unsheathed - Linguica

David Gevert, aka Dagger, has updated his homepage with some kudos to Doom people, and word of a seemingly-defunct tribute webpage to Matt Dixon for his work on GothicDM, GothicDM II, Gothic98, and everything else. Get a new monitor, dammit!

Deathmatch HQ - Linguica

The Deathmatch Headquarters has updated with a slew of new ratings for deathmatch WADs, as well as a plea for people to send in even more...

Doom64 Music - Linguica

I got word from Master 64 that he's putting together a website with a bunch of Doom64 music and sound effects in MP3 form. I assume that this is a good thing (I've never actually played Doom64, shame on me).

Doom Nation Stuff - Linguica

  • Doom Anomaly has a big ole update with a bunch of new screenshots to drool over. there's lots of other stuff too, including a teaser about what will happen after 9/9/99...

   3rd August 1999

New wHeretic Version Released - Mordeth

Robin McLeod has released a second build of wHeretic v0.4a which fixes some problems with the 3D positional sound. He has also taken the opportunity to up the key limits (eg. visplanes, max. sprites), but plans on removing those limits altogether in a future release.

As usual the binaries have been mirrored at our source port section. Also, don't forget to visit our Telenation friends at Raven-Games who are hosting, among others, wHeretic.

Deutex - Mordeth

Andre Majorel made an announcement on one of the RGCD newsgroups that he is looking for people who can develop the Deutex DOS port further:

The job is to :
  • get the pre-release sources from me
  • compile them on DOS (this might involve some hacking)
  • test the resulting deutex.exe and make sure it works properly (this might involve some more hacking)
  • feed any changes in the source back to me, for inclusion in the source tree
  • we'll repeat above steps until we get something that compiles and works properly on both Unix and DOS
  • send me the final DOS executable (deutex.exe/deusf.exe) for inclusion in the distribution archive
Note: so far, DOS ports of DeuTex have been compiled with Borland C but using DJGPP instead would probably be a good idea if only because it would provide 32-bit int and size_t. I expect porting from GCC to DJGPP to be far less painful than from GCC to BC.
Anyone interested should contact Andre Majorel.

Fraggle Pleased - Mordeth

At Fraggle's Rock we learn that the SMMU beta has been well received, according to its author Simon Howard. He also notes that "Fraggle scripting" has not yet been incorporated into this MBF-based port.

Sad Days - Covaro

I'm not even gonna try and start this off, so here is the letter I received:
I'm not quite sure how to put this properly, as I, myself, found out only a little while ago. I'll let his brother's message, as I got it, explain:

Jim Srb Dodge died yasterday at about 3:00PM.. he drowned in lake Michigan the least I can say is that he was having a great time beforehand.. If anyone wishes to contact me (his brother).. I'm truly sorry.. and I would apreciate any contact... good luck to you all...

Jim Dodge, or "Iguana Guy" and "Aqualung" as he was known on the internet, founded the Quake 1 Total Conversion project "Doom3D", (WhereI met him for the first time). Since then we'd worked on a few projects together, including the revival of Doom3D, for Quake 3. Jim's combination of coding skill, design vision, and enthusiasm were unparalleled within the Doom and Quake community, as anyone who knew him can attest. Jim had the rare spark that you so seldom see these days, wanting to give everyone your all, and to do so freely. Though we'd never met face to face, Jim helped me through personal times where even my local friends would have gotten tired of hearing. I consider him part of my family; to lose Jim was to lose a brother.

His brother Dan (ShamRock) Dodge asked that if anyone would like to contact him (or his dad, as he asked for anyone who knew him over the internet and would like to help him understand their relationship to him), please get in touch with me as I'm hesitant to post either of their addresses in the open (As aweful as that sounds, I don't want them to have to experience anything like a mail spam at a time like this).

This letter was sent in by Bill "Dark Adder" Roeske. This is a very sad day, and my heart goes out to Jim's family and friends.

Doomgl Review - Covaro

Over at 3dAlpha there is a review of Doomgl. You know you wanna read up on this, considering that Doomgl is a p1mping 1337455 engine. =D Go take a look. And download it if you haven't already done so.

Doom Nation Stuff - Covaro

  • Ack, Afterglow has written his own novel. Just a big old fat update that covers everything he's involved with has been posted at his page. Sooo much good info that I'm not even gonna try and paraphrase. Just go read!

   2nd August 1999

Zort5 - Covaro

Cyb has released the latest level in his Zort series. You can get it here from Frad.org.

All Da Berry Goodness - Covaro

Quick update on SlaughterDM over at the Creek. Sounds like things are pulling together nicely, so who knows, we could see it soon.

DM HQ - Covaro

Small update over at the Deathmatch HQ, where a new wad has been added as well as a request for more people to send in levels. Help the guy out people!

Unholy Praise - Covaro

A few items have been posted over at the Unholy Software page, such as some comments on the poll and a new screenshot from Nimrod. Go check it out.

Doom Nation Stuff - Covaro

  • After running into a few problems with AOL being stupid (why am I even trying to explain that???) Anomaly has been updated with a few updates that were meant for this weekend. Look for alot of progress in the near future as well as a few screenies to come soon.

   1st August 1999

Sitewatch - Covaro

  • Two new demos have been posted at TAS, this time for the hard as hell and beautiful Demonized wad. That level is simply killer. Both are 100%/100% demos. There is also talk about the future of the site, such as the need for user contributed demo runs. So start recording and keep TAS going!
  • Over at the LegacyOnline page, the Doomserv for Legacy, has been updated with news that Sturm is in search of a new name for his project. Help him out, and send one in.

Fried - Covaro

Well, Nick Baker has updated the Haunt again. This time to address the issues of DDF, Doomgl bugs, his future in Doom and more. He even posted a poll for you to take with the question:
What mega-WAD would you rather see a sequel too?
Myself, I'd like to see one that is just good. =D

The New Frad - Covaro

Seems another Frad has joined the crew at Frad.org. Who could it be? All I know is his name always makes me hungry! And I would never throw chairs dammit! Frad.org, The Doomers Stop for Everything Not Doom!

COMPET-N Contest Over - Covaro

And the winners are... Adam Williamson and Johnathan Rimmer. You can of course download those demos from the COMPET-N Contest page. And of course while you are there check out some of the new demos sent in, some of which are done by a keyboarder!

Doom Nation Stuff - Covaro

  • Well, it's official, Ola is off! He's on the train... so when will we see him again? Only time will tell...

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