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I literally just completed CC4 two minutes ago at the time of writing these first words. I must say I had a real blast and not only is this level pack aesthetically top notch (and unbelievably varied thanks to all the new textures used), it is also well refined as far as level geometry and gameplay go.

This is actually the first Community Chest I have completed start to finish. I tried playing the 1st CC but the difficulty hammered me as soon as level 13. While I can't say anything about CC2 and 3, this time I have noticed that the difficulty - although high, is just high enough (well, maybe except Spritual Holocaust, that one's HARD). It wasn't Hell Revealed, but it was just hard enough to pressure me and playing through this WAD has actually taught me a lot. Thanks to this WAD I no longer freak out when I see an Archvile, and in fact can comfortably take them down one after another, not breaking a sweat even if I have to face two or three at once. I have also brushed up on my Revenant handling skills as well as Cyberdemon combat. The level pack is a great training tool and helps join the useful with the fun.

The "space" levels were awesome in that I felt like I was playing fucking Megaman Battle Network when inside them. Wonderful. All the remaining levels also featured staggering detail, with some of the most beautiful Doom levels ever made gracing this pack. Snow theme? Fuck yeah. Gothic cathedral theme? Yes please. A wonderful "Shores of Hell" rendition in Detachment, now this has got to be the epitome of techbase/hell concept mixing.

I loved the techbase feel of the early levels and I loved the Inferno feel of the final ones (which was very faithfully channeled. Hellish Hell at last.)

I haven't discovered most of the secrets, but I actually might feel compelled to run this baby again, quite unlike most of those ultra-hard community WADs. But who knows, playing CC4 might actually change my stance on harder WADs, as I have come to enjoy some of the biggest slaughters in CC4 quite a bit - incidentally those happened to take place in the last two levels. Luckily the final battle was easy enough if you managed to run past the Cyberdemons (which I did), so the boss didn't even have time to spawn any additional opposition. A definite breather compared to previous CCs (I have examined them with invulnerability).

So overall, I would like to thank the Doomworld community for:
- Amazingly crafted levels which unlike in most hard WADs manage to feel cohesive with each other. Even more so since there were so many different authors.
- Most of the time reasonable difficulty with several extremely difficult but very well possible encounters. Actually the difficulty was so perfectly balanced as to constantly pressure me but let me come out on top anyway and learn from the experience.
- Per above: making a WAD that actually taught me how to fight. A 50 Revenant horde? Now I'm ready!
- Very successful experiments with different textures creating the most aesthetically varied single Doom megawad yet created
- Increased emphasis on immersion and atmosphere - the levels are so much more than those ugly, soulless "obstacle courses" that so many levels tend to be. This time instead we got immersive adventures in and of themselves.

Thanks, guys. Loved the shit out of this WAD. And I enjoyed it as much as I did this year's D2TWiD, although obviously for different reasons.

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Doomworld Forums : Powered by vBulletin version 2.2.5 Doomworld Forums > Special Interest > Community Chest 4 > My impressions after completing the pack

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