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/Swinging Door

Swinging Door

[fxedit13.jpg] SECTORS

1 : ceiling/floor 120/0
2 : ceiling/floor 128/128;
3 : ceiling/floor 128/128;
4 : ceiling/floor 0/0


a : trigger 91 to sector 2;
b : trigger 91 to sector 3

Again this trick relies on the 'trigger 91' effect of instantly lowering the floor with a "raise to minimum adjacent ceiling" while this ceiling is in fact at ground level. Sector 2, 3 and part of the solid wall make up the 'door' in various stages of opening. Sector 2 and 3 are split into two parts, one making up the actual door, the other a dummy sector linked to a sector with its ceiling at ground level.

Lots of variations are possible, including sliding doors. All nodesbuilders are capable duplicating this effect. Have fun :)

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