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Average's Doomworld Forums Blog

My Little Doom Celebration December 11, 2013, 2:51 am
Yesterday I spent pretty much the whole day on my own with my laptop and played lots of Doom.

I started off by playing through the shareware wad. Then I moved onto njdoom.wad (which I believe to be the first Doom megawad). I had such a blast playing through these in Chocolate Doom 2.0 and Doom Retro 1.0.

I then moved on to (what I think) are the most sophisticated vanilla WADs out and about. I started with one from the good ole days: Suspended in Dusk. Then I moved onto a more up to date WAD: Back to Saturn X. Honestly, SID is still really, really fun. A true classic. If someone told me it was only released yesterday I'd believe them! BTSX seems to be a little contentious with some of you but I get totally absorbed in it and I adore the music.

Then I switched engines and played through Doom shareware using GZDoom with lots of bells and whistles. I used Cosmetic Doom with the SBrightmaps.pk3 and the contrast3.WAD. I also loaded up the PSXSM sound WAD for some really spooky ambient music. God, that is my favourite setup to play with these days (along with a fire sky (from PSX Doom)pk3 and a melee kick attack mapped to mouse button 2.

So, you'll be asking, what's the point of me sharing all this boring stuff with you? Well, the point is that I found that the shareware Doom is a small package of true gaming perfection. All the developments in mapset design and gameplay mods are great and I love them but when you take all that away you're still left with the perfect distillation of a visceral experience. No surprise for most of you here. I just thought I'd share my anniversay thoughts with you. :)

TL;DR Doom shareware rocks!

Happy birthday. :)