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Green Marine

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Well, this nonfinished story is not a Doom story (it's actually based off Paracite eve. :) but I have nowhere else to show it (well, there is my site, but considering even I don't even go there, it's safe to say no one else will. :).

Anywho, It's not doom, but it had doomlike stuff in it (two people versus an entire colage of monsters. ). I didn't finish it (someday I will. Just like everything else I started. ;). It's long (10 pages) and has one complete chapter, and 2 pages of chapter 2, which I'll be rewriting totally later. :) Anywho, please don't kill me for posting this here, because I have nowhere else to go! =)

So now, I present to you...

Parasite Event

By: Test-0
Based off the Playstation Game, Paracite Eve

Parasite Event 1: Infection

* * *

A single man looks around, the darkened halls of the Cambrian Institute menacing him as if he had done something wrong… He shook his head and thought to himself, “Your starting to loose it, Jeff ol’ buddy.. you haven’t even gotten to the sample and already your looking over your shoulder…”. Jeff chuckled a little, knowing that the only people in the building at this time of night would be the security, who wouldn’t be around here, and the people that work late. Them, and Denver. But no time for that… He casually opened the door marked ‘Biolab’ and walked in. He looked around for the light switch, but thought to himself that it wouldn’t be a good idea to turn it on if anyone were to come along. So, in the dark room, he crept past the tables and test tubes that he was accustomed to. He didn’t bother to check any of his other works, and went straight to the cold storage locker marked with a simple looking 060. He smiled, and a bit of sweat trickled down his brow. He looked to the door, then back to the locker and opened it. There, right in front, was what he needed. He snatched the glass vial with the label ‘Micro-Beta’ and hid it in his pocket. He smiled and spoke to himself quietly, “Now all I have to do is get to the boss…”, and closed the door. He turned around, and from the counter, a black object jumped for him. He jumped and bumped into the locker, and then sighed as he realized he was just attacked by a small, harmless, spider. He brushed the thing off himself, and winced as the spider bit him. He looked to the floor and stepped on the arachnid, taking his revenge. He started to leave, but heard voices from outside the door. He hid behind one of the tables and listened…

* * *

Denver looked to his buddy, Dr. Jason and laughed at his terrible joke, “Ha… good one.”, he then saw the Biolab door and was reminded, “So, how’s Jeff?”, he asked, knowing that Jason wouldn’t have much of an idea about it, but he didn’t care. He was just glad to be in the fabled Cambrian Institute again.
Jason looked to the door and smiled, “Don’t know. Last I heard, he was working on a blood sample from N.Y.”
Denver looked back to Jason, “New York? Isn’t that kinda far for a blood sample?”, he glanced back at the door as they passed it, and wondered.
“That’s what I wondered. Must be some special blood. I heard that they shipped it in a large metal container. Kinda weird, but you know Dr. Event, he’s a little kooky too.”, he winked to Denver.
“Heh. Good point. Still, it makes you wonder what Jeff… err ‘Dr. Event’ is doing.”, he smiled, and taunted Jason’s disposition of calling Jeff by his title instead of just his name alone.
Jason looked to Denver, but didn’t say a word, he just shook his head and walked on to the star labs, where he and Denver could check out the vastness of space… or any apartment windows that weren’t covered.

* * *

Dr. Jeff Event sighed as the two finally passed by. He stood up and walked to the door. But, before he could get to it, he slipped and fell, more then likely because of the spider guts on his foot. He landed, and suddenly had two sensations. One was the sound of the container he was hiding in his lab coat breaking, and a sudden stabbing feeling. He rolled over and hoped that what had just happened was what he was thinking of. He looked down to his almost white coat, and watched as it darkened in the area that the vial was. He winced, and started to panic. He stood up and ran to the light switch, flipping it on in a panic, hoping that the darkened clothing was just the contents of the vial and not…
…but it was. He was stricken with horror as he looked down and saw his used to be clean lab coat now reddening. He suddenly felt like he was about to burst into flames, and he started to sweat. He opened the coat and looked to his chest. The container had broke, and had cut him. The shards of the glass container fell to the floor, most of the pieces covered in blood… his blood. His mind swarmed with questions, “Why am I bleeding so much? It was only a small cut. Where’s all of the Micro-Beta?”, but he knew the answers. He felt a sharp pain, this time from inside him, that sent him to the floor, and he crawled slowly and painfully toward the cold storage locker, leaving a trail of blood, his body raising in temperature more and more by the second. Oh yes, he knew the answers to his questions. After all, he made the stuff. He just never knew that it would take so quickly. He slowed down as he crawled around the corner of the table that now stood over his head, almost taunting him. He stopped, the pain was just too much. He rolled to his back, the pain getting worse and worse. He rolled back and forth, and with one hand, reached to the only thing that could help him, the locker. But he never made it, and with one last blast of heat and pain, he lost conciseness…

…and would never awake.

* * *

Jason looked to Denver, and said in his ‘official’ voice, “Ahem. As you may know, a comet will be passing the earth in about 3 hours. What we are here to do is…”, but before he could finish, Denver broke in, “Yeah yeah. I know, we sit our butts and watch. Well, I did make the suggestion to the ‘main’ after all.”, he chuckled and started to play around with the scope.
Jason shook his head, “Well… yes. Just checking.”, he smiled, but didn’t actually know about this. Denver, like his 17 year old self, went over his head again. Oh well. Nothing could be screwed up on a simple thermographing of a comet… right?
Denver looked around the ‘star labs’ as Jason liked to call it, looking from high tech device to high tech device. He shook his head, “Heh. Who would have thought that Jim would actually like my idea?”, he finished his ‘look’ around at the central piece. It was a giant telescope, probably the most high tech thing in this place. It jutted out of the room through the ceiling , which had wires and what not covering it.
Jason didn’t say a word. He just shook his head, and sat at the computer, checking for unusual readings, like the comet just about to smash into the earth and stuff. As for Denver, he wandered, and after 5 min of nothing, he sighed and said, “I’m hungry.”
Jason glanced back at Denver and said with a smile, “Your always hungry.”
Denver glanced to Jason and said, “I’m gonna go get something from the vending machine. Want anything?”, Jason shook his head, which meant that he was working, and that Denver shouldn’t talk to him. Denver shrugged and walked out of the room. He passed many doors, and wondered about Jeff. Why hadn’t he talked to me in so long? It’s like he’s avoiding me…”, that’s when he stopped. The hallway had been filled with doors with black windows, up until this point… Denver pondered, “Who would be working this late…?”, and walked to the door. He turned the handle, and opened the door to the Biolab. He glanced around the room, and all seemed quiet. He shrugged it off, and was about to leave when he heard an unusual sound. Almost like gurgling. He glanced around, and stepped into the room. Immediately, the sound of glass brought his attention to the floor. He looked down, and saw shards of glass from a broken vial, and a lot of blood. He gasped, and stepped back, his eyes following the trail of blood to around the corner of a table. He held his heart, and it seemed like the room was hotter now. He walked along, saying, “Uhh… hello? Anyone… here?”, and that’s when he saw a foot. He ran down to the corner, and started to sweat. It was getting hotter. He spun around the corner of the table and saw Jeff on the flood, blood all over his open lab coat and floor. The gugleing sound was worse, but it didn’t seem to be coming from Jeff, but from the blood which seemed to be bubbling. At this poind, Denver took a step back, and felt another wave of heat. It was hot. Really hot. He stumbled around, and got a hold on the door of the cold storage locker, which flung open. He fell to the floor, and shook his head, sweat poring from him. He tried to stand, but it was too hot. He shook his head, and crawled to Jeff. The heat got worse, and then it changed from heat to burning.
Denver yelped, and bounced into the shelf of the open locker. Suddenly, Jeff opened his eyes, but instead of his normal greeting brown eyes, they were bright green. He stood slowly, but Denver couldn’t say a word. He glanced and whimpered, as the burning sensation got worse. Jeff looked to Denver and raised his hand, from which his finger bones actually grew in length so much that the skin teared, exposing the highly sharpened bone. Denver raised his left arm to block, as terror struck him more and more. With one quick swipe, Jeff slashed down upon Denver's arm, cutting right through many of the metal shelves before slashing across Denver's arm like a hot knife through butter. Blood splashed all around, but mostly on Denver. Jeff screeched, and looked to his new fingers as they suddenly melted like they hit acid. Finally, The creature that used to be Jeff leaped down the hall of tables and smashed through a wall.
For a second, Denver looked to himself. He was covered in blood. But it wasn’t his. The burning sensation left him, but his entire body started to raise in temperature warmly, unlike the blasting of heat he felt before. It wasn’t painful, more soothing, as the warm feeling spread throughout his body. He rested his head onto the shelf behind him, and looked up toward the other shelves. From what he could see, all the blood covering him was from a blood pack, stashed in front of the freezer. For some reason, it wasn’t frozen, and when the creature slashed, it must have slashed right through the bag.
Denver looked to the door, and heard the sound of someone coming toward him. He started to loose conscience. His last thought as the world blacked out was, “I hope none of that blood got into my wound…”

* * *

Denver awoke to the sound of a siren and opened his eyes slowly. He felt a warm feeling, one like he never felt before. It was comforting, and he almost fell asleep. But then he realized that he was in an Ambulance and started to sit up. He was suddenly pushed down by someone, and Jason's voice came along, “Whoa there. Where do you think your going?”
Denver looked to his side, and saw Jason keeping him from getting up. He smiled, “Ahh…. Actually, you have a point. Why would I want to get up. This is so comfy.”, he chuckles and then said, “Whoa… what a weird feeling. What do they got me on?”, he then asked.
Jason had a slight look of worry, “Nothing.”, Denver nodded and then said, “Must be shock.”, he wondered what the feeling of warmness was coming from, but he didn’t care for long as he suddenly remembered, and went serious, “What… what happened?”
Jason looked to the other Doc with them and then back at Denver, “You were attacked by a… a…”, he shook his head and then said, “I don’t really know what it was.”, he looked to Denver with a total worried look, which made Denver wince a little. When Jason was worried, you knew it wasn’t good…
Denver looked to his right arm, which was wrapped with a towel, more then likely to keep it from bleeding. It’s about then that Denver noticed something, “Where’s all the blood?”
Jason looked to Denver and said, “You were laying on it. It’s kinda hard to look at your own butt.”, he smiled.
“No, I mean the blood that was covering me. The… thing cut open a bag of blood. The stuff was all over me. Didn’t you notice it?”, Jason shook his head, “I saw the bag, but there was no blood on you, other then the obvious.”, he shook his head side to side. Denver knew that look. “I’m not crazy. The blood was all over. I was worried it would get into the cut.”, Denver shook his head and continued, “Ok… I said thing, right?”, Jason nodded, “I guess that sounds really crazy, right?”
Jason looked to the Dr beside him and they both smiled. He then looked to me and said, “Actually, I don’t have a doubt about what you saw was a thing. I’m just wondering what it was.”
Denver laid his head back onto the pillow, “I do. It was Jeff.”, Jason looked to Denver and said, “What? Dr. Event?”, Denver just nodded. There was quite a lot of silence, that is till Denver asked, “Why aren’t we moving?”
Jason raised his brow, and both him and the Unnamed Dr looked out the window. Jason wondered, “What the…?”, he glanced to the forward window, the one that leads to the driver, and walked over to it. He looked into the window, and suddenly went white. He looked back to me and then to the Dr. He then said, “Were back at the Institute… and the driver.. i..is…”, Denver went white as well, and sat up. This time, no one tried to stop him. He walked up to the window, and looked in. The driver was still there, but something was wrong. He watched for a second more then saw what Jason must have. A spider suddenly skittered from his chest, toward the back of his neck, then disappeared onto his face. To add to this effect, something pulsed from inside his neck. The head turned to look out the side window, and then turned right at Denver. The face was covered in spiders, and of what he could see, the face it’s self was a spider. The ‘mouth’ of the driver opened, but no sound came out. Denver backed away from the window and looked to Jason, “What the hell?”, Jason didn’t know either. The Dr had his turn and suddenly recoiled. He skittered to the back, and said in a panic, “What the #$%^!? What is that thing!?”, he didn’t leave them with much time to answer, and he opened the door of the Ambulance and jumped out. The sound of him running from the Ambulance echoed through the parking zone. Denver looked to Jason and he shrugged. Both of them left the Ambulance, and started to run off to the nearest door. That’s when they heard it. Like the sound of a knife scratching on a blackboard, just louder and filled with an almost human tone. Jason didn’t look back, and just ran. Denver looked back, and watched as the driver suddenly ripped through the door and skittered toward them both. The drivers front, now fully seen, was covered with skittering spiders, and his body was mutated into a spider like thing. The creature shifted from normal walking to skittering like a bug.
“Holy shhhhhhhhh!”, was all Denver said as he ran after Jason, who had reached the door. Denver looked back again. It was gaining on him. He ran as fast as he could, but ‘it’ was catching up. Finally, almost as if it were scripted, he ran through the door that was being held open by Jason, and closed it just as the thing reached them. The sound of it pounding on the door echoed through the hallway, but it wouldn’t be able to break through the door… at least, they hoped.

* * *

What was that thing!? I don’t want to die from something like that. I’m a doctor, not an exterminator! Damn.
I looked around the room, and sighed with relief. The things wont find me in here. A skittering sound suddenly caught my attention, and I looked to the door. The things found me. I should have just stayed in the Ambulance with the two. I shook my head and spoke to myself, “Settle down… not like I could have stayed there forever… not with Hank… or whatever he was, at the wheel. Might have just waited for death to poke me in the eye or something.”, the idea brought a smile to my face, but only for a second. After all, I’m in the morgue. What a place to hide. Oh well, not like it was a morgue for humans, and this place is like a fortress. Nothing can get to me from in here. The skittering noise attracted my attention again, but it wasn’t from the door… but from one of the ‘lockers’ the dead bodies where stored.
I gasped, and stood up. I carefully and quietly crept to the small door, and put my ear to it. Then I heard it. The skittering. I backed away from the door, and started to sweat. The things where in there. I have to get out of here! I ran to the door, and tried to open it. It wouldn’t budge. I pounded on it, as if I could possibly get out that way. Then, I heard a clang from behind, and turned to look. The 'locker' door was blown off, and from the door crept a rather large rat. But it was all wrong. It was covered in normal skin, blood coursing around it. There was a patch or two of Fur, but it wasn’t much. The rat crawled out of the door and dropped to the floor. I froze.
The rat looked around, and hissed as it looked to me. I expected it to jump for me, but it didn’t. Instead, it grew in size, to about the size of a large dog, then bigger then that. It raised it’s tail and pointed it at me. I blinked once, “Ummm….. nice rat…?”, was all I could say. The rat almost smiled at me, and suddenly the tip of it’s tail split into three pieces. In the middle of this was a sudden glow, almost like fire. I started to edge away from the door to a place I could hide… but it was too late.
The tail backed off, and lunged forward, launching the flames from it’s tail. I screamed, and suddenly the pain was too much. I looked down at my stomach, but only saw a flaming hole…

* * *

“What the hell was that!?”, was all Jason could say. I shrugged as we walked carefully around the staircase, checking for… well… anything, “I don’t know. Might have something to do with Jeff…”, I trailed off a bit and then said, “…Event. Whatever happened here, the best way to find out is to check the Biolab.”
Jason looked to me and asked, “How the hell can you take this so calmly? I’m about three seconds from having a heart attack, and your wondering about what happened. By the way, how could you tell we stopped?”
I looked to him and stopped for a second, “You couldn’t tell? I knew we were moving when I awoke, but then we stopped and I had this feeling. Kinda weird.”
Jason shook his head, “I couldn’t tell. The Ambulance was well built. The shocks on it kept us from feeling any bumps, and I would have noticed that it had stopped, but I guess whatever that thing was back there…”
“Spider Mutant.”, I said. He looked to me as if I had grown a second head, “What?”. I smiled, but not too much considering the situation, “The name of it. I name everything I don’t already know the name for. You should see the weird names I came up for the creatures in Half-Life.”
Jason shook his head, “There you go again. How can you stand this?”, I just shrugged, “Might be shock. But now that you mention it, I might as well tell you. Ever sense I awoke, I’ve had this weird warm feeling. Like my body was really hot.”, Jason raised his brow again, “Really? Let me check something…”, he reached into his lab coat, and pulled out a thermometer. He then handed it to me, and about a min later, he took it from me. He wondered, “Hmmm… your body temperature is… What the!?”, he looked to me, “No wonder your feeling hot, your temperature is hot enough to boil yourself!”
I wondered, “Dude. Is it broken?”, he shook his head, “Nope.”, I then wondered, “I think it’s about time we got to the Biolab…”
Jason nodded, and we started up the stairs to the third floor. Just as we got to the door, we heard something like an explosion. Jason jumped out of his skin, but I just glanced around. Whatever it was, it was big… I looked to Jason, “How long has it been since I was found?”, he looked to his watch and said, “About 1 and a half hours.”, I nodded and said, “Whatever’s happening, it’s fast. It’s like an infection. We had better hurry. I have an idea that whatever’s happening, it’s only going to get worse.”
Jason nodded, and with that, we opened the door, and ran to the Biolab. The trip was uneventful, and when we got there, the door was still open and the light was still on. From far off, the sound of what could only be described as foot steps from a walking foot ball stadium could be heard. Jason beat me to it, “Whatever that was, it was big.”, we both nodded, and we entered the room. The door was closed by Jason, while I walked around the corner where I first found Event. I looked to the locker, and my shoe splashed a bit of water. The door was still open, and all the things inside were melting, dripping water around. Jason looked around from table to table, while I checked the locker. I found the bag o blood, and picked it up carefully with a nearby pen. I brought it to a table and checked the label:

Blood Sample
To: Dr. Jeff Event

I wondered out loud, “Why would a blood sample be so unspecific…?”, and Jason looked to me saying, “I know your not asking me.”, from across the room. I glanced up from the table, and looked to where the hole from Event was, but the wall had collapsed, so the hole was plugged. Wherever Event was, we didn’t know. Suddenly the room reeled around, and swirled/blurred. I stumbled a bit, and Jason looked to me, asking something. But I didn’t know what it was, as suddenly the world flashed white…

…like a dream… a baby… it looked kinda human, but… all wrong… and… evil… from my point of view, I lifted a gun. The arms, not mine… everything is so hard to see, like a forgotten memory… everything swirled again, the baby was gone, replaced with a large… thing… now I'm running… another flash… still running… but at someone…instead of… away…

…suddenly, with another flash of white, I was back. It was almost like a memory, but I don’t ever remember anything like that. Jason was over me, and smiled, “You had me going for a second.”, then he went serious again, “I had better get you to the medical depo. Stumbling around and almost falling isn’t really a good sign.”, I only nodded. He helped me totally to my feet and I said, “It was a vision… like a surpressed memory, only… I never saw anything like it ever in my life, not even in the movies. Whatever we need, it ain’t here.”
Jason nodded to me and then said, “We can check Dr. Events office. That should help. But only after you get checked up.”, I looked to him and only said one thing before we went to the door, “Yes mother.”

* * *

The second we entered sector 3, we knew something was wrong. The walls were covered in webs and holes all over the floor and ceiling. I looked to Denver, and he looked to me. “I don’t think this was here before…”, was all he could say. I only nodded, and started to wish we had a gun. Too bad the only guns were the ones on the security guards.
Denver stepped ahead, and stopped. He then looked to me again, “We got company.”
I started to ask, but suddenly a loud buzzing noise came from the holes. I took a step back, along with Denver, “Wh…what’s in there?”, I asked, but knew that Denver wouldn’t know. We both started to back away, when from the holes poured out one hell of a lot of spiders. But they weren’t the normal kind, no. The body was nothing but a very large spider eye. Extending from this was 6 legs, and 2 teeth. Yes, teeth, not mandibles but teeth, long and narrow, with a slight jaggedness to it. From their butts extended a stinger, like that of a wasp or bee. Finally, four wings extended from its back, two left and two right. I started to run, and the buzzing sound got worse. Soon, we were running down the halls, with these Monsters on our tails. Denver leapt into a door, and so did I. He slammed the door, and the things buzzed past as if they didn’t see us jump in. I looked to Denver and said, “Buzzers.”, he blinked once or twice and said, “What?”, I huffed and puffed a bit and then said, “Their name. You named the last one.”, he smiles and laid back, chuckling. I looked around. The animal morgue. Hmmm… “Hey… you notice the giant hole in the wall?”
Denver looked over, and there in the back wall was a hole in it, about the size of an elephant. I stood, and started to walk over to it when I stepped on something, and it went crunch. I jumped out of my skivvies and picked up the nearest thing I could find for a weapon (which happened to be a pen). Then I looked to what I stepped on, and must have went whiter then a ghost, “De..Denver… look…”, I looked to Denver and he looked grave. It was a human body. Most of it was eaten, while a hole was burnt in the chest, like whoever it was had a fireball in their gut. We both knew who it was. The Dr. that was with us before.
Denver walked over to the smashed up 'lockers'. He noted an open door, and glanced around a bit. He then recognized the door panel on the floor a wee bit away. I was too busy being scared to care what he was doing. “The door… whatever did this,”, he gestured to the hole, “came from in here…”, I yelped, “But that means that it would have been the size of a small dog. Unless it grew in si…ze.”, I suddenly had an idea, and I was out of the scared faze and into the ponder faze, “That was the sound we heard, both the explosion and the world trade center taking a stroll. Whatever did this, it’s growing.”
Denver looked to me and said, “My thoughts exactly. Well, except for the world trade center. I thought it sounded more like a foot ball field. Well, lets go. We got medical stuff to do!”, he rose his right arm, the towel still strapped to it. I wonder how the wound is doing… oh well, I'll find out later. Denver ran over to the door and tried to open it. Tried. He backed away and then said, "Well, looks like this way is no good.", he turned to the hole, "But this is more then enough."
I looked to him and then to the hole then back to him again, "You got to be kidding. Whatever made that hole will be there, and I'd rather live then die thank you.", I finished my speech, but he was already walking into the hole. Why oh why does he always do this? I darted to the hole, and looked around the hall it lead into. The back way was brought down, so there was only one way left to go… froward. I followed along with Denver, and weirdly enough, there weren't any creatures. Almost as if this was actually a lair… ok, gotta stop scaring myself…
Denver glanced back to me, and I made a week smile, "I'm still good.", he nodded, and we went on. That’s when we saw it. I ducked behind some rubble, and Denver joined me right after. It was huge! A mutated rat-like thing about the full size of the hall. It was asleep… and as I could see, right in front of the door to the medical department. Damn. What do we do now?

* * *

I looked to Jason and shrugged. After all, a man spider (spider man… heh heh…), a butt load of buzzers and now? A giant rat. Well, not like it took us aback…
…too much. "There's enough room for you to sneak past it.", I whispered to Jason. He nodded and then brought up one brow, "What do you mean, me? Your coming too… right?", I shook my head, "Chances are, it'll awaken. I'll be the first, and if you move fast enough, the only thing it sees.", Jason looked worried, "But…", before he could say another word, I pushed him from cover, and followed behind him. As we got closer to it, I could smell a hint of oranges… must be the thing. Jason looked to me, and then slipped past it. I held my breath, but he got by without even a twitch… from the rat that is. I wondered, and started to try and pass as well. Jason, as I could see, had got to the door, and was holding it open, looking at me, and waving his hand around like one of those guys that flag in air planes…
Suddenly, I felt like something was looking at me, and I froze. I looked just enough to see the rats giant eye open… and looking right at me. Jason froze as well, but then again, he's not the one about to be rat food. What seemed like forever, I stood while the rat observed me. I had a single thought, that it was still asleep and it just opened the eye out of reflex. The huge head raising to almost the ceiling and the enormous roar that came from it told me one thing…
…I was screwed.
The mega monster stood up, and it's tail flicked around. Something told me that the tail wasn't what it seemed, and to watch it more then the rest of it… to my surprise, the tail was split at the end into three separate tails, and in the middle of them was a small ball of fire. My body took over, and without even knowing what this thing was, jumped out of the way, as the tail flung forward and launched off the now 2 foot ball of fire, crashing it into the floor. I raced away from the monster, and hid in a shelter of rubble, thinking it safe. I backed away from the opening and suddenly felt something… I turned, and saw what looked like a human being. I hoped that this was a survivor, but my heart sank as I got closer, and only found the upper half of the man. But I wasn't out of luck yet, and noted that this was one of the Security officers and that, in his hand, was a handgun. I grabbed the gun, prying it from the dead. Something pricked me, and I couldn't tell what it was. I shrugged and checked the gun. Three bullets left. Yay. Well, I guess I could aim for the eyes…
This is about where I realize that I know the gun, the way it's loaded and how to fire it, but have no idea from where. After all, this is Canada, and the closest to a gun so far for me just so happened to be a few seconds before. This pondering was short lived as suddenly the little hide away started to shake, and I skittered out, seeing the massive creature banging on the side of it. I rolled out of the hole and with accuracy I had just seemed to have gained, shot a hole right into the right eye of the creature. I got up, and while the screeches of the rat made it's way down the corridor and back in a terrible echo, I made a single trip, to the other side of the rat. I aimed, and fired. But the bullet was blacked by an opaque blue barrier, that this creature had seemingly made. How? I don't know, but I knew that the only way to stop it was to get the other eye. Otherwise, it would follow me, and I fear what this thing would do to the other areas of the Institute.
It was now or never. I stepped back, and the creature snapped it's large jaws at me. I jumped backward, and watched as the jaws snapped right before me, the teeth rotting and yellow/black. Was that a bug in there? I turned and ran down the hall, and then spun around. The creature recovered it's self enough to look at me with it's remaining eye. It was not happy. It charged toward me, and even though I wanted to run, my body didn't listen. Suddenly, in the back of my mind, I had a thought… no more like a command telling me to concentrate on the bullet in the chamber of the gun. I did so, and in my mind I imagined the bullet glowing, brighter and brighter. I then realized that the bullet was glowing, and that what looked like red and yellow energy started to charge into the bullet. I suddenly clenched my teeth, letting my body do all the work and just sitting on the side, watching in awe as the gun it's self started to glow. My finger reacted, and with it the hand attached, both moving at the same time as the energy got brighter and brighter until finally the gun pointed right at the eye of the monster, and at the same time, the trigger was pulled. The energy flashed, and the bullet suddenly streaked in slow motion, carrying with it the 3 foot wide meteor of pure power and energy, finally impacting on the eye of the creature. Yet again, the blue barrier appeared, and the whole energy ball was soaked up. But the bullet went straight along, and passed through the busy barrier, striking the eye, and passing right through it, destroying it's vision. The creature was sent flying back, tumbling around in the air, finally landing and making a big hole in the ground as it smashed through the floor. I suddenly felt cold, at least, a lot less warm then before. This feeling of cold slowly seeped away from me, and the warm heat I had now seem to be accustomed to slowly returned. I soon realized that the gun was still in hand, pointed toward the now void of anything but a wall and a hole in the floor. I snapped out of it, and ran to the door that Jason had closed. I opened the door, closed it behind me, and looked to Jason, who was standing a meter away from me. He was pale, and he then stammered, "Y…you do realize what you did… right?", I glanced to the gun, and then it hit me. I dropped the gun, and shook my head, "W…what's happening to me?", and then took a few steps toward a chair. I don't remember if I made it to it, but I do remember that I had a bad feeling, and fell, feeling totally deprived of energy. All of that, and I had one hell of a splitting headache…

* * *

From a dark corner, on the other side of Cambrian, a creature stirs, and a sickening sound of flesh splitting can be heard as the creature, now known by the name Event, raised his hands to the ceiling while his humanoid legs split down the middle, strands of muscle stretching before snapping as the two new legs formed. A low and ominous cackle came from Event, and he suddenly turns from the darkness, only a shadowed figure in view, and says one thing in a raspy, but intense voice, "Denver..."


Parasite Event 2: Diagnosis

* * *

The sound of Jason talking woke me up. I blinked a few times, and for a second, thought I had fallen asleep while Jason was looking for the comet and dreamed the whole thing. Nope. I hate it when that happens. I finally remembered about the 'Energy Shot' I did, and almost jumped out of my skivvies... and the chair I was sitting in. I guess I did make it to it after all...
"Ok. Now I've see a lot of freaky things here tonight, but I'm here to say, what the f#$% was that about!?", was what came into my ears the second Jason realized I was awake.
"Nice to see you too.", I remarked to him before shaking my head out, "I don't have a clue what that was about. Like I said before, we should really find out about that blood sample.", he gave me the I'm gonna beat up the weird guy look before saying, "You do know, whatever's happened to you has, so far, done nothing but help us... right?", I just nodded, "Well, good. Then your not gonna start to turn into a vampire or something when I turn my back... right?", yet again, I nodded, but I gave a smile at the idea, no matter how weird things were, I don't think that'll happen, "Well, ok. Just wanted to check. Now, we had better check your arm. The bandage hasn't been changed, and that arm has been in use. Who knows how bad it is by now.", I chuckled and nodded.
Snip snip. The thing was on tight, so the only way to get it of was to cut. Finally, after about 3 min of snipping, it fell to the table, and yet again, Jason was about ready to turn my in to the X-Files, "Ok... now that is creepy!", he said, and I nodded. The arm was completely healed, with not even a scar or scratch for that matter. Hell, I swear it looked better then it ever was, "I guess this is just another 'gift' of mine... eh?", Jason shook his head and said, "Yeah, well, as much as I hate to admit, you seem to be able to do freaky things, battle creatures that sure as hell aren't normal, and heal yourself of wounds.", he sighs and then says, "Sometimes, I wonder just how far your planet is...", he winks, and I smiled again.
After some time checking the medical area for anything useful, all we could find were some medicine bags (useful at least) and, locked up in a drawer, a box of bullets. How did we get in? Well, smashy smashy as I always say. Luckily, the bullets were the type for the gun. I wondered, and examined the gun a bit, but didn't find a single thing that showed it had fired a massive energy shot. Oh well. I pocketed the bullets and refilled the gun. I then looked to Jason, who had found a map.
I looked at the map, and then to him. The way was clear, straight on east from the stairs and then, when a wall stopped us, follow along it until we reached the destination... or at least, we hoped. I then said, "You do know that the chances of getting from here to there without something being in our way really sucks... right?", he just gave a big sigh and said, "Not like there's any other way to his office."

* * *

We creeped along at a slow pace, the place looking more like a level from DOOM then an actual building. I chuckled, "You know, if I see one Imp, I'm looking for the BFG.", Jason just shook his head, and had a slight crooked smile on his face. I was in the lead, because, after all, I was the one with the 'powers', and as of yet, we still had only that, and a gun, to protect us. I could almost totally say, we were screwed.

* * *

We were screwed. I looked to Denver and we both nodded. Yep, we both knew, but oh well. I wonder why he got all the powers...? Ah, why do I care?
I couldn't answer myself, as suddenly from down the hall a weird sound could be heard... like Wolves... but that can't be...
Three shadows casted on the wall of the hall in front of us, as three wolf like creatures trotted from the corner. Now I've see it all. The wolves had 6 legs, all of them like that of a spider, and over top of their regular eyes were 4 new ones, bug eyes. One looked at us and almost smiled. It then brought up it's head and gave a howl that broke the glass in the two doors close to it, and sent a sound wave that knocked me back. Denver, on the other hand, hadn't been hit by the wave, as some kind of field of energy split it in two and made it pass harmlessly by him. He dashed toward them, and I was about to yell to him when I suddenly noticed something about him... he had a dazed look on his face, as if he were just there for the ride. He jumped over the one, and with deadly precision, shot it right in the head while in mid air.
The other two glanced at each other, and then looked to him. Suddenly, they both opened their mouths, and from inside, two pairs of large and powerful mandibles extended outward, launching right from their mouths attached to a line of some kind. Denver didn't expect this, and the mandibles snagged both legs, which they then pulled toward themselves with devilish glee, their jaws salivating at their new feast.
...they didn't get it, though, as I had a bout of courage (and stupidity) and picked up the largest and bluntest object I could find... a DOOR (guess it was dragged away from it's doorway by something... oh well)! I then proceeded to run up and smash the door on both heads of the Spiderwolfs, making them bite down on their lines (could have been the tongue... ouch that would hurt.) and wince. Denver got free, and awarded the two with lead. Actually, it was bullets, but I wanted to sound all cool and...
"Well.. that was fun.", was all he could remark as we continued on our way. I looked to him and then asked, "Do you remember how you did that?", he shook his head and then said, "I don't know, it just comes to me, and I listen.", he shrugs, and I sigh. Now, where was I? Oh yes...
We were sooo screwed...

* * *

We got to the stairs, and then headed east. I looked to Jason, and had to admire how he was taking this whole thing. I wondered how I would, but then again, I can't seem to feel anything about this situation, so I guess I'll never know...
"Denver…", a voice echoed throughout. I stopped and looked to Jason, "Did you hear that?"
He gave me a look and said, "Hear what?", as if on cue, "Denver…", "That.", he listened and then said, "I don't hear a thing."
I looked around, and then realized what it was... Event. I shuddered, and then, this time even Jason heard it, "Denver… Denver… Denver…", and he shuddered. I looked to him and then said, "He's close.", and he answered with a 'No shit' look. I glanced around, and then from a room far far down the hall, he strode from the door, now a whopping 7 feet tall, on all 4 legs, and two new arms as well. His face was distorted, but still slightly humanoid. Jason suddenly backed, and I noticed something about him. Sweat. I remembered back to when I first met this new Event, and then looked to him, "RUN! I'll handle him, just get as far away from him as you can!", Jason started to move, but then noted, "What are you gonna do?", I smiled and said, "Talk."
Jason scurried off, and hopefully into a safe area. But for me, I was left in the hall with Event, "So, Event, care to explain what's with all of this?", I gestured around and he then said in his evil voice, "It's all just for fun… the real stuff is already started…", as he said this, he walked closer toward me. I didn't back down, but still didn't like him getting closer, even if he was 20 or so meters away, "Oh really. Mind telling me about it?", he suddenly clasped all 4 hands and said, "No…"
I wondered what I said to make it mad, but I guess I'll never know if I keep thinking to... "Your mind is filled with useless banter... shall I remove it?", a very dark and heavy voice suddenly sprang from my side. I looked over in a hurry, and saw the driver of the Ambulance standing there, the spiders still crawling over him. Without more then a eep, I jumped out of the way of him, and he took down the wall to my other side. I gasped, and then remembered Event, who by this time, was now almost a step away from me, but did nothing but watch. I raised the gun, and without any hesitation, fired three shots into the Spider guys head. But something was wrong, as he just got back up again saying, "Fool... I do not have need for this human's brain, for I have my own!", and with that, it slashed with it's long sharp finger nails. I yelped, but before I could even finish the back flip, the wound had healed it's self.
I looked around, but saw nothing to help me. I then looked right back to him, and stared into his eyes, watching as a very small spider walk across the inside of his eye. He sprang, and was ready to slice and dice me, but I had a better idea, and just as he sprang, I leaped straight up, and fired two more shots into it, straight down. Yet again, it got back up, and laughed at my attempt to hurt it, "You still think that this body is some thing to me, but your wrong. I am an army of spiders, arachnids that cannot be killed by normal means. I am A Legion!", he cackled out, and made my ears pop from the loudness.
I had no idea what to do, so I did what came natural, and shot the only spider I saw that looked important. It worked. The Legion thing suddenly dropped to the floor, melting almost instantly into goo, and then powder. I looked to Event, who was now standing right in front of me, "Excellent… you are a great opponent. Here, let me reward you…", he reached out to my head with all four arms. I tried to stop him, but I could only stop two arms, and two more reached my head faster then I thought possible. Everything blurred, and then finally faded into white, where once again, I watched…

…heart beat… and breathing… suddenly light, but it hurts the eyes… whoever I am seeing from looks out to a weird blob thing, and from it… everything different… all weird… Event standing before me, hand out… I go to take it, but he's gone, and in his place… a bright light, and then nothing but white… what's… happening… to… m…e…

I awoke in a chair, a plushy one at that. I looked around, but couldn't thing of where I was. Jason suddenly toned in, "...hmm… Mitochondoria…? Man, Dr. Event was on to something big...", I looked over, and realized that we were in Events office. I croaked out, "…how did I get here…?"
Jason jumped out of his skin (and a few layers of muscle while were at it) and then stuttered, "I… I don't know. I came looking for you after a while, but didn't find any trace of you or Event. I then thought that you might have came here after fighting Event. But then I figured that…", I side looked to him, "Let me guess, I was in the chair when you came in, right?", he nodded, "Event wants us to know what's happening, and letting you live I might add. He could have killed me and you without a single problem, but instead he let us get here.", I finished and then pondered what he said, "Mito what?"

* * *

Event cackled evilly, as he strode through the halls that he now almost totally possessed with his darkness, walking toward his goal, the roof top… his mind luring Denver's slowly with him...

* * *

Denver shook his head, and said, "E…Event is trying to... lure me to the roof.", and shook his head again for good measure. I just side glanced at him, and then said, "Well, your not going... at least, not until we figure out what the hell all this means."
He smiled and said, "Yeah, well...", he stopped there, like he always does. It's his little way of saying 'I could say something against that, but I'm too lazy'.
I just shook my head, and then said, "Ok… lets see here… it says that the Mitochondoria in the blood sample were… hmm… ahh… a little weird.", I shrugged, "By what I can read, they were taken from scraps of an exploded… ummm…. Ship.", I sighed. I was no good at this.

* * *

I looked over to Jason, and smiled as his brain boggled all the funky data and humongoid words, that were probibly put in just to piss people off that tried to read it. "Heh heh."
Jason looked to me and said, "Well then, lets see you do better reading this heap.", and he tossed over the file, "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to hit my head on a wall to try and get out all the big words that it picked up.", and he walked into, what else, but the Bathroom. Come to think of it, when was the last time I had to go?

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