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One way to get free shit on Amazon January 13, 2017, 12:03 pm

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes [Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray + Digital Copy] (Bilingual)

Life of Pi - Collector's Edition [Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy] (Bilingual)

[QUOTE]Hello. I just received The Life of Pi 3 disc collectors edition. Unfortunately, it only contained one of the three discs (the 3D blu ray) along with a written explanation that the other 2 discs were not included. This was not indicated at any stage during the ordering process. Since the item was not as described, please indicate how I may receive a full refund. Thank you.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]As this was at one time a rental product the discs were separated so that both discs could be rented separately. We stated this in our product disclaimer on Amazon as follows:

"FULLY GUARANTEED! 3D BLU-RAY DISC ONLY – BLU-RAY AND DVD DISCS NOT INCLUDED. Previously viewed rental product, all discs cleaned and checked for playability. Cases or UPC’s may not be exactly as shown. Cases and discs MAY have rental label(s) attached. Purchase is for feature disc only, all secondary discs, bonus features and/or digital copies may not be included."

This disclaimer can be seen in the Condition column on the same screen used to "add to cart". This was also reflected in the price, at $13.99, I suspect when you receive your copy of the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, you will have the same concerns, this again would be reflected in the $8.00 price point.

That said, we do not want unhappy customers, so if you would return the movies to us (you should be able to use the same package and just mark it "return to sender") once received, we will be happy to refund you the amount of the products, which in this case would be $21.99. Thank you and please acknowledge if you will be returning these two items.


[QUOTE]Hello and thanks for your response. However I'm not quite sure you understand. I did not make any mistake on my part. The listing is clearly for the 3-disc collector's set. You admitted to intentionally sending me the collection with missing discs, which is a serious violation of Amazon's rules. You also admitted that the Planet of the Apes movie will also have a missing disc. I see no reason why I should go to the cost or inconvenience of returning the item due to a mistake on your part. Please go ahead and refund me the total cost of both items, plus the original shipping cost, which comes to a total of $28.97. If you do this then I will happy and there will be no further problems. I would also suggest that you review your listings to make sure to remove any items that do not comply with Amazon's selling rules, as I buy a lot of 3D movies and I would hate to have to inconvenience you with this again. Thanks and have a great day.[/QUOTE]


We are writing to confirm that we have processed your refund in the amount of CDN$ 28.97 for your Order 701-8312977-3711417 from --------------.[/QUOTE]
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New PC - first venture out of Windows XP world May 24, 2015, 3:53 pm
Just placed an order for a new computer. My current desktop is 8 years old, with the most recent upgrade being 5 years ago. It still works great for me, but video editing is a new hobby of mine, and the old system just isn't up to it. The new system should be able to handle 4K video editing, with multiple streams, without any slowdown at all. As a bonus, I'll be able to play newer games such as GTA5 and Skyrim for the first time.

I'll be running both the old and new system, side by side, using a KVM switch. I still use some legacy software that isn't usable on any OS newer than XP.

In addition to the below, I'll be adding four 1TB hard drives in RAID 10 as a scratch drive, and two 5TB external USB as export drives.

Intel Core I7-5820K 3.30GHZ (3.6GHZ Turbo Mode) Six Core 15MB


Crucial 32GB Kit 4X8GB DDR4-2133 CL16 DR X8 Unbuffered DIMM 288PIN

MSI GeForce GTX 970 100 Million Edition TwinFrozr V 1140/1279MHZ 4GB 7GHZ GDDR5 PCI-E Video Card

Kingston SSDNow V300 120GB SV300S37A/120G 2.5IN SATA3 LSI Sandforce SSD (Quantity: 2)

ASUS BW-12B1ST Blu-ray Writer 12X BD-R 16X DVD+R SATA Black Retail

Power supply
Seasonic PLATINUM-760 760W 24PIN Active PFC 80PLUS Fully Modular DC to DC

Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H100I CPU Cooler System LGA1150 1155 1156 1366 2011 AM2 AM3 FM1 & FM2

Noctua NF-F12 PWM 120mm Ultra Quiet Cooling Fan 300-1500RPM 93.1M3/H 22.4DBA 4-PIN PWM (Quantity: 2)

Fractal Design Define R4 ATX Tower Case Black Pearl 2X5.25 8X3.5INT No PSU Front 2XUSB3.0 Audio

Acer B286HK Ymjdpprz 28IN 4K UHD 3840X2160 1ms 1000:1 LED Monitor MHL DVI HDMI Dport Speakers

Operating system
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Edition 64Bit DVD SP1 OEM

TRENDnet TK-214I 2 Port DVI Audio KVM Switch *IR-$10*

Oblivious 8/10 black girl blows me off on 4th(ish) date November 7, 2014, 12:37 pm
I started dating this 8/10 black girl (22 y/o) about a month ago. We slept together 3 times and it was pretty great. I work regular hours and she works retail, so our schedules don't match that often.

Anyway, Thursday was her day off, so she asks me Wednesday if I want to do something Thursday night. I say sure. Thursday afternoon she texts saying that her phone is dying and she wants to know where to meet I'm case she can't contact me. I text back 715 at my apartment building and she says ok.

I wait at the front doors at 710. Eventually 8pm comes and there's no sign of her and no text. I bail back to my apartment. I'm pretty ticked off, but I'm thinking that maybe her phone is dead and she forgot where I live. Still, who has an entire day off and yet can't charge their phone?

Here is the series of texts that took place.

7:41 No?
8:08 Not OK

Her 8:57 Sorry I can't make it
8:59 What is not okey
9:13 You decided to text me just now letting me know? I could have done other things

Her 9:53 Is okey if I come after 30 muny
9:53 My sister gave me the night off (sidenote: her story is that she has to sleep in the same bed with her sister every night because her sister's husband is in another city looking for a job and her sister doesn't want to sleep alone)
Her 9:53 Is up u
Her 9:53 I am sorry I had a lot to do (She calls twice, I just let it ring)
Her 10:04 I am outside pick up the phone (sidenote: apparently she showed up thinking she could get a booty call)

I'm at work
Her 11:10 Hi are mad me
Her 11:10 Can I see u before I star work (sidenote: we work at the same mall. That's how we met.)
Her 11:12 How many time I have apology
Her 11:12 I told my phone was dead

Needless to say this biotch is dead to me. It just floors me that anyone can be so immature and oblivious to think that blowing off a date and disrespecting someone's time like that is in any way OK. It's like this behavior is completely normal to her and no guy has called her on this bullshit behavior.

So yeah, I plan on going NC and ignoring all contact from her. Maybe girls can get away with disrespecting other dudes like that, but not me. I'm curious to see what her future attempts to contact me entail, and if there are any I'll post them here.

Tridicennial August 21, 2014, 6:52 pm
Ice cream cake, patron, and a brand new (work) laptop marks my personal anniversary.

Story of my ear plugs January 13, 2014, 12:50 am
Saturday night I got the impulse to go to a night club. I go maybe once or twice a year. I've learned to enjoy it a lot more in recent years. My favorite club is a tropical-themed venue. They play plenty of top 40, but they mix in a lot of 80s and 90s hits as well. The crowd is really diverse. Even couples in their 60s come there to dance. The overall douchebaggery level is at an absolute minimum.

There's one thing that still bugs me though, more than anything else. The ridiculous volume levels. Pretty easy problem to solve with a $2 bag full of earplugs. But why waste that money when you can make your own?

The idea seems pretty life hacky. Those little in-ear earphones come with 3 sets of ear buds. Small, medium, large. I use the large for listening. I can use the medium as makeshift earplugs. Oh, but I can only find one of the damned things. No problem, the small should work just fine.

But wait, what about the little hole in the middle of them that lets the sound trough? Seems to defeat the whole idea. If only I could plug that hole somehow. Glue? Seems kind of messy, and I don't have it anyway. Cover the hole with tape? No luck, the stuff doesn't adhere to the silicon at all.

My genius strikes! Rubber bands. Yep, thin little ones. I just cut off about a 3cm section, fold it twice over, and cram it into the hole. Works perfect! Repeat for the other bud, and try them out. I turn up the volume on the TV. It muffles the sound wonderfully. I see how they look in the mirror. It's almost impossible to tell I'm wearing them.

I head off to the club around 11. I thoroughly enjoy the music in all its uber-comfortable treble-neutered glory. My ears feel very protected.

Head home at 2am. Pull out the left bud. Pull out the right, oh. Can't seem to get a grip. Try a bit more. Okay. Probably would be best to use tweezers to avoid risking pushing it in. (By the way, try holding a mirror to another mirror while holding tweezers, and then actually try to get your brain to move your hand in the proper direction. For a perfect analogy of what it's like, turn your mouse around 180 degrees and use your browser for a bit.)

3 minutes later, the homemade earplug is completely buried deep within my ear. The tweezers can reach the bud, they just can't maintain any kind of grip on the thin, oily, rubbery material.

This was the story of my first ever trip to the ER. Fortunately, I only had to wait until 5:45am for the doctor to see me, and it took him maybe 15 seconds to get it out. I was home and in bed by 6. And my ears are happy and healthy.

As for the ear buds, I've learned my lesson. From now on, I'll use the large buds as earplugs, and the small ones for listening.

Hot asian girlfriend of 3 years is turning into a major princess April 1, 2013, 8:29 pm
I have no idea whether I've talked about this before or not, but I've been dating a girl whom I met at work nearly 3 years ago.

We've had some bumpy patches, no different than almost all relationships, but for the most part the relationship is highly functional. There is a fair amount of overlap between our interests. Maybe not so much in terms of life goals. She wants a family, or at least to live with me. I want good times.

On several occasions she brought up the topic of moving in together (she's been living in her sister's house for 4 years, halfway across the city). I said that would only happen if we signed a legal document first, which she said she would never do. I also said that she would have to pay 1/3 of the expenses, which she wasn't happy about. After a while of explaining my reasoning, she seemed to agree that it was fair. (She currently chips in a couple hundred a month to her sister, that's about it, so it's not surprising that she has a hard time facing reality.)

I wasn't sure if I was comfortable with the idea of moving in, though. If she turned into some kind of monster, I'm not sure how easy it would be for me to kick her out. So I decided to offer a "small" commitment to see what effect it had on our relationship. I brought up the idea that the 2 of us should take a weekend trip to Toronto, catch 3 baseball games, hit the nightclubs, maybe edgewalk the CN tower, all my treat. She seemed pretty excited about it, but wanted some time to think. After a week, I asked her if she was still up for it. She said yes.

A few days later, I booked the flights. Then found a decent hotel with a great location and booked that. I let her know that everything was going ahead. Probably a few days later, she asked me "can you cancel the reservation"? Surprised by this, I said not really. The flights can be postponed, but not refunded. "But what if we have an argument?" I basically said there's no point in being negative about it, and you have to be willing to take some chances in life.

In the past few months, we've had a lot of fun. I've taken her on two snowboarding trips, and most weekends she's here where the two of us play Diablo II and Ticket to Ride.

But things this weekend were simply too much for me to handle.

I invited her over Thursday night to play Diablo II. She insisted that I take the bus to her house to come get her that night. This is a recent habit of hers which is somewhat annoying to me. It's not a safety issue or anything. She just feels it's more "fair" if I come get her since I don't have a car. It's a 45 minute bus ride for her, but it's a nearly two-hour bus ride round-trip for me. That's a huge chunk of my evening, and precludes me from doing other things such as cooking/exercise/laundry. She asks me where my grocery bags are. (???!). I said I didn't bring them, why? She said "Oh, I thought you needed groceries tonight." I needed a couple of things, but nothing that couldn't wait til the weekend. "Oh, I thought you were getting groceries, that's why I asked you to come! You didn't need to come get me if you weren't getting groceries!" Sidenote: She definitely did not give any indication that she was willing to come over if I didn't escort her.

More than a little annoyed at this point. I stew for a while, but by the time we get back to my place, I've pretty much let it go.

So we play Diablo II for an hour, maybe two. I get to the point where I can barely stay awake, so I lay down for a few minutes. She protests. "Let's beat Andariel, then we can go to bed." I summon the energy and we finish the act.

Friday, we play off and on. I want to switch up the activities and watch a little TV, but she wants to continue playing Diablo II. She's becoming more and more assertive with her demands. At this point, I'm caving maybe half the time, and doing what I want the other half.

We spend maybe another hour or 2 that afternoon on Diablo II. I said I'm getting tired of being inside all day, and maybe we should go out. She thinks about it and decides it's a good idea. So we take the bus to The Keg, where we enjoy a meal that we both find excellent - steak, iceberg salad, calamari, and cider. We're both having a great time.

We get back and play another 2 hours, and I'm once again worn out for the day. I say I'm just not up for it anymore tonight. She protests, and after losing the argument, she curls up on the couch and goes to sleep.

She stays there the whole night.

Saturday afternoon, after maybe another hour of playing, I say I'd like a 5 minute nap. Severe whining and complaining ensues. I say "Why can't you just give me 5 minutes?" She responds that we've hardly been playing, this is the whole reason she came here, and I've had plenty of rests already. I'm really getting annoyed at this point, so I ignore her. Literally 5 minutes later, maybe not even that, she says "Let's play!" I still haven't shaken off the drowsiness.

I decided I've had enough. I said I don't want to play with her if she's going to give me such a hard time about it. She enters insta-pout mode, plugging in her headphones loading up Netflix on her laptop. She spends the next 3 hours watching some TV show.

Around 5pm, she finishes her season of whatever on Netflix and accounces that she's hungry. Leftovers? No, she wants KFC. Knowing they charge ridiculous delivery fees and give crap value for the money even without delivery, I offer to take the bus to the grocery store a grab some chicken and salad, a 1-hour trip. I get back. We eat.

Then she says that we haven't been playing enough. This is pretty much when TSHTF. I tell her that she's acting like a princess and I'm tired of her entitled attitude. She says something along the lines of "you don't care about me anyway". I mentally freak out, but manage to keep my composure. I explain all the ways I've shown her how I care for her recently. She says she doesn't like the fact that I'm "keeping count". And that what I've done is nothing special, and that where she comes from, men are expected to take care of women in that fashion.

At this point I basically start destroying her arguments and pointing out every little bit of hypocrisy in what she's saying. She evades every one of these by changing the subject as much as possible. She mentions how bad I made her feel one time when I said her perfume was too strong and I didn't like it. I explain that it's no different than the time she complained about me wearing a sweaty shirt after coming back from the gym. I said there's a reason why they ask people not to wear strong perfumes in public places. She says the two are completely different, that sweat is offensive and perfume is not.

I point out all the commitments I've made and things I've done for her recently, including having a personalized jersey made for her to wear on our trip. She say "What, are you saying you want me to buy things for you too? You want me to take you on vacations?" I tell her that's not what I want at all. What I would like is for her to be considerate enough to let me rest when I feel tired. I tell her that I do 20 times for her what she does for me, and she's still unwilling to let me have a few breaks now and then.

The argument degrades to the point where I feel like I'm talking to a 12 year old, then a 5 year old, and then finally a 3 year old. I reach my limit and finally leave the room. She marches after me and insists that we talk. I say that I don't know what there is to talk about.

She stands there for a few seconds, and then announces that she's not going on any trip with me. This is a trip where I've basically committed $3000, pretty much all non-refundable. I mentally say fuck it, and go to bed.

Sunday morning I'm still pissed off to the point of utter silence. The dishes have been piling up for days, and I point this out. It's kind of an unmentioned understanding that she takes care of the dishes when she's eating my food and sleeping in my bed. She says that it hurts for her to stand because she has a stomach pain. I just shake my head. She finally storms off to do the dishes, and halfway through she sits down and starts sobbing. What I see is so beyond pathetic that I have absolutely nothing to say.

After she's done, at 11am, she asks me if I want to talk. (I need to leave at 11:30 for a practice.) Again, I say I don't know what there is to talk about. She again states assertively that she's done and she's not going on any trip. I leave at 11:30. She leaves probably at 12.

No contact since.

I guess I should be thankful that I made a relatively "small" commitment. Now I know how she treats someone when she's given any upper hand whatsoever.

And likely enough, she will come back apologizing in a few days. She'll probably go on the trip with me, which is a very important event for me by the way. It will be the first time I've ever been at a baseball game, and the seats I got us are quite amazing.

Still, the very fact that she would threaten to ruin this trip for me is pretty much a deal-breaker. I can't see us going anywhere other than our separate ways once we return, assuming she really is a decent enough person to come along.

Channeling emotionally hard times in a productive way December 17, 2012, 9:15 pm
The last couple of days I haven't been hungry enough to eat more than about 500-800 calories a day. I went to the gym tonight and worked out non-stop from 645 to 9pm. Still not enough. After this protein powder and milk, I think I'll run up and down 22 flights of stairs about three times.

Yes, this is all because of stupid crap first world problems.

Sometimes I just want to fire the internet June 1, 2012, 9:48 pm
Are you serious? Is this how you really want to run your site? Why don't you show a little appreciation to the people who provide content to your website and make it popular? I never spammed your site. I never went out of my way to offend people or hurt their feelings. I'm basically donating my time to give advice, as I see it, to others, and you can't even be bothered to send me a message talking about your problem. No polite request, no warning, nothing.

I've received plenty of "Like"s for my posts and I haven't had a single person complain to me about anything I said. But apparently, none of that matters to the power-hungry control freaks running this site.

I've posted on many, MANY web forums over the years, but NOTHING compares to the incompetence in how your moderator/administrator, or whoever, demonstrated in handling this situation. Maybe I should be thankful that people like you are administrators of marriage websites instead of police officers or judges.


Just bought Diablo II after a 10-year hiatus January 9, 2012, 1:08 am
Just before Christmas, with not a whole lot to do over the holidays, I decided to buy a copy of the Battle Chest (I gave my original game away after I stopped playing). I figured the 40 dollars couldn't be nearly as bad a waste as some other games I bought over the years.

I'm pleased to find out the game isn't nearly as screwed up and unbalanced as it used to be. There are a wide variety of viable characters, and the ladders don't seem to be dominated by a very specific type of character.

I've really gotten into the game, and I started to notice all the qualities it has compared to more modern games. Over the last week I've been telling my girlfriend about my character, describing things from the game, etc. A few days ago I decided to show her the game. Usually her undivided attention in the evening goes to the Game Show Network, American Idol, or some kind of movie with a 5 or 6 IMDB rating, so I was happy when I noticed that she didn't take her eyes off the computer screen. When I took a break from the game, she asked me if I could play again.

On Saturday, she asked me if it's possible to play together. I installed it on both our laptops, and made me stay up till 2am playing with her.

She had 3 or 4 of her characters die over the weekend, and she's thinking of maybe not playing Hardcore mode anymore, but the fact that she doesn't seem ready to quit Hardcore is kinda impressive.

She went back home tonight (halfway across the city) and she texted me around 12:30am telling me she can't sleep because she keeps thinking about the game. She can't really play because she borrowed my other mouse while we were playing in my living room, and now she doesn't have a mouse at her place. We're going to the computer store after work tomorrow to get her a new mouse.

I always thought the hot gamer girlfriend was some kind of fortune that befell men in some kinds of fairy tales. It's interesting how quickly life can change, and you don't realized it's happened until you're in it.


Diablo 3 looks terrible, like some kind of slow-paced, cartoony, WoW-inspired Activision mess.

After 10 years of having nothing to do with Diablo II, and not being able to remember any of the music, I expected to hear the memories come flooding back when I started playing. I was amazed to find that I had no memory of the music whatsoever. Considering I put about 500 hours into the game when it first came out, I definitely wasn't expecting that.

What I'm doing with my week off May 13, 2011, 12:28 pm
I'm doing something I've never done before in my life. I'm playing through Doom 2. UV -FAST and only allowed to save the game at the beginning of each level. I don't really know where most of the traps are in the game, so I've had some hands-in-the-air jaw-open deaths. Just this morning, I cleared MAP13 with two enemies remaining, only to step through a portal and be flash-fried by two cacodemons. I was an idiot not to grab an invulnerability sphere before entering the one unvisited part of the map.

I have to say, the game is superb, ammo balance is crazy good, and the difficulty outstrips any modern game by great distances.