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Car Stolen August 30, 2015, 7:20 am
Last night, up till 10pm watching music videos on YouTube.

Go to bed, wife locks doors and joins me shortly after returning from the King of Prussia Mall. She came home in her friends car.

Forgot to change the alarm so I wake up at 3:30am, an hour earlier than intended.

Walk the dog at 3:30am, observe my car still in front of house. Observe nothing unusual. Very quiet Sunday morning.

Return home at 4am, car still parked in front of house.

Feed dog, eat a banana, observe car keys sitting on kitchen counter.

Go up stairs to bed, nap for an hour because I don't have work until 6:00am (didn't lock front door, didn't think id need to for only an hour -- and after walking up and down the neighborhood without seeing anything suspicious,)

Wake up at 5:00, brush my teeth, change clothes, put on deodorant, come down stairs, look at phone for a few minutes to kill some time, then go to kitchen.

Can't find keys.

Retrace steps around the house, thinking if I moved the keys to a location where they'd be easier to notice for about 15 minutes, its now 5:50am

Look out the window -- CAR IS MISSING.

Call police. Officer on the way.

Call work, tell them I cant come in, car is stolen, work uniform in the car.

Officer arrives at 6:10am gets some information. Asks if we were drunk last night, if the car could possibly have been repossessed, if we have any friends who might have believed it was okay to borrow, if there's something of value in the car, if we have enemies (crazy ex girlfriend, crazy relatives) that might want to get revenge for something, but we answered no to all the questions.

My wife and I are the only ones who live in the house. We haven't had any guests at the house for weeks, we don't have any enemies (afaik) that would want to do something to us, our crazy schizophrenic next door neighbor doesn't drive and has been in the hospital for the past five days. And my car isn't really worth anything or has anything of value in it.

The crazy thing is that someone entered my house WHILE I was in the house, with my wife and my dog. I don't know how they got in without alerting my dog, or me, or anyone. The keys were not in a very obvious place, I don't think, at least not more obvious than other things such as an iPad that was sitting on the living room couch, a Nintendo Wii, a bluray player, expensive makeup my wife came home with, an engagement ring that was in the bathroom(!!)

I don't know who could have done it. I honestly dont have any friends who know me so personally to know my morning routine, so I can only imagine it was some stranger stalker in the neighborhood who saw an opportunity (not even a good opportunity either, we were all in the house!) couldn't find anything else out of place or unusual with the house. This person was really inconspicuous for someone who would commit such a risky crime for a relatively little reward.

I am however, relieved no one was hurt and other than my missing car, nothing was damaged or destroyed.

I know statistically that most people that steal (or get caught stealing) vehicles often take them for a joy ride and dump them off somewhere else usually pretty far away and that most people who do often get away with it. Most of them usually aren't even recovered. The officer said this is a very strange and unusual case that we don't know anyone or can suspect anyone who would have done it, to freely enter our house, take the keys and leave with the car. Its a super ballsy thing to do.

If anyone has had any experience with having a stolen car, or has any advice they heard from someone who had their car stolen, I could really use it. At the moment im changing the locks on all my doors and waiting to get a call from the police to tell me they found it.

My Doom Presentation March 11, 2015, 11:45 am
I'm taking a public speaking course, and one of the assignments was to prepare a speech about a hobby. So naturally I chose to talk about Doom. I presented it this morning and did so pretty successfully. Many of my other classmates were nervous wrecks and were very unprepared. So I sort of over-performed for the expectations of the class. I think I sold the game really well!


First I want to apologize in advance to TimeOfDeath, as I used screenshots of some of his weirder maps as examples of "bad maps" but only because they were very obviously weird just from looking at the pictures. I don't actually feel that way towards his maps. Most screenshots of 1994 maps I found were mostly just bland, had a slime trail here and there, and didn't appear to look far from what you would see in the IWADs. Some of the screenshots I chose for the presentation don't necessarily or accurately represent the points I wanted to make, I just thought that they would be the most visually appealing, obvious, and communicative of the particular point I was making.

Second, a good bit of the information in my presentation was a bit over-simplified. My original presentation was loaded with statistics and technical explanations. Even though I was sure I was clear, my wife said it was way too complicated for a presentation and no one was going to get it. My wife helped me simplify it (against my will) to break it down so that it was much easier to understand. I think it came out much better that way in the end.

Another thing I want to mention is that while some information is mostly pretty accurate, some of it is pretty embellished, and in some cases is downright wrong. I only did this because I was sure no one would call me out on it, and that it helped the presentation seem a bit more interesting.

There are plenty other points I wanted to talk about, such as what a wad file actually is, the differences between IWADs and PWADs, random level generators, source ports, capture the flag, TC's like Aliens, Batman Doom, Ghostbusters Doom, Simpsons Doom, demo recordning and speedrunning, but it was a lot to squeeze in a presentation that was assigned to be 3-4 minutes long.

Anyway here you are. The gif animations only appear correctly through google slides. If you view it in powerpoint, the animations choke up. Not sure why.

Below is the script I made for my presentation. Each greater than symbol (>) represents a point where I'm supposed to click to change slide or move on with the presentation.


Good Morning, Everyone.

My name is Jon, and I have a confession to make.

I am kind of a nerd.

Not like a Big Bang Theory Nerd -- I don't know anything about Star Trek, Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings, or about physics or chemistry.

I've never collected comic books or went to any conventions.

And I've never dressed up like a wizard to play Dungeons and Dragon's in my mom's basement.

But if I'm not here in school, at work, or spending time with my wife and dog,


Then I'm probably at home, playing Doom.

Doom is a popular computer game developed by Id Software in 1993.


It was so popular in fact, that a survey in 1995 found that there were more computers in the United States that had Doom installed on it, than had the Microsoft Windows 95 Operating System.

It was the first game to feature Head to Head Multiplayer that players could play against each other over an internet connection.

It's exciting new gameplay was so addictive that in the year it came out, it was said to be the number one cause of decreased productivity in the workplace in businesses around the world.


I first played Doom when I was three years old. My oldest brother came home with a set of floppy disks and installed the free 9-level shareware version of Doom where I got to play Doom for the very first time -- with all the cheat codes on, of course!

I played it for a while, but I picked it up again around the age of 13, which rekindled by love for the game.

I'm now 24 years old and I have not stopped playing.

So how you play a game for almost two decades and not get bored of it?


Well a major reason has to do with the WAD file system.

WAD Files are a system in which Doom players can safely run modifications with their game.

This was created by the developers of Doom to encourage players to play Doom and make modifications to it so they could play Doom in a way they most enjoyed.

This is different than most games both made at the time and today, that often require you to learn how to hack the software, sometimes corrupting your game in an irreversible way.

This system allows players to cycle through different modifications safely with no consequences.


So, I keep flashing this number on the screen -- One Hundred Fifty-Four Thousand, Seven Hundred Fifty-Eight. What does this number mean?


This is the number WAD files available on the internet today.

Most of these WAD files can contain anywhere between one and thirty six new Doom levels in each individual file.

If you were to play every single one of these Doom levels for just ten minutes -- back to back with no sleep or breaks, just straight playing Doom,

> (same slide -- words fly in)

It would take you 3 Years, 2 Months, 9 days, 18 hours, and 10 minutes to play through every single level just once.

That's a lot of Doom!

Now when I say there are over a hundred fifty thousand new Doom levels to play, that doesn't necessarily imply they are all going to be good.


In fact, it would be pretty ignorant of me not to mention the pretty large handful of levels that are confusing, don't make sense, or are simply not fun to play.


It's also not fair to say that they will all only take ten minutes. Some levels are very puzzle-oriented, complicated, and have waves of tens of thousands of monsters, like the ones shown here. Even with the most powerful guns in the game, it can take as long as 2 hours to complete one of these.


But even with a seemingly endless amount of levels to play, WAD files can change other things about the game too.

For example...


This is a Doom modification that accurately replaces all the guns in Doom to the ones from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

If you are a Call of Duty fan, and are bored of playing the single player campaign, which I've heard only takes about 45 minutes,

You can play through Doom's levels with this modification and feel right at home.


But the part about Doom that really gets me off the most, is Doom's level design.


With free level editors you can download on the internet, such as Wad Author, Eureka, or Doom Builder, you can draw lines to form enclosed shapes, which become sectors, which are used make up rooms or parts of rooms.

And when assembled together, they make up the floor plan for your doom level.


After that, you get to do the fun part, which is picking the colors and textures of the floors, walls and ceilings.

Then move on to placing the guns, items, and monsters in the level

And setting up traps for the player, and creating secret areas for him to find.


This is the first level of Doom, which was made in 1993.

Now, technology has evolved a lot since then, and as such, Doom's level design has gotten increasingly complex.


This a level made in 2002 by Kim Andre Malde

And if you're a real lunatic, or just have a lot of time on your hands, you might make something like this:


This is a level titled "The Eye" by a guy who goes by the alias "Mouldy" made in 2012.


This is what the level looks like from the inside.


These semi-realistic surreal environments can feature the detail, craftsmanship, and devotion that would rival something like the Sistine Chapel.

This is a level called titled "Vrack 3" by Fredrik Johansson, and you can see the individual sectors that are used to make the inset ceiling lights and hand rails.

The best part is that when you're done with your creation,

You can fill it with rocket launchers and shotguns and monsters and blow everything up by playing Doom inside your masterpiece!

Have you ever had a great uncle with a model trainset? Don't you just want to crash the trains into each other?

That's what this is all about!


These are some other levels created by Doom level designers in the last decade.

This one is called Deus Vult 2 by Huy Pham


This is a work in progress by Ed Cripps


This one is called Sunder, made by a guy who goes by the name "Insane Gazebo"


This is actually a level I made recently -- sorry it's so dark. Darkness looks cool in Doom!


Many people get into Doom level design for different reasons.

This is DWANGO -- one of the earliest and most popular levels ever created.

It was designed specifically without monsters and with tons of weapons and hiding places to be fun specifically for players who want to play against each other in a game mode called Deathmatch.


Other reasons people get into level design -- and this one is my personal preference -- is to make levels with extra monsters and traps to challenge more experienced players.

These types of level designers get a sadistic pleasure from watching the top ranking Doom players in the world suffer in their treacherous gauntlets


And other people like level design for the artistic aspect of it. This level is very difficult too, but it's shown without the monsters.

This level is titled "Swim with the Whales" and features an abstract high-contrast blue theme.


But the reason most people get into Doom Level Design is for the ability to create their own worlds and adventures.

Many modern video games today often have design teams of hundreds of people, with each person working on a very specific segment of the game.

This can be very monotonous and tiring.

Doom is a very fun, fast, and easy way to give players the ability to exercise their creative freedom.

My name is Jon, and Doom is my hobby.

Thank you.


I have a professor who doesn't believe in evolution February 24, 2015, 2:04 pm
I have a professor who teaches my Exercise, Nutrition, and Wellness class who has hinted on more than one occasion that the theory of evolution can't be true.

He thinks the claim that human beings evolved from primates, and by extension microorganisms is totally bogus. Human beings, particularly how the body works internally, are far too complex, mysterious, and perfect to have possibly evolved from things that are so simple and vulnerable.

Having been in his class, he's highly educated, enthusiastic about the subject, and far from stubborn. I trust his judgment on a lot of things and he's by far more involved with the class than any of my other instructors. I don't know for sure if he believes in creationism, but I've overheard him telling a story to someone about some people he met at a church, so he may be an active church goer. He researches nutrition and physical exercises daily on the internet and on youtube and has something new to tell us every class, often finding out interesting stuff, and even finding articles claiming some human body functions that scientists have yet to have clear explanations for.

I'm not necessarily saying I agree or disagree with him, but I find it interesting to hear someone like him who is well educated and otherwise very open-minded make the claim that evolution can't be real. I haven't yet picked his brain about it, as I'd rather complete the semester and get my final grade before possibly offending him if I sound too contrarian to his beliefs.

Online Classes Suck January 27, 2015, 12:55 pm
I just started taking my first internet class at community college, and it blows.

I thought it would be kinda cool since it's set up like an internet forum like doomworld is, but getting work done for it is the most time consuming thing I've ever endured, and I just started. It's a computer information systems and technology class, and many of the points are involved in class participation, so the teacher will post a list of questions that are required to be answered in the form of a new thread. Most of the questions require you to click links and read a long article, or browse through a website and pick your favorite page and write a summary about it or something. In addition to that, part of the points involved are to visit other student's threads and respond to their answers in some way or another.

I'm a pretty self-motivating guy in most conditions, but I'm having a really hard time already keeping composed, mannerful, and polite to talk about something so hideously boring. It doesn't help that my teacher is flooding the announcements page with 10-15 minute long youtube videos related to the subject, links to other uninteresting websites, and isn't clear whether or not it's required or optional to view.

I feel like I'm going to be spending 20 hours a week of my own personal time just to keep up, while my classes on campus are a fucking piece of cake. I literally just show up, take some notes here and there through the lecture, and complete the assignments the instructor hands out in class, or immediately after class, and my mind is free for the rest of the week, while this online class has so much reading material drilled into that I feel like I'm neck deep in quicksand already. Anyone have any tips on how to get through this?

My dog owns me November 14, 2014, 4:28 am
I can't remember if I've mentioned this before, but I've never really been a dog person until I met my wife. I've grown up with cats for most of my life and she's infatuated with puppies, so when we moved in together I became part owner of her dog. Until I've gotten more accustomed to her dog, I was always bothered by the way dogs bark and shout and jump all over you the instant you walk into a dog owners home. I'e grown to be more accepting of it as time passes, and to my surprise most people who've owned dogs or are best friends with a dog owner are too. But sometimes it makes guests uncomfortable.

Speaking of making people uncomfortable, my dog tends to make excessive eye contact as a way of getting attention. Naturally she follows me anywhere in the house I go. I think in part due to her separation anxiety, she needs to constantly be informed where I am at all times. I've kinda just adapted to it, but lately I'm beginning to suspect that she is learning that this is a tactic she can use to get what she wants.

I walk my dog every morning at 5:30am. It's the first thing I do when I wake up besides put on pants and shoes. It chills her out for most of the day and keeps her from doing things like peeing in the house or digging in the trash when my wife and I are out of the house. At 5:30am, It's dark and quiet and free from distractions and beats the neighbors who walk their dogs in the morning too, so my dog doesn't get all riled up and start yanking on the leash and trying to pull me around. I don't have any tolerance for that shit so I usually shorten the length of her walks if she starts acting up to keep her in line. After about the usual 45 minutes of walking her, I get home and take a shower, get dressed, then drive my wife to work, then I drive to my college classes. That's my morning routine almost every morning.

One morning I didn't have to go to school or work and chose to sleep in. At the time I woke up, around 9:00am or so, I went downstairs to watch some TV. As I was laying on the couch my dog, simply walking around in circles around the house as she usually does sits right in front of me on the couch and just looks at me. Unsure, I started petting her head, scratching her back, playing with one of her toys, but these only seem to distract her for a minute and the instant I stop she's back to sitting 6 inches away from my face staring at me with her big ol eyes wide open, occasionally making a quiet drone or moaning sound or something. This is annoying evil cat behavior except with the way my dog is, I find her exhibiting this kinda behavior to be much more noticeable and awkward. I think because cats have a way of acting where sometimes you're not even sure they are aware you exist, while my dog is always constantly alert of my whereabouts and responds to everything I do. I can't focus on the TV show and she continues making me uncomfortable, so against my will I take her outside for a walk in the afternoon in the hopes it would calm her down.

It works and she chills out for most of the day. At least until the next morning. I guess in excitement for going on these morning walks, she's awake earlier than I am. Sometimes I will wake up before my alarm goes off with my dog apparently staring directly into my eyes while I'm sleeping. Only inches away from my face, occasionally making that stupid moan noise, I accept the fact that with my dog's eyes fixated on me the entire time, and sitting invasively in my personal space, close enough that I can almost feel her breath when she exhales from her nostrils, that I'm not going to feel anymore refreshed trying to sleep during the remaining hour before my alarm goes off than if I just wake up now. This is becoming a daily affair and I'm beginning to suspect she's learning to do this conciously as a way to make me nervous and uncomfortable and give in to any of her demands.

Today I woke up at 3:30am. What do?

trash picker trash picker September 8, 2014, 8:50 am
A couple nights ago I started watching a TLC 'reality documentary' series on netflix called extreme cheapskates. I'm a bit of a stickler at times in regards to spending money, and it was a bit relieving to see people so radically in that direction.

On the first episode, first guy they interview, out of all the episodes on netflix I watched, was the worst. He air dries his paper towels on a clothesline so that he can use to dry is hands or clean up a mess as much as five times. He puts a brick in the back of the toilet tank to displace the water so it uses less per flush, sharpens his disposable razors, picks up any amount of loose change, buys expired foods from the liquidation store, even asks people at restaurants for their leftover foods when they're done eating!

The worst of it though was, that his wife and him were talking about their wedding day, and how he had orthodontic surgery the very next day with no insurance. She had a job and insurance, which was the reason he married her.

The episode continued, and it's the morning before their 25th wedding anniversary dinner. And he had to get her a gift. She said she's given up expecting any sort of jewelry or fancy restaurant or whatever. The self-proclaimed extreme cheapskate spends the day seeking a variety of gifts to get for her wife for their 25th anniversary dinner -- starting with the dumpster. In his searches, he finds four wilted roses, to which he proudly states "nothing says romance like flowers" and a teapot, which he defended his finding by saying she's always drinking tea.

Later on he moves on to the discount food store, purchases a bottled water for $0.15, and a miniature box of animal crackers for $0.30. "Not even expired!" he exclaims. Then he 'splurges a little' this year by buying her a skull shaped stress ball for $0.99. When he gets home, he finds an old greeting card his sister in law gave to his wife when she was ill. He crosses her name out on the card and writes his own, and paperclips a piece of paper reading "Happy Anniversary" over the message in the card!

When they go out to dinner that night to the local diner, she begs him, for this one day a year, not to take other people's leftovers. They bicker about it back and forth on the ride there. When they get there, he says he needs go to the restroom, but instead gives the $0.15 water to the diner staff and asks them to refrigerate it for him, so that they can serve it to his wife in lieu of paying for a normal beverage.

The night proceeds with him giving her the garbage he collected for her. While not ungrateful, she's obviously not impressed. He later starts scavenging tables where the guests left their leftover food for the wait staff to collect, embarrassing her like no other. The episode ends with her consolidating herself by saying these things happen, but she gets over them in time. I thought to myself I would never be like him.

The very next morning I go out to walk my dog just before sunrise. As were walking, my eyes fall upon a trash can. Perched directly on top, is a 21 in flatscreen LCD computer monitor in great condition. Much bigger than my current monitor. It wasn't even in the trash, but sitting on top of an old beanbag, filling up the can. I stared at it for a while, but it was still dark out, no one was around. I hesitated. Started to walk away, then turned around and yanked it out of the can. I took it home, tested it, and it works fine! Much larger than my current monitor which i paid over $100 for, and the colors really pop. It's not in my interest to pick from the trash, but I can't help but feel like I really scored big.

I hate myself.

Teaching my wife to map August 22, 2014, 9:21 pm
During one of our random uplifting chats, the topic of holidays came up and we agreed to spend all the major holidays away from family and only with each other this year. Out of curiosity my wife asked me what I would like to get from her for christmas, and the only thing I could think of wanting for christmas was more Doom maps to play! So I told her I want her to make me a map! She could tell how enthusiastic I was about it, and it wasn't the first time I attempted to show her how to make Doom maps, so she happily agreed if I can give her lessons.

So naturally, I went right to work writing up some sort of a lesson plan on how to teach someone who doesn't know anything but the general gist of Doom how to create a map. I thought something like this might be helpful in case anyone here wants to teach someone how to map.

Hopefully, if I've done a good job, she might complete making a decent short episode for Doom 2 on her own time for me to play on Christmas, and I can share with you guys :)

I've only worked on the first lesson so far; more lessons to come. Could probably use more Doom Wiki and Unnofficial Wad Designer's Handbook reference, but this is basically what I intend to go over with her to get started. I'm thinking Lesson 2 will be placing things, Lesson 3 will be editing sector properties, like light values, sector effects, and floor/ceiling heights. Lesson 4 will be understanding Upper, Middle, and Lower textures, front and back sides, and picking and choosing textures, Lesson 5 would be basic Linedef types (like doors, switch operated doors, lifts, moving floors, etc. Lesson 7 will probably be going over using the F_SKY flat to create skies. I haven't thought too far ahead, but I do hope to eventually go over the basics of texture alignment, trapping the player, difficulty progression, health/ammo balance, skill level implementation, consistent texture themes, layout flow, detailing, and some special editing tricks like instantly raising floors. There's a lot to go over, but I think if I keep it brief and easy to learn, she'll make progress quickly and get a lot of positive feedback.

Here's the first lesson I intend to go over with her tomorrow:

===Lesson 1: How to make a sector===

-Go over vocabulary-

.WAD - the file extension for what Doombuilder creates with our new map. It's an abbreviation for "Where's All the Data" which is where Doom contains all its important resources for running the game.

Two types of wads:

IWAD - abbreviation for "Initial" WAD. Doom comes with it's own WAD file which contains everything required to run the original game. Doom is able to run multiple WAD files at once in a prioritized order. The IWAD DOOM.WAD is the primary WAD to run, because it contains all the essential resources. Doom 2 also has it's own DOOM2.WAD IWAD.

PWAD - abbreviation for "Patch" WAD. Since we are going to be making new maps for Doom, we are going to create a PWAD that 'patches' over the existing original Doom levels with our new ones. It is important that we use PWADs to do this because they are a separate file from the IWAD, which contains the resources for the original game. If we modify the IWAD directly instead of patching it with a PWAD, we will irreversibly corrupt the game forever unless we reinstall it. PWADs are used to run custom content while keeping the integrity of Doom intact.

-Start by observing blank canvass on Doombuilder 2-

Solid Mass - It's important to understand that before you create anything, what you see before you is essentially solid mass. It's a lot like starting from the core of a planet and building your way out. For example, if I were to place one of these monster things on the canvass (Go to things mode and place a monster) without building any of the map first, it would be almost like as if they were buried underground. They would have no way to see or move or do anything.

(I understand this isn't how it REALLY works, but for the sake of explaining map editing in a concise and relatable way, I feel it's best that the student BELIEVES this is how it works to avoid any silly errors.)

-Observing E1M1 in DOOM.WAD in Doombuilder 2-

Identify Vocabulary:

Doom's first level's name is E1M1, which is short for Episode 1 Level 1. This level contains examples of just about everything you will need to know about basic Doom mapping.

1. Sector - Shapes that make up all of the physical space in the world in Doom are called Sectors. Sectors are used to generate the terrain the player will look at, walk on, be obstructed by, and interact with. (Use sector mode to highlight a sector in the map)

2. Vertex - The corners of all the shapes are indicated by vertices. These are used to dictate the geometric shape of the sectors. (Use Vertex mode to highlight a vertex in the map)

3. Linedef - The lines that connect the vertices of a sector together are referred to as Linedefs. Linedefs can either be One-Sided, or Two-Sided. The little tickmark on the center of the line indicates the "Front Side" of the Linedef. The opposite side represents the "Back Side." (Point to both sides of the Linedef with the cursor)

Two types of Linedefs:

One Sided Lines - When the line of a sector is not attached to another sector, the sector is a one-sided line, because only the front side of it is exposed. The backside is against solid mass and so can never be seen in normal gameplay. (Highlight an exterior wall of the map in Line Mode to demonstrate)

Two Sided Lines - When the line of a sector is adjoining two different sectors together, it becomes a two-sided line, this is because the line is exposed on both sides. (highlight a line between two sectors in Line Mode to demonstrate)

-Start a New Map, E1M1 in Doom format with Doombuilder 2-

Essentially, all three modes in Doombuilder 2 can be used to draw sectors and start building a map. But each mode makes the method of selection easier, should you need to modify it or adjust the properties of a specific selection, which we will go over in another lesson. But your three modes are:

Line Mode - Line mode is used to draw, select, modify, and delete specific linedefs. The shortcut to switching to this mode is by pressing L on the keyboard.

Sector Mode - Sector mode is used to draw, select, modify and delete entire sectors. The shortcut to switching to this mode is by pressing S on the keyboard.

Vertex Mode - Vertex mode is used to draw, select, reposition, and delete vertices. The shortcut to switching to this mode is by pressing V on the keyboard.

-Drawing a sector-

A sector can be drawn from any of the three modes by right-clicking anywhere on the canvass. Right-clicking will place the very first vertex in your sector, and begins the sector creation process. Right clicking a second time will abort the process, leaving you with the last vertex or line you created. Left clicking will place a vertex and continue the sector creation process. The sector creation process will end naturally when you close the sector by placing at least two vertices and return to the first vertex you started creating the sector with.

It is important to understand that in order for your sectors to function as intended, that you ALWAYS close any sector you make. It's best to think of your sectors as a container for a liquid or a gas. If you abort the sector creation process leaving the sector unclosed, this allows the properties of your sector to "spill" out into the rest of the map, causing a variety of graphical and interactivity errors.


Demonstrate the action of creating a fully closed sector, and have the student demonstrate their understanding of sectors by drawing a variety of shapes and successfully closing each sector.



itchy nose August 1, 2014, 9:54 pm
Here's an award winning thread:

almost every day I go into work, my nose starts to get itchy. I feel it on the tip of my nose and the outer parts of the inside of my nostrils. Its a lot like when you visit someone who owns a hundred cats and there's a thin coat of fur on every surface of their house and they just turned on an oscillating can. Its an infuriatingly annoying feeling and I only feel at work. As soon as I go home the feeling is gone. Theres no furry things where I work. I work in food service and the air isn't stuffy or anything, and I don't have any allergies, or a cold or anything. My nose just gets super itchy.

anybody have any idea what's up?

On The Fence February 17, 2014, 4:55 pm
I think I'd truly regret calling this an announcement of my official retirement from Doom mapping, but I think I may be coming to the conclusion that it's time to quit kidding myself.

With certain circumstances in my life sucking up my time and negating my ability to pursue Doom mapping as a legitimate hobby, I've been balancing a weight on my shoulders with rather small unfinished projects that I'm struggling to bring to completion. Things are moving at a glacial pace and my future only looks to incorporate more extra-curricular activities in my daily routine, making my absolute favorite pastime look more and more like something that's only fit to be put in the attic and left alone as a distant memory.

A few years ago, mapping seemed to flow naturally out of me, which is where the majority of my body of work came from. I began to concentrate on more complex design strategies in order to construct more unique looking and replayable doom levels. Unfortunately this started shortly before I bought a house and got married and such. If the kind of levels I really want to make were a piece of jewelry at the bottom of the swimming pool, my responsibilities are the air-inflated floaties pulling me up to the surface. My wife would be offended if she saw me describing things that way but it's about time to admit that Doom mapping wasn't much more than a timesink to get myself to the point in life that I am at now. Now that I'm living it, there isn't much room to squeeze it back in. There really hasn't been much room this whole time and anything I've released since shows it.

While reverting to my older mapping style would probably be much more productive, I'd still have the reminder that "I can do better than this" lingering over me as I play through them. I think there are enough mappers here who can create similar enough maps. I'm not really interested in being a part of that category of mappers.

But anyway, it hurts my ego every time I come back to mapping after a long unavoidable hiatus with an intention to create a design that I feel has finally manifested in my mind after many weeks. The lack of regular practice with Doombuilder 2 is clear in my attempt to rectify it when the design comes out sloppy and inconsistent. I begrudgingly close the laptop lid and go do something else. If I find myself a career path that pays much better and has an unusual amount of downtime and low-stress, I may be able to get back into the groove and nullify everything this blog stands to declare. Until then, I feel as though the only other appropriate time to get back into mapping is when I retire and wait to pass away.

What does this mean for UAC Ultra 2? Not sure. For a long time I've been epitomizing UU2 as a way to "go out with a bang" and encapsulate as many of my ideas as humanly possible into a single megawad and live the rest of my life comfortably with the satisfaction that I've exhausted as much of my potential as I could into a final product. Then I'd leave everyone in the community with a sick megawad to play in many different styles with hundreds of hours of gameplay depending on how one chooses to play it. I'd also hope it would stand as a model for what I'd like to see more mappers do with their maps. I can't say I'm pulling the plug on it, but the rate of its progress is mirrored by my motivation to complete it without an optimistic partner or small team to share it with. I hope I can garner enough strength to make my ideas come to fruition, but until then, I've put a pin in it until things change.

In the meantime, I have no trouble checking on Doomworld and posting every now and again. I still have an insatiable urge to kill monsters and fortunately, playing the game and all the new wads that come out for it is significantly less taxing than editing it is. At best, I think tabling my mapping career may be excusable in exchange for offering myself as a mentor for any interested mappers (PM me!) or volunteering myself for a rather minor role in a major project. It breaks my heart to tell myself that it's time to call it quits, and I'll fight with every fiber in my body to keep the candle lit, but I just wanted you guys to know where I'm at.

Experts say I'm a lazy apathetic brat January 14, 2014, 8:11 am
...As far as I've read into it yet.

So I came across this website that I thought I'd give a whack called allexperts.com, which is like yahoo answers except slower, but you send your question in a particular subject to volunteers with the credentials to answer the question, and they respond within three days. So I gave it a shot.

For the past few years I've been concerned about my shitty appetite and loss of weight. In the past few months I've reduced myself to one decently sized meal a day, with one or two snacks in between, and that would be enough to get me through the day without feeling hungry, and I feel uncomfortable with the health problems that may lead to so I picked out a person to help me. I submitted my question to a dietician/nutritionist a few nights ago and they wrote me this crazy novel:

I work in food service and being on my feet and moving around a lot, coupled with preparing food all day makes me lose my appetite. I don't appreciate a good meal usually, and I've been looking for ways to enjoy food again.

When I was in high school I used to smoke marijuana with some friends and that would often have me coming home and preparing a three course meal in the middle of the night, but smoking marijuana is not something I want to continue doing.

I've done a bunch of research on it and everything says to eat like six to eight small meals a day, or start exercising, which are all pretty large commitments for me, I think. I don't have the time, money, or patience to go out and get small fast-food meals, and I'm not at home in the kitchen very often and I passively resist any intention to cook anything unless my hunger is unbearable. Likewise, I'd like to get into an exercise routine but the winter season makes everything difficult.

Is there some kind of a panacea or home remedy I can make that will boost my appetite, and make me WANT to eat and ENJOY food? Something like the effect of marijuana but not illegal and preferably inexpensive?

Dear Jon,
I read your question with great interest, but it was not so easy to unearth your REAL question. You state your problem: a loss of appetite but a bigger problem is that you are a little spoiled, in the nicest possible way!You seem to want change without making changes. That won't work, will it? You seem to want results without putting in much effort. Now, when did that ever work? You seem to want circumstances to favour change, but from a holistic-spiritual aspect it is always your own tenet which determines (describes subjectively, or objectifies) the external conditions.

Since my expertise lies on a spiritual plain, I can only go into the holistic aspects of diet which I think, actually, is very relevant to your question; but you may not be very skilled, yet, at translating these ideas into concrete, wholesome, and self-improving actions.

The way I see it, our health and well-being (and soul-development) is not very well linked to fast fixes or instant results. It is always all about the journey. I hope the little I can share with you may inspire you to consider planning your route in a new and durable manner.

Your main problem is that you do not display much desire to renew your relationship with food and you cannot see the joy there lies in your natural ability to move. On a soul-level, at least, you may well be somewhat stuck in the muck, or in a daily grind. Your question then becomes a cry for help from the soul to the Higher Self to come into your life and take control. There are still traces of your previous addictive behaviour/mental make-up. A leopard and his spots… it takes a full mind-switch for real change to come about and stick and make a difference to your entire life.

Food is fuel for the soul. Not the actual molecular-level substance but the processes involved actually fuel processes of your potential. You could start to learn to see the world in DYNAMIC patterns. Food then becomes less a source of physical energy and more a carrier of light and its formative forces (which energise you). This life-force helps build up the Real I who can shape a life for the Self out of worldly experience/material. Relearning to see the world in a more holistic, organic context could really stimulate your appetite - for food, but first and foremost for life. You can learn to honor your spiritual potential in the way you do things - and nowhere more simply than in the departments of feeding yourself and being mobile (diet and exercise).

There are no cure-alls for laziniess or apathy, indifference or jadedness. You just have to get up and do it! Make a plan, make a decision (any will do really!) and stick with it (for at least a couple of months or so). One way to go is to strip down drastically. This is a kind of cold-turkey wake-up call which is asking you loud and clearly whether you want to "redeem" your un-health, or un-wholeness (fragmented or mal-integrated body-mind-soul-spirit). Maybe, you are not ready to become healthy and physically fit! That may sound odd, but there is no point pretending you are going to turn over a new leaf, when you are not really fed up or dissatisfied with the old one. Furthermore, you have to be really curious and feel challenged by the change you could possibly make. You have to want to change for the sake of the journey or experience, not a desired outcome. This outcome will always be different anyway, and one tends to keep shifting goal-posts, too.

So, first be honest about how much you want to study the ins and outs of your appetite. Here lies the leverage for the ups and downs of the following route.

I can lift the tip of a veil of what you might discover if you start to study them. You mention a lot of negatives and list a few foredrawn cliches. You presume a healthy life-style costs time, money and patience. True enough, since health means to be whole and be in tune with yourself you do need to follow a kind of routine and cultivate an awake and aware, dedicated mood, or mindset. This does take discipline (patience) and daily effort. It literally takes time to prepare a meal: but this is time very well spent. It is a moment of prayer and reverence to your gift of life (sustained by food amongst other great blessings from Mother Earth). You don't even need to get holy-moly about it: just open up a box of bran flakes, pour out some organic milk, slice a fair-trade banana, and you will have even honored half the world, which contributes to your humble life (by producing these foodstuffs). If you eat a big-brand candy bar or whopping burger you are more likely going to contribute to a get-rich-fast, exploitative, suppressive economy – which may have its place, even, but does not make for a great prayer. Even health foods can be brand names! But always try to find your personal relationship to every single ingredient you ingest. When you learn to cook and season food, you begin to understand how every tiny rosemary leaf or chili pepper seed makes a difference!

Once one embarks upon the path of health one cannot blame externals like the weather or the season for one's own failing to stick to a regime. Women may not cop out on their hormones and men may not claim to have two left hands when it comes to handling a frying pan. All very cliché examples, but you will have your own cleverly designed obstacles to sticking to your healthy ambitions. A diet is a regime. The art of health is to cope in all seasons, to adapt to all mental states, and improvise with limited means.

I must alert you to the fact, that your research seems a little one-sided, and specific to people with sugar level imbalances if you are aiming to prepare 8 meals a day. Three meals a day makes a very nice average. We don't want to be spending too much time on eating, either, do we? If our health acutely needs us to, so be it. But otherwise we must eat to live and not live to eat. Or rather: eat to feel more alive. Then it is not only about the calorific value or the vitamin content of food. But colour, fragrance, overall presentation, variety, and above all quality come to the fore. The enjoyment of food, ultimately, depends less on what you do and more on the way that you do it.

Your question tells me (and yourself) that you know perfectly well how important it is to take better care of yourself. But we all have a shadow within. In the long run, you will even appreciate this shadow if he teaches you the benefit of a fair and courageous fight. You must decide whether you want to face this shadow for real and take him on properly.

You must be prepared to put in the work. That's just the law of the universe. You only get what you have earned - although this is a complex algorithm, with many occult (hidden) ins and outs; but I am breaking it down here. In this light, it will be inevitable that you will have to WANT to work for your health. Happiness is just a measure of this health, or wholeness, or success at integrating your inner world with the outer world.
Enjoyment does not come naturally because we do not live in the natural world any more. You lost your innocence a long time ago. That's the way it must be. In exchange you have the ability to get to know yourself properly.

Ask yourself, If you were to take a trek through the desert on a camel for a week (with only a smelly goat sack full of water) what you would want waiting for you at the end of this scorching, dusty journey? I doubt you would dream of marijuana, or fast food, but probably a bottle of cold water would be heavenly! Or a piece of fresh fruit. You would quite naturally crave these things first. It is only a (literally) spoiled body-soul integration which makes us err and lead unhealthy lives. Sometimes a detoxing fast can help mark the decision to change. Such a physical exercise can help reset your alignment. You might like to research the options for this. It might sound a bit extreme to you, but 3 days on lemon and water or a week on juices could make for your trek through the desert. First, research this thoroughly though.

Why is health so important? Why does it matter what we eat? Or how we treat (or abuse) the body? Why is sleep necessary? And drugs no good? The aim of life is to become the best you can be, which is nothing more or short of being an original, unique, responsible, caring individual. This individual must naturally desire to be part of a group (you don't need to sit around a camp fire and hold hands). Without this desire you become a narcicistic sociopath. Only brain damage may excuse any dis-ability with respect to community building, which includes learning about life, yourself and others. Most of us are just weak and flawed. So be it. The challenge is on!

The Higher Self needs to become the trainer of your lower self. It must bring the dog-mind into calm submission. You must be kind to this servile creature, and give it what it needs. Punishing it will never work. The rest is up to the body. Once you still the mind you will be able to hear your physical needs (which tend to be simple and undemanding). The mind tends to snarl or dominate: it is usually fear that causes this, in turn caused by a lack of direction or sense of purpose. This remains a tricky challenge throughout your entire lif; only a kind of (humble) self-belief and awe of the surrounding cosmos may help settle a restive mind.

You really must see change as an exercise, much like a dog needs to be trained, you could make some overruling decisions to just "make yourself do as you're told". Two basic rules might be: only eat food you prepared as fresh as possible (from raw ingredients); cutting out all classically "bad" foods (sugar, salt, hydrogenated fats, additives, white flour, too much meat/eggs, sodas etc). And not to eat out for at least a whole month. This must go hand in hand with changing the way you treat your food and meal times. If you buy quality food you may have to be more selective (it costs more!) and you may buy the right amounts (not to waste any) and generally become more conscious about storage and preparation,and then next the actual consumption of it. No scoffing or snacking, but a proper sit down meal ENJOYED with a calm and centred mind.

A home-cooked meal is good because it has been prepared with love and dedication. Any attention and time spent on this is valuable. The meal is likely to taste poor if you don't give it due attention and some degree of vision (or blessing). Preprocessed meals (from the microwave) already have less of this energy in them (plus other energies are zapped out of them); but still when they are prepared for a family, and set on the table with care, there is this added ingredient which supports all health (i.e. loving attention). That is why sitting down to a meal at a table, with company (or otherwise some good, harmonising music), inviting the blessings of those intangible forces that help to cultivate and harvest our produce (cosmic forces, or spiritual entities, or God) is so important, and can make a meagre meal into a feast for the senses, the digestive system, and your whole organism. The power of growing, sourcing, preparing, enjoying food is highly underestimated in our culture. The energy of all these activities amassed make up the basic foundation of good health and wholesome functioning. In healthfood stores or farmer's markets there may be some pre-processed foods (in tins, bottles) etc, which at least will be as honest as possible.(Study ingredients, and eco labelling).

Food cannot prevent disease or cure things so simply, but it can play a pivotal role in working on improvements in health.

Your eyes have to be opened to a new reality about food and eating. You first need to believe that there is goodness in the blessing of nutrition. You might consider that people who cannot eat (the sick, the infirm, the starving) miss out on something.

Also, life-force is becoming very precious in our polluted and corrupted environment. You might look towards the raw food vogue to appreciate how intense a relationship to food can become. It can almost become religious and fanatic - which is not something I recommend you pursue! But you will need to understand food in a new way to rejuvenate your natural desire for it. Anybody with a healthy diet actually loves their food. Otherwise it becomes a martyrdom and an exercise in survival. This may be necessary, for a while, just like rehab can be necessary. But a healthy diet is a way of life which rests on a holistic understanding. You don't need a whole lot of science or metaphysics for this, just a new way of seeing.

You mention the word appreciation a couple of times which gives me much hope that you are able to open your eyes and appreciate the bounty nature has to offer you. It all depends in what food service branch you work, and perish the thought it is fast food, but my bet is that you need to re-sensitise yourself to natural ingredients. You might need to cleanse your palate (by eliminating excesses and chemical additions or cutting out all snacks, or even with a day-fast). This goes hand in hand with cutting down on alcohol (if applicable) and cutting out drugs. These substances, namely, only weaken your self-rule.

If you have been used to smoking marijuana for an extended period of time (say more than half a year, with a regular frequency of more than once a week) you have a serious task on your hands, because this particular drug leaves an enormous amount of residue in the brain which makes one very passive when it comes to taking one's life and one's own hands. It literally takes YEARS to become totally independent of former neuro-engravings and their subsequent effect upon the soul. You may well be easily tempted by addictions because you like a simple solution, and that is all any addiction as ever about: automatic reaction to what life hands you (be it having a drink, lighting a cigarette, or having an emotional outburst). Human nature equates pretty much an addictive personality!

It takes an enormous amount of work between the ages of 28 to 42 to work on self-rule. Any decisions you make between the ages 21 to 28 which are healthy and wholesome and believe in the goodness of spirit (however vague and seemingly insignificant your understanding of this might be) will work miracles for you in those years of hard labour ahead. I am presuming you are in that age bracket where what you decide now can make a massive difference when you hit mid-life – when good health will seem like a far-off dream to so many. Just look around you.

Your dreams needs to be built on solid foundations. Your ambitions need to be clad by wholesome experience. The field of nutrition makes for a fantastic ball park. We all need to eat every day (or find a healthy alternative to that, like for examle, when you are bedridden or on a fast, or an inedian). We also all need to move every day. It is overlooked in our society that mobility is a great soul impetus keeping us balanced. It precedes diet, actually (you need to source your food first: think of the original hunter-gatherer). You might not realise it if you are on a bus or in a car most of the time; and those who are unemployed and stay inside soon are brainwashed by depression that going out is futile. But if you take a walk of 25 minutes every day of the week for three weeks in a row, come rain or come shine you will thereafter never forget how great it is to have two legs and the ability to be mobile (even without legs you can learn to appreciate the gift of mobility; when you are paraplegic life really becomes a massive challenge because of that loss which is natural to man).

If we do not eat right we impoverish our soul. The fact that we have to eat every day is a rhythmic response to the soul that moves us through life. Your loss of appetite, therefore, is best seen as a weakened impulse to make something of your life. Again, the symptom can also be the cure, in the homoeopathic sense. You have to stimulate your appetite with a new appreciation for food. Study and discover the colours and textures (light consolidated and the alchemical processes). Make yourself aware of all the senses involved in eating: sound, fragrance, touch, taste, etc. The liver and digestive juices are stimulated by sight alone.

Imagine the creative force attached to (natural) food. There are so many stories, for each orange or tuna steak one! Follow the seed to the tree to the banana, or hear the calf grown into a lowly cow in the milk etc). It is ridiculous how we have made food so toxic. I don't even mean this on a physical level so much (polluted water, chemicals in farming, substances added in factories), but especially on a spiritual level: food has become a seductive, manipulative luxury and at the same time we are disgracefully wasteful. You might like to watch the film "Into the Wild"about a youth who goes off to live in the wilderness (Alaska, was it?)and he must learn to fend for himself, by himself on what nature provides. It's tough, and not without its risks…. Communities were built around our need to eat. A loss of appetite is also the beginning or reflection of an anti-social attitude. Take care that you do not loose interest in life, in general! Stay involved, cooperative, tolerant, animated, curious: there is so much amazingness on this tiny globe in the middle of a massively vast universe!

If you become sensitive to all these details, somewhere down the line a sensible conclusion should roll out: just have a breakfast that is light and nutritious; maybe with some amino acids, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins and lacto bacteria that help keep the body ticking over (i.e. a muesli with yoghurt). Or try a fruity breakfast, depending on your appetite…. But in winter fruit is not ideal. Think grains, perhaps, rather.

Pause in the middle of the day for lunch. Regroup your mind. Remember what really matters to you. Thank the fact that you have your four limbs, a healthy intestinal system, a clear brain which can think and feel and make right decisions. Keep this lunch light and fresh, it is just a marker especially if you don't have real hunger. Replenish with some "living" foods (i.e full of solar and earthy energy). Salads are great for this, but a warm soup with plenty of colour and chunks, or a wholesome sandwich with several ingredients can really pep you up.

Treat yourself to a wholesome meal in the evening (not too late preferably, and not too heavy). There are plenty of easy recipes out there that can go into making many exciting weeks of food experiments without asking you to turn into a chef.

Discover the goodness given to us by the bees. Their products very much support our real self and guide our willpower in right action. Honor the cow, who is wholly in her own way, with her service and loving connection to mother Earth. Compare her to the goat and the sheep who give us their milk, too: these are all different products with different properties. It may take a lot of retraining of your taste-buds to be open to all this, though! Be patient, why not? Where were you off to in such a rush, anyway?

Relish the beauty of flowers and the healing power of leaves in herbal teas. There is great nutrition in a tea! Learn about soul food new-style! Slow cooking begins with loving and lingering thoughts about your physical needs, your emotional desires, and your clearest brainwaves! Remember yourself as a spirit being and then rediscover your appetite. To re-member is to put back together. Focusing on your health can sometimes help you remember what you really came to do this life time (soul-mission remembered).
I hope you feel some support in these words, and will trust that the answer for a healthy lifestyle is very available to you. All you need to do is close your eyes and listen to yourself and then open your eyes and look around.
All the best, good luck, enjoy the journey.

Love, Evelyn.

I was hoping for something like "drinking this kinda tea or mixing these two seasonings together have been known to increase appetite" but now I've just been sent on this spiritual adventure. Anybody wanna help me translate this?