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The new version of ST has finally been released. New levels, skins, modes, and other improvements make this by far the best ST ever. And now with client/server and CTF support, multiplayer Doom's never been better. Enjoy!

The next release will be the full version.

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May 3, 2004
[9:31 PM] - Carnevil

* Skulltag v0.95k Released!

This is actually some pretty old news, but Skulltag v0.95k has been released! It's the final version of v0.95 (v0.96 is well underway!), so if you have a version of Skulltag than 95k, it's time up update! You can grab it here, and from now on, be sure to check out Skulltag.com for updates!


March 29, 2004
[9:31 PM] - Carnevil

* Skulltag v0.95j Released!

That's right! The next, and FINAL (assuming no serious problems crop up) version of Skulltag v0.95 has been RELEASED! What's new/fixed here you ask?

  • The join queue now works in ALL gameplay modes; not just duel. So now, in packed servers, you can "wait in line" to play when all the server slots are taken. When a slot opens up, you will then automatically spawn in, instead of having to manually join the game.
  • Spectators can now pass through teleports. No more being stuck in the team selection room while spectating!
  • Added a Doom 64 guy skin. Thanks RottKing!
  • The room now lights up when you fire the railgun like with other weapons.
  • Added a missing announcer sound for the Perfect medal.
  • Added "Wins" display alongside "Rank" and "Spread" while dueling.
  • That annoying bug where a letter would rarely, randomly drop out while typing in a chat string should be fixed.
  • The time freeze sphere is disabled in multiplayer for now.
  • Fixed problem where the effect of the random powerup could be different on the client end from the server end.
  • Fixed a bug where dropped weapons were giving twice as much ammo as they were supposed to.
  • When a duel begins, any missiles fired during the warmup are now removed.
  • Fixed problems relating to duellimit. It should work fine now.
  • Fixed problem where you could have up to 350% armor with 150 max. armor bonuses.
  • Fixed a small bug where the fragcount would display on the scoreboard under the deaths column in teamplay DM.
  • Fixed some problems with the dynamic wad loading related to the MAPINFO lump.
  • You can no longer get Excellent/Incredible/Domination/Total Domination medals by fragging your teammates with friendly fire on.
  • Players who join a team and them spectate now lose their team affiliation.
  • Improved the gameplay and visuals of d2ctf6.
  • Improved the gameplay of d2st2. The lifts have been sped up, and additional ammo and armor has been added.
  • Improved the gameplay and visuals of d2st1. It is now more clear which team the bases and goal areas belong to, and an alternate path into each base has been added.

Again, this will be the FINAL version of v0.95, unless any major problems crop up. I don't want to do any more of v0.95, and I don't think the majority of you want the bots to be put off any further.

Without further adeiu, GO GET IT!

December 5, 2003
[4:44 PM] - Carnevil

* Skulltag v0.95h Released!

The next version of Skulltag is here, and even though it's been a short time since the last version came out, this version is a lot, LOT better than the previous one! For one, it features the new IN-GAME SERVER BROWSER, as well as much, much more smooth gameplay on servers! Anyway, the main additions and improvements include:

  • Added the in-game server browser.
  • Greatly revamped the DUEL gameplay mode! Now, players can wait in line and join once the current duel ends. Also, instead of the level changing when a duel ends, the loser is kicked into the spectators, and the next person in line joins him!
  • Dramatically improved the player prediction. Movement is now much less jerky, especially on high ping servers!
  • Skulltag now broadcasts server information, meaning that if a launcher (such as the in-game browser) listens properly, it can pick up servers on a LAN! (Translation: If you host a server on a LAN, and browser for local servers in the in-game server browser, it will show up!)
  • Skulltag can now go between client mode and single player mode without having to restart.
  • Fixed all reported crashes.
  • Sound is now played even when the window is not in focus.

For a complete list of changes, click here.

So what are you waiting for? GO GET IT!

November 21, 2003
[3:01 PM] - Carnevil

* Skulltag v0.95g Released!

A month and about a billion changes later, Skulltag v0.95g is here! So what's new in this version, you ask? Here are some of the main changes:

  • Upgraded Skulltag to ZDoom version 2.0.53.
  • Made a massive fix to speed up item spawning on the server end. This results in much smoother, less laggy games. (Especially in levels with tons of objects. Co-op games should be MUCH better now.)
  • Made large optimizations to how sectors work over the network. They are now smoother and less laggy!
  • Applied "connection type" to ALL weapons. 56K users are simply told when a weapon is fired, and by who. DSL users are told that, and the actual XYZ, angle, and pitch of the shot, so they can recreate the shot on their end. Cable users get the information about each actual pellet or missile spawned by the weapon firing. The higher the connection type setting, the higher the precision, and the higher bandwidth used.
  • Fixed major server crash where if the level remained unchanged for more than a day or so, and someone joined, it would crash.
  • Fixed bug where if the "no monsters" flag was set, and a co-op level was being played on, the monsters still spawned, and appeared to stand in place on the client end.
  • Split up the "Cable/DSL" connection type into two seperate types. Now, if both the server and client have at least a cable connection, SSG pellets will appear in exactly the right place, as opposed to their position being generated on the client end. (WARNING: This takes a LOT of bandwidth! Only do this if you're hardcore!)

For a full list of changes, click here.

Now, a lot of changes have been made, so there may be changes that need to be made. Hopefully not, tho :)

Alright, GO GET IT!


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