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I'm Reading July 4, 2016, 10:57 pm
I found a place where the legendary comic was uploaded too. As I lamely shill my half-assed and unfinished cyber-noir novel and try to better myself as an author of exquisitely written tales of mystique and intrigue, I've decided to give this thing a run too look for advice on what not to ever do (And because some other guys and I started reading the mess in another chatroom). It's also a decent laugh as I restrain from pounding my head in with a hammer at how nonsensical it all is.

I've read the "First Issue" already, and I'll probably come back to detail that experience later.

My mind may melt, and I may never be the same.

This is my spirit journey. This is my calling.

I am Brave.

My Own Forum January 14, 2016, 2:10 am
I brought this up a little while ago during some bad threads as a joke, but I've been sitting on this since 2009. If you want to help breath a little life into a place you probably won't care about in the future, try out this:

It has nothing to do with anything really, but if you know someone, or f they know someone, check it out, shitpost a bit, make it look active. That's about it, really.

Thanks, or something.

Dark Forces scan request December 16, 2015, 1:51 pm
Hey, I was wondering if anyone here had the UK release of Dark Forces, and if so, I was wondering if that kind soul could get me a high-res (or decent-res) scan of the box art, seeing that it seems to lack the RSAC advisory that obscures the lower left corner.

Using several other sources, I want to try and rebuild the box art to exclude any logos. The closest I have is a Topps trading card that removes the Dark Forces logo, but the lower left corner has a gold foil stamp in the way.

Resin Kits December 2, 2015, 11:44 pm
I was looking to buy a Resin Kit as means of some kind of project to do at some point in time, and I was just wondering if anyone here has had experience putting them together or building ones from scratch and what the experience is like? I like the idea of a time eater project and maybe something cool to put together and paint, and I'm guess I'm wondering if there's anything I should be aware of from the get go.

I've glued models before, but this seems different due to the fact this would be in bigger pieces that go together, but then you have to seal up joints and possibly sand away excess. The latter isn't so much of a problem but the former has left me curious as to how it's done. I'm looking up tutorials but I'm looking to see if there's a sort of "Ramp up" difficulty or something.

Also, as most professional kits demand larger prices, I was curious as to what other tools I'd need to invest in. My dad has a warehouse of tools I can probably use, whether it be soldering equipment or whatever, not that I think that would actually be needed. But I don't actually know. Possibly tools depend on the kind of kit as well?

Quake II Action Figure September 30, 2015, 9:34 pm
So, I'm a bit of a Toy Collector, and I usually invest in things like Star Wars and Jurassic Park, while keeping out an eye out for Kenner's Aliens and Congo toylines. I've always held a bit of a curiosity for the Quake II figures by ReSaurus, and so I bought a loose sample, which seems to be a hard find (As eBay is otherwise loaded with MOC figures, but hardly any loose ones, much less complete loose figures).

First thing I noticed was that the figure was heavy, and six inches tall. I had figured that the figure would be about 4 inchs or so, but I didn't really know. He also featured a lot more articulation than I had imagined. Anyways, I think I'm gonna buy the whole line. Shouldn't be hard, minus finding Complete Loose versions and the Psycho figure, which was a Previews exclusive.

Here's a gallery I made of the figure.

I guess I'm just excited by the prospect of this figure, because the jam packed detailing and scale. I mean, even the guns are really detailed and nice looking.

If I'm not mistaken, ReSaurus also did a Duke Nukem line, and some other Video Game lines. I haven't encountered any of those yet, but I wonder if they're at all decent. I've seen images and a video of the Duke himself, but he seems to be poorly balanced to his Super Hero proportions (Something this Quake figure doesn't suffer from).

Also, I'd love to find the five (Six including the Hellknight variant, but I'd be happy with just the four main figures, too) figures and the BFG replica released for the Doom film as promo items, but those seem to be rather elusive. At least, I've found it hard to track them since Dr. Doom manages to seep into every search by the gallon.

An unimportant tangent September 23, 2015, 10:41 pm
I was writing this lengthy novel of a post over the course of several hours, because I was doing it before and during breaks in a class. When I got home to post it, the otherwise retarded thread got Hell'd. But I don't want to waste my effort, and I present this somewhat tangible post. By itself, I guess I'm presenting a scenario of types, I lose my original point, and create a new one. I find this to be a somewhat interesting, if not utterly trivial, topic, so maybe there's an extra thought on it. But I suppose this could also be gggmork levels of blah. I don't know.


Meeting these people is a mix bag. I've met guys who fit your aesthetic descriptions to a T, but are otherwise sociable and rather decent. But I've also met the kind that's "in your face batshit annoying" as well. But I've always sort of wondered what counts as flamboyant and what counts as incognitio. I like all sorts of things, and for all practical purposes, I may be this so called "geeky nerd." But I don't throw it in people's faces, as far as I know. So what counts as that? Wearing a T-shirt? A hat? I've never dyed my hair some fucked up color, and nor do I plan too. In High School I had a Cubone keychain on my backpack and used to play Pokemon on PSP during Study Halls.

There seems to be a fine variety of fine and even finer lines in terms of what is the "Flamer Geek" and what is the "Subdued Geek" (With Geek being used pretty loosely). You have two friends in the toy aisle, who are not toy collector's, who both seem to be Juniors in High School, and they're looking at the PAW Patrol (A kids show about Emergency Department dog characters who... Help people? I only know of it through processing its merchandise at the store I work at. I don't know the actual premise, but it doesn't actually matter) merchandise. One kid is dressed in the same clothes that person who you saw walking one day was wearing, like a gray sweater, some pants, and other generic looking everyday stuff. The other kid is larger, has flaming pink hair that's poofed in an attempt to look anime, has a gender you can't even begin to guess at, a mustache sharpied on their index finger, more ink on their chin in a beard like format, a shirt for a retro band (Either Hendrix or the Ramones), a Lucky Star laptop bag, ripped jeans that are "stylish," a seat-belt pants belt most likely from Hot Topic and probably says Attack on Titan on it or has the latest Generation Pokemon all over it, and probably a billion or more things making them fairly unique looking. As it happens the subdued looking kid is talking about the kids show, handling the merch, and discussing favorite characters, episodes, etc... The more flamboyant looking kid holds little interest, but seems interested in either the Pony toys or Minecraft stuff (I can't believe Minecraft has expanded into a massive toy line. I collect Star Wars and Jurassic Park merchandise [because it's cool and JP stuff may actually be worth quite a bit to other collectors down the line,e specially because of the shitty distribution], and the JP/JW stuff shares an aisle with the Minecraft stuff).

The subdued in appearance kid eventually goes off on a further tangent in their discussion, and odds are, they may hit other topics such as online communities, fanfiction, fan art, and grotesque pornographic fantasies. The more flamboyant looking kid nods their head appropriately, but otherwise doesn't add much, minus some comments here and there. They may mention that they like something too and deliberate on it for a minute before describing their thoughts. Some sub-adult eventually saunters up to them--not a store employee--and calls out the goofy looking kid for being goofy looking. They shrug indifferently and maybe say something along the lines "Of okay, whatever, dude. We like different things." The other kid goes ballistics and tries to verbally rationalize why a cartoon sheep dog should have the right to suck his cock.

So I guess looks don't count for much. Not my point, but I ended up writing all of this before a class, and now I've forgotten my original point but wrote to much to waste. But I suppose with this scenario, hardcore_gamer probably finds both terrible. But in that case, what is in your face, and what isn't? What is incognito nerd and what isn't? One may look overtly flamboyant, but otherwise doesn't push it. But, is the person still assaulting to the eyes? Are they "up in our face" on a more passive level than the subdued looking kid who is verbally bombastic? What measure is a nerd or a geek? Can such a thing be accurately gauged? It's almost a field of study, but it isn't because it'd probably be a waste of time that can be handed to professional psychologists who can look at it properly and then pass certain traits and aspects a way as phases in a kid's developmental cycle. I guess it's a weird topic in general.

But look at all of us. We sit on this forum talking about a twenty year old game, and the majority of us seemed to be somewhat fluent in pop culture trends to only a certain degree. Of course, at the same time, more of the people here are likely to judge, comment or criticize fads as opposed to take part in them, which can leave the balance skewed to some degree.

Oi, I'm Stupid December 7, 2014, 7:22 pm
Or maybe just arrogant, or lazy, or just very unwilling. I was signing up for a Graphic Design program at my Tech College, and I needed to go through an evaluation session first. There were a number of dates available, but now I waited too long because the dates, at the time, were too far off and I wasn't sure how I should schedule them. I can call, but it may be too late, and I'll have to wait another I think. God, I'm always some lazy idiot in these cases, and this really blows. Fuckin' A. /rant

Gaming July 14, 2014, 1:01 pm
...With a new (Generic run of the mill) Let's Play youtube channel. Videos are more for walkthrough purposes (Or video right now), so there isn't much for commentary. I didn't just want to ramble, so I opted for silence.

Give it a peek or two!

Decided to break away from other actual YT account in order to have a little more focus. Chaser might be a generic starting choice, but I like it, and need to finish it.

Windows 8 Update Killz June 19, 2014, 10:12 pm
So I needed to restart my computer earlier and when I came back on, a folder hidden deep under other folders containing a Doom project that I hoped to be my first official foray into mapping was completely demolished. I mean, what are the fucking odds some updates installed during the restart process, updates I didn't even know would take place as it never mentioned updates before the restart, would go and kill my project folder, arguably my most important folder, and not some image folder elsewhere. Why not my screencaps? Why not a folder full of word docs? Why not my porn? But my fuckin' Doom wads?

I'm honestly not even gonna restart, simply out of frustration. I've tried to use some recovery software, but it doesn't find the files I'm looking for, only pulling up other useless junk like temp files. The folder still exists, but it's empty and it acts likes there was nothing there, ever. Cleanly wiped. I'm pissed as hell, as there seems to be nothing I can do.

Deadeye Derby June 3, 2014, 5:02 pm
I don't really play phone games a whole lot, and it's been years since I was big on Happy Tree Friends, but their new game, Deadeye Derby, is pretty damn addicting. I like to think because it's not any of those crummy flash games you'd find on the official site or some third-party site like, it's like an actual refined game that finally feels fresh and original, and works as a handheld game. Controls are simply as shit, but still difficult in what's a fairly useful and creative way in the iPhone's tilt controls. It's a game where the gimmick makes sense. Plus, it's interactively gory, which is a plus concerning HTF. Anyone else play this or find any other interesting phone games?