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1/13/100 /me brushes the dust off of the CGI

Hmmm, well, I haven't updated in 3 months or so, and that's because nothing has been done. Because of many things, NFL, swimming (I haven't drowned yet!), and school and stuff. Stuff sucks, especially homework. Nothing looks to be done until summer at least, because all of my break time is being taken up by THINGS. Even in summer, I'm either going to Germany or to NFL nationals, getting my wisdom teeth out, maybe getting a job (fixing computers I hope!) and training of course. Stuff sucks, huh? I wish I had time to do these things. Putting new things in DOOM is so fun, even if the Quake source has been released (I must admit, I downloaded it, but I haven't done anything with it yet, so I'm okay). And for some reason, I still get hits. No, wait, I don't get hits, I was at 30,000 hits last time I updated. Never mind.


10/13/99 Awwwww!

Well, no progress lately, NFL things are sneaking up on me. Nov-Dec LD is coming up, I've got an Original Oratory to finish, and a Duo Interpretation to memorize and stuff. Ow, at least I finished up a few nagging things I had been meaning to do (cutting my toenails.. :). Oh well, I may get back to it. Damn, I was making such good progress too. Anyway, 2 more X-Country meets left, then two weeks during which I must learn to swim before swimming. *groan* I'm beginning to hate sports.... If it's not 'in-season' (during which I can't drink pop, have a restricted diet, etc), it's 'off-season' during which I still have to 'train' (running and prolly swimming daily). Not to mention I've got lots of standardized tests lately. Gawddamnit, I HATE standardized tests! PSAT's, ITED's, I hate them all! Anyway, I'm going now, bye.


10/5/99 Work Work Work Work

Ah, so I had a track meet tonight. I was os thrilled to learn that I got an 18:48 when I crossed the finish line. However, the course was about 200 meters too short. Oh well, assuming about 30 seconds, that's still a PR for me.
Ooh, yesterday I didn't update. The truth is that I got infatuated with C&C2, and when it's my free time, I'm NOT going to force myself to do something I don't want to do. Anyway, I worked on it tonight. I can load data now, not exactly in the way I want, but it can load it and move on successfully, after a bit of tinkering. Hmm, that's about it. Progress continues as always!


10/3/99 Doom GPL

Hey, the Doom source is now GPL, so you can now all pay me for any enjoyment you get from PrjDoom. /me sits back and watches the money NOT flow in. Yeah, I thought so :)
ANYWAY, I have decided to do NO WORK on PrjDoom today, because I have to whip up a new piece of code from scratch instead of simply modifying existing code if I want to continue work on MAPINFO. That would require code design and planning and whatnot, and that's definitely NOT my style, so I'm gonna hold off for awhile and relax. Did I mention that I went to a band tournament yesterday? Well, that's the explanation for the lack of udpate and progress yesterday. Stupid me thought that most of it was going to be inside, and the outside we'd have to use our uniform for, but no, it was all outside, and there was several hours of waiting in which it was basically impossible to stay warm in shorts. But, hey, I'm tough as nails, and I got through it, and turned my water bed up all the way.


10/1/99 Oooh, Update and Stuff

Ooh, man, update Prjdoom and stuff, and I've gotta get my crap ready for a meet tomorrow. And then guess what? Not like, 15 minutes after I get finished I've gotta go to a band thingy, like a tournament/learning type thingy, and stuff... STUFF! Hehe, oh well. Debugged the last of the file loading and command finding code. Now, I have to write code that loads data, and does something with the data, then it'll hopefully work and stuff. And that's good because this file loading code is the basis of many other changes I'll be doing. Look at this, I'm working on PrjDoom daily, I'm updating daily, how many other source ports can say that? Hey, btw, did you all hear that Doom Legacy is going to stop adding features all willy nilly and work on getting rid of bigs and stuff? Wild and stuff. That does of course put ZDOOM ahead in the 'feature shock without working on your codebase' department. Hehe, I'm poking fun...


9/30/99 Running Wyld

Well, tonight we had a 'practice' cross country meet, mostly becaue it only consisted of three teams all from our city. And in the spirit of 'practice' I ran the pace I would normally run in practice and got a 20:25. Knowing that I can basically loaf it and run that is good, but it's not nearly as good as knowing that I could run consistently under twenty minutes. Mental note to myself, I MUST start stretching before I go to bed. Anyway, my goal for this season really should be to run consistently under twenty, I mean, even 19:50 every time would be good. It's not as easy as you think. Last year my goal was to break twenty, and I came 19 seconds close to that. Then again, it's easy to take time off like mad if you've just started. This year, it's actually about training and stuff, and I really thing that running distances up to nine miles has helped. Hopefully, I'll do less than twenty on Saturday, but then again, it is at a not very good course which is terrible when it rains. By the way, did I mention that it's going to rain? Oh well, I know I can at least do under twenty there. Another thing that I should probably realize is that I won't hit my PR (personal record) every time I run. Many people on varsity can run a 17:30 in one race, and in the next, run like, 18:15. You bounce around abit. However, I think that I may be bouncing around a bit too much and that I'm not even trying that hard. Don't get me wrong, I KNEW I wasn't trying that hard tonight, and I was okay with it. Partly because it was a practice meet, and partly because we had had a terrible practice schedule this week before the meet. We practiced a bit on Monday, didn't on Tuesday (big mistake, even though it was pouring rain), and did the customary one mile and sprints before a meet on Wednesday (not nearly enough IMO, especially for this week). But, with any luck, I'll be all ready for Saturday, if I remember to stretch tonight. Oh, PrjDoom? Haven't worked on it yet, I just got back from Hooters :)


9/29/99 Damn Progress

Yeah, progress damnit. As always, when I get my homework done early I mess around with DJGPP, and I made some more progress tonight, inbetween watching a great ep. of Law and Order. Still, the one problem I have is that the function to find commands within a file won't return the correct value if it finds a command. Other than stuff like that, it's going well. I'm kinda building from the ground up with this file loading and mapinfo code. Make the code do something easy, add features, when it gets to big, make functions to lessen the code, repeat as necessary. I'm making progress, you can be sure, I'll be done sometime. Welp, I've gotta pack for a meet tomorrow, seeyall later.


9/28/99 Study, Study, Study, Work Ahead, Damnit...

Well, I've gotten some extra credit done, I've worked ahead, and I've studied. No, I had no actual homework, but oh well. I actually had no practice because the weather is so damn shitty. Maybe I should have updated after I did a bit of messing around. Oh well, I'll do my messing around, I promise.. *snooze*


9/27/99 More Progress

Yeah, there's been some progress. As always I screwed around with DJGPP a bit, and made a few more steps, and took a few back. I'll do more tomorrow. This file loading and parsing code is taking long, but it will be the basis for just about every other change I will make.


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