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How should an official Doom remake be?
Just a minor official update of vanilla Doom is fine, like a better Doom95 or XBLA Doom. 9 6.38%
A Boom-like enhanced source port. Close to vanilla but limit-removing "the way Boom did". 8 5.67%
A very advanced source port a-la ZDoom or Eternity, but official. 15 10.64%
It should use a modern 3D engine with all the frills that come with it. 21 14.89%
It should stick to a classic software renderer, maybe with a few enhancements, but true to the original. 11 7.80%
Compatible with standard IWADs/PWADs and maybe DEH patches 18 12.77%
Competely redesigned (art and levels) to suit a modern engine, no need to bother with backwards compatibility at all. 16 11.35%
It should use only the original Doom data (art & levels), with maybe optional hi-res graphics video & audio enhancements. 6 4.26%
The engine or at least the actual gameplay should remain the same as vanilla Doom, perhaps with options such as freelook etc. 15 10.64%
The gameplay and engine could be something totally new and different, as long as it plays good and it's not CoD ;-) 22 15.60%
Total: 141 votes 100%

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