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Hyena - V 1.11       02/12/21
Hyena Legacy - V 0.1       02/12/21
Ni'mRod - V 1.0       02/07/23
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Welcome to Unholy Software!
Wellcome to Unholy Softwares home on Doomworld. Our current project Murderous Intent 2 is held by JXT and he's not accepting any help (that bastard :p). While I (Ebola) am working with a team of very talented authors on a Quake2 PC. Remember, we're always looking for talented and devoted people to make life more fun. Mail me to join Unholy Software.

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17th, October, 2004 - Nimrod again -
I was looking up in Doom Connector for servers to play in, but it was pretty scarse with players so I was out of luck. But then I noticed that there were not a single Legacy server running, I decided to rectify this (specially since there even were a csDoom server running, by Keketys even, wich made me rise an eyebrowse). I went to work and now it's done. I set up a Legacy server running Nimrod in cooperative on hard. Now, the server I set up isn't exactly running the most stable OS (win98se, heh) so it'll be intresting to see how long it stays up, and if it says up reasonably long and people actually play it, I'll probaly keep it running as long as I find it intresting.

So get: Nimrod here. Legacy here. and Doom Connector here. Enjoy. EDIT: Damn thing won't let people join, I dunno why, cause I ran a ST server last night when we had a bit of lan going on and it let people from the internet join just fine. Seem like ST and Legacy don't use the same ports. What do one have to do to make this work? I dunno.


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