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Reflection January 7, 2012, 5:47 am
It's a bit unusual for me to be doing something like this, but it's been floating around in the brain recently, and I guess getting it out wouldn't hurt. I suppose the blog section has seen weirder things before. :P

Anyway, recently I've been looking over some of my past posts, threads, and whatnot that I've been involved in over the past 8+ years I've been here at Doomworld. I still can't believe I've been here since November of 2003, when I was still in freaking middle school, and now I'm about to finish a degree in web development later this year. Time flies...but continuing on, I was just amused to observe my "evolution" that happened over the years, and how I acted back then and people's reactions to it. It's usually an embarrassing and sometimes even painful endeavor to look over past posts, and believe me, I'm no exception - I still can't believe some of the shit I did!

I started off here like a standard garden variety newbie, at the young age of 13. I didn't have much to offer, but helped when I could. I had been fully into Doom since 1999, but never participated in a community (besides GameFAQs), and it showed - I was pretty naive, and could get pretty annoying, but it seemed mostly harmless. I remember working on the SNES Doom mod with Job and Darkhaven (Fisk) - it's how I first met Fisk and gained a valuable friendship I'll always cherish. For the most part, all my activity was fairly tame. It wasn't until 2004 that things got really ugly...yes, what could be my so-called "claim to fame" on this board - the infamous summer of 2004 in which everything changed...

My attitude worsened, and I became more irritable and defensive for no particular reason, and it was amplified by a ban I received on Doom Connector, something I was really getting into for the first time ever and making a lot of friends in. They had every right to ban me for the way I was acting, and I'm surprised the fallout that spread to Doomworld didn't get me banned on the boards! Just look at my Post Hell threads from that era, and even some random posts in this very forum about it - it was nightmarish! It's never easy to read some of the things I said during that time, since some of it is so incredibly stupid that I can't believe it came from my fingers. One could say I was a pariah of Doomworld - it wouldn't be too far from the truth, honestly. I remember Bloodshedder telling me to just GTFO for a week or else he'd have to ban me. I'm glad he did, since I really did need that week to really realize what the hell was going on and calm down, but in the end it was pretty much pointless because after it had passed, I was back to my old antics, though a little more subdued, due to my newfound awareness of the stupidity taking place.

This continued until my first Losering in the fall of 2004. I was actually kind of shocked to see that I had finally crossed the line, and I thought it was pretty much the end of the line for me. I tried to evade the Losering like an idiot but that didn't work, so I pretty much packed my bags and moved full-time to Zdoom, which I was concurrently posting at during all of this (and had been since 2003). They didn't really want my shit either, and it was then that I truly realized what I had left in my wake and finally began to set myself straight. Once I got unLosered here, my behavior began to improve slowly, with much more isolated incidents that were rectified with ease.

Since about early 2005, things continued to get better. My behavior was acceptable, and I was still trying my best to help others when I could and contribute when I wanted to, and it's pretty much been that way ever since. I still recall a few times I got a good licking from superiors here and there, but I didn't take it nearly as seriously as I did in that horrible summer of 2004. I'm guessing because of puberty and whatnot, I was prone to overreacting quite a damn bit during that time and everything had to be some kind of personal stab that I felt the need to become extremely defensive about, and I really shouldn't have, but hey, it's over now.

Here we are in 2012, with me at 21. It's kinda crazy to think that I'm still hanging out here, along with others who I've known on this board since my registration all that time ago. I still see Doomworld as a "home" of sorts - it was the one of the first forums and communities I was ever a part of. My posting has become very sparse, and I hope to improve on that a bit, but I still lurk the boards quite a bit, and I see the life and times of Doomworld come and go like anyone else. It amuses me to think about the fact that a lot of people who a regulars these days weren't around for the infamous summer of 2004 - definitely for the better! (:P) New faces are always appreciated in this community - Doom is what we're here for after all, right? More people into Doom = GOOD!

Whew! That was a pretty random analysis, huh? I just wanted to make a reflection post and look back on how things have changed over the years, most importantly myself. It's certainly been a weird journey, but we all change over time. I'll stick around Doomworld and other Doom-related boards for time to come - Doom is a passion that burns strong with me and always will, I's something I'm pretty proud of, and I'm hoping to see the next steps in the creation of some fantastic wads, just as I experienced before, as far back as 2003. It's been fun; it really has, even with all the ups and downs I've seen in my life, and I hope to see it continue. It's been a heck of a ride here...thanks everyone, for making it what it was. I appreciate it more than you know.

(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth May 19, 2009, 8:07 pm
So, on my dentist visit today, I got my teeth cleaned up like usual, but upon viewing the x-rays, Dr. Dan noticed something was wrong with my bottom left wisdom tooth. It was growing in at a very horizontal angle and was causing problems for the tooth next door, so he let me know that I would need to have it taken out, along with the top left wisdom tooth for similar (but not as serious) reasons.

I've only had teeth removed once before, and I was only 7 or so when that happened. I'm pretty sure I was completely knocked out for that, but I wouldn't be for this operation. I was a bit nervous, as I always am before any type of major operation, but when all was said and done, the surgery really went well and both the doctor and his assistant son were pleased with my strong resistance to flinching and whatnot.

Fast-forward to two hours later.


Yes, the pain has been pretty consistent since the anesthetics have worn off, and it's annoying to have to hold an ice pack up to my cheek and bite down on gauze for periods of time. Thankfully, the pain medication has dulled it down, but soon enough it will be back. It also sucks how I can't eat the foods I like, but I suppose I will live regardless. I'd love to just lie down and listen to my music, but my stupid dock won't play the damn iPod so here I am.

Picture of the teeth in question.

tl;dr - Bashe gets some teeth pulled; it sucks

Little Bashey's first metal concert April 16, 2009, 3:54 pm
Being the metalhead that I am, and being fed up with constantly passing up good bands coming to Ohio, I finally decided enough was enough. I heard that Kreator and Exodus were coming to Cleveland on the 15th, and I knew "I just have to go to this." Despite Cleveland's distance from Beavercreek (about 4 hours), I convinced my folks into letting me go. My brother and my father came along to what would be my very first metal concert just yesterday afternoon. History was in the making for me.

The drive there sucked, simply because it took so long and the weather was dreary. My dad's terrible navigation skills got us lost several times before finally getting to the hotel right next to the venue, which was Peabody's Down Under. Even when we got to the hotel, there was still trouble, as the parking procedure was a huge hassle. Eventually, we got settled in.

Here's a breakdown of the concert:

As we walked in about 30 minutes after the doors opened, this band was already about halfway done with their set. Having never heard anything by Epicurean, I had really no expectations, but what I heard was not bad at all, and I may have to check them out.

The first act of the night I actually knew. Warbringer kicked my ass when I heard their War Without End CD on a whim, and they totally kicked my ass last night. Heavy and loud as ever, they played their ubiquitous "Total War" and a couple of cuts from their new CD, coming in May. Unfortunately, their set was truncated due to the fact that they only had a fill-in drummer (form Epicurean) as their real drummer was injured. Despite this, their set still kicked my ass all over the place, and I managed to snag a 2-song demo of their upcoming album as well as a preorder, so when it's out, I'll have it the day of. Lead singer John Kevill was out and about the bar area after his set was done, which was pretty neat. I would have said something, but honestly I was a little starstruck. :P

Another band I hadn't heard any songs from beforehand, so I was hearing them for the first time when they came up. Blast beat mania from the drums and a typical death metal aural assault from the rest of the band. Another band I'll have to check out later. It was rather amusing how their lead singer was sitting right next to me for basically the entirety of the concert, barring his set of course. I should have shook his hand or something so I had something to rub in my friend's face, who is a big fan of Belphegor.

Here's when things picked way up. More people appeared at the venue and it was starting to get crowded. Suddenly, the lights went off and stage and there they were: Exodus! They opened with "Bonded by Blood" of course, and went on to play some new and old cuts. I can't say I'm a big fan of the recent Exodus material, but regardless, their set was awesome, and my brother and father were easily amused by Rob Dukes' random comments between songs. Playing "The Toxic Waltz" was fun as the pit got pretty crazy, naturally. Exodus was totally awesome, but nothing could compare to...

This was it, the main event of the night. After a rather extended set up period, all went dark again and the intro to "Ripping Corpse" could be heard through the speakers, although the band ended up playing their new "Hordes of Chaos" track after the intro. Regardless, they ripped my face off and ate it and totally destroyed my hearing with their set. Mille promised 85 minutes of total terror and he and the band totally delivered that, if not more. I found myself wrecking my neck to the fast tunes (especially the grand finale, "Flag of Hate") and throwing my fist up to bang with Mille himself. They even played "Riot of Violence" with Ventor on vocals! I was hoping they'd play it and they did! What was funny is after "Betrayer" they literally went "thank you good night" and just left...but IT;S A FAEK!!! They came back and finished their set, forcing all of the venue to scream "HATE" for Flag of Hate. Sheer badassness that simply could not be contained. Kreator was easily the best set of the night and it was unbelievable seeing these godly thrashers in person for the first time.

Unfortunately, I didn't snap any pictures because my cellphone cam is crappy and I didn't have my real one, but trust me, it was a superb show and I'm glad that such AWESOME bands were my first exposure to the world of live metal. This is truly history for me, and I'm glad it finally happened.

TL;DR - Bashe goes to a metal show, gets aurally raped, loves it.

No sympathy for Ohio! September 16, 2008, 7:03 pm
Sunday was a pretty rough day for my part of Ohio (southwest) and others too. Remnants of hurricane Ike decided to plow through the area, and some crazy winds were the norm all throughout the day. Some people's power started to go out, but my home was safe until around 17:00, then boom, there goes the power. Ever since then, it's been out. It's usually an easy fix to get the power in my neighbourhood working again, but a lot of the electric company's trucks were sent down to Texas, leaving only a few to deal with the downed lines and other disasters caused by this mini-Ike.

The lack of power in my area has caused a lot of issues, such as loss of refrigerated food, no computer and internet, and no light at night. I haven't been able to get to my school's website and check for assignments or important notices, which puts me in a predicament as far as getting my work done goes. Right now I'm at my brother's house, which got its power restored earlier today, and I'm using a random laptop we had at home. It sucks, but it's better than nothing. Hopefully within the next few days, the electric company will restore power to my neighbourhood.

One sort of neat thing that came out of all of this power loss is the fact that one strip of road with lots of restaurants and stores had its power completely knocked out, and my folks and I decided to drive down this particular street at night. It was really creepy driving through a small town with no lights at all, and the Action Doom 2 song for the abandoned house level was playing in my head the whole time. :P

Anyone else have stories to share about this recent hurricane, whether it's from the hurricane itself or the remains?

A day in the ER August 4, 2008, 5:37 pm
Early this afternoon, my mother came home from work sick. Didn't seem like a big deal until I walked by her room and she sounded miserable and she request that I take her to the ER at a local hospital. This worried me, considering it was so sudden and that something must have been really wrong, so we hopped into the car and I drove down the highway to the hospital. They took her into their care and I just sat by her side. She didn't appear to be in very serious condition, but she was throwing up several times and she kept saying she was overall miserable. I felt bad, but the only thing I could do was remain by her side. After several hours, my dad came in and took over my spot of staying with her. She started to get better around the time I left, but as of now she's still there. Hopefully she gets well!

tl;dr - mum's sick in the ER, oh noes

So at the DMV today... July 24, 2008, 3:32 am
I went to go pick up my license this morning (yay!) and I saw this in the DMV

I can't stop laughing at it. That is one pissed off barrel.

HECK YEAH (new shirt) June 17, 2008, 5:33 pm
Look what came in the mail today

The logo turned out to be quite a bit smaller than I had hoped, but otherwise it looks pretty good.


omfg teh birthday June 11, 2008, 4:58 am
*insert pbf-death comic here*

18 and still here. Who'da thunk it?

I'll be heading out to my favourite restaurant for dinner, but for now, I'll just watch some SWAT Kats and play Doom.

Birfday 4 me June 11, 2006, 8:25 am
16 now

Heh, I'm young...

Snow storm December 23, 2004, 7:29 am
Yesterday morning it began to snow good for the first time in awhile. They had said the previous day that we may be getting a lot of snow, and it was true. It snowed all day yesterday and the snow was really getting up there. Me and my friends went sledding on a really good hill in my area. It must have snowed all last night to, because this morning it's crazy! We let our dogs out and when they go into the yard, the snow basically goes up to their bodies and they can hardly walk! This is like 1998 all over again!