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28 June 1, 2015, 4:45 pm

My New Years December 31, 2013, 6:24 pm
I'm going to spend an hour or two at my friend's NYE party. It's one of the biggest parties of the year and I always look forward to it.

But from 11:00PM-4:00AM I'll be doing hotel security. I predict that it's going to be an absolute nightmare. I normally hate doing hotel security-- babysitting a bunch of loudass drunk yuppies and their wild kids as they all spill out into the hallways during all hours of the night. That's on a normal night, this is New Years.

I clicked the register link by accident while getting to Blogs.... December 27, 2007, 4:02 pm

lol, how long has this been around?

My Work Monitor March 20, 2007, 12:47 am

I obviously love Doom more than my job, so I went about trying to cover the boarders of my monitor with Doomguy mug post-its. I know, it lacks ouchface. Someone stole my pen.

I have a real Blog for once December 11, 2005, 3:22 pm
I'll try and talk about my whole day in true blog form...

I woke up at about 3PM, after staying up until 5AM the night before playing Shadows of the Colossous and watchin Bumfights at my friend's house. Until around 6PM I sat around not doing much of anything special. The day before, a lady friend said she wanted to hang out, but I didn't hear from her. I did that whole morning routine of teeth brushing, breakfest eating, showering and what-not. 'Spent an hour or so trying to speedrun a Super Mario Bros ROM with a keyboard. 8-1 is such an easy level when I play the real thing, but I was unable to clear it. Frustrated, I quit and signed into MSN Messenger just in time to catch my best friend, Dan, online.

Our plan for the night was to slowly walk across town to McDonalds, getting drunk along the way with another friend, Howard. What was the occasion? None for my two alky friends, but you could argue I was celebrating Doom's birthday. I personally wasn't looking forward to this night of drinking. Dan's a major dumbass when he's drunk, and since he's such a little girl, he's drunk within two shots of most any whisky (what we usually buy). Howard was tagging along cheifly because I asked him to, on account of how I don't like drinking with any less then two other people, and especially not only with Dan. Howards and I are 'smart' drunks per se; we don't get very crazy often, and the two of us usually get into some good coversations concerning various world issues and movie histories.

Dan came to my house at 8PM, bringing the 26'er of Fireball I had purchased through him. We called Howard on his cel, and he said to meet him in a park four blocks down the road in a half hour. Ans so we headed for our meeting point. On the way, I requested that we stopped at Dan's house to grab a belt; the jeans I was wearing are quite baggy, as they kept slipping downward, and I didn't feel much like having to pull them up every two minutes all night. He rummaged around his room and eventually found a belt for me; I was grateful. Alas, when we exited his house, I checked my watch to discover we had five minutes to meet Howard, and we still had two blocks to go! So for eight minutes, Dan and I ran those two blocks and a soccer field through four inches of snow in hopes Howard wouldn't leave on us. When we got to the park, Howard wasn't there. Dan and I sat down on some play equipment and took our first shots, as Dan ranted about how his girlfriend of two months bought him a $100 MP3 player for Christmas, and how he had to out-do her present; I suggested he get ribbed condoms, for her pleasure. Five minutes later, and Howard appeared, already fairly drunk, as he had been partying at someone else's before meeting us.

We headed for the mall. Dan had his two shots and was starting to be an idiot. He wouldn't stop bringing up how his girlfriend bought him an MP3 player for Christmas. He asked Howard what he should get her, and he also suggested to buy ribbed condoms; it was hilarious. Apart from going to McDonalds, we now had to search the mall to find a good present for Dan's girlfriend. While there, I went to EB and played what I think was Ridge Racer 6 on their XBOX 360; I enjoyed how I could perfecty pull out any turn in that game, and you could also play Pac-Man on it which was cool. I also went to Future Shop to buy the new Korn CD while we were out there. We eventually made ur way to a gift store to find Dan a gift for his girlfriend. We all decided upon getting her a fog machine and this dragon statue holding a real dagger (she apparently likes dragons... And cutting).

Now it was finally time to go to McDonalds! I had been craving their bacon cheeseburgers for days now and couldn't wait to order. I got myself four bacon cheeseburgers and a small fry, Dan ordered four apple pies, and Howard got their value meal (medium pop, bacon cheeseburger, medium fry). My burgers were sub-par at best; I could only eat 2.5 of them and I sold the other 1.5 to Dan for $1.30. The whisky was really starting to take an affect on Dan; he was eating those cheeseburgers rather abnoxiously, stuffing the whole thing into his mouth while laughing like a dumbass. There was a hobo eating near us, looking in disgust to Dan's eating habbits.

Howard started getting a lot of messages and calls on his cel while we around McDonalds. At one point, the people he was partying with before called and said to come back. Dan and I were also welcomed, so we headed back there. On the way, Dan continued to be a drunken fool; he stole a bag of donations next to a thrift store and smashed just about everything inside it. He was also falling down a lot, but Howard and I could at least laugh at that. We stopped helping him back up after he thoroughly scratched his asshole with the gloves we was wearing. Anyway, we eventually got to this person's house. Dan was still a jerk, throwing things around in this stranger's house. At one point, Dan left the room to take a leak; it was then I announced I was never drinking with Dan again. Nothing really special happened at this person's house; some more of my friends were there, there was some pot smoking, and some watching of Rex The Runt. Eventually, Dan and another friend, Ty, left for another friend's house, where we'd meet up later. The rest of us just sort of sat around and chit-chatted until around 2AM when I, Howard and my last friend there, Logan, decided it was time to leave and check up on Dan.

The three of us walked to Logans, where Dan and Ty were. Dan had just left and gone home when we got there. We pretty much spent the next two and a half hours playing Resident Evil 4 and Shadows of the Colossus. I nearly got to the last boss in SotC, but I died en route to it because of what I think was a glitch. Pissed, I gave up. Howard had to leave, so I left and walked home with him. This is where we reach the climax, and sort of the whole point why I wrote this blog:

It was around 4:30AM, and we were half way to our homes. I was telling Howard about how cool my moderating job at Doomworld is, when what I think was a grey Tempo pulled up infront of us. Four guys stepped out of the car, sporting matching white bandanas that they probably got at a dollar store. They approached us and conversation went something like this:

Misc Wigger #1: Hey, do you guys have any weed or anything?

Me: 'Fraid not.

Misc Wigger #1: Well, do you know where we could find some perhaps?

Me: *chuckles* (I was thinking back to when we were at that one person's house. The joints they got were from their neighbour, who they just asked jokingly, not knowing he's really a dealer.)

Misc Wigger #1: What are you laughing at? I didn't say nothin' funny...

Me: Um, well, check out Trudeau Street---

Misc Wigger #2: Fuck Trudeau Street!

Me: Eh... Anyway, it's sort of party central; you're best bet is there right now.

Misc Wigger #1: --So, you don't have anything with you?

Me: Nope, this is all that's left of my night *I pull out my empty Fireball bottle*

Misc Wigger #2: Why are you carrying around an empty bottle, man?

Me: I'm keeping it for my friend; he collects them.

Misc Wigger #1: Ah, I see... Hey, can I see that?

I let him have a look at my bottle, asking if he's ever drank Fureball before. Just upon handing him the bottle, he turns around and throws it into a nearby building (I don't think it broke).

Misc Wigger #1: How about that... Does that make you pissed?

Me: Not really, it's not mine now as far as I'm concerned...

It was around this time one of these wanna-be thugs takes a swing at me, and another, and another. Soon enough, all four are on me. I just sort of stood there taking punches, and a few knees to the face. The whole time I was thinking how my own friends punch me harder than this. They lay off me and have a go at Howard, who I suppose was taken off guard by this whole event. Three of them booted him on the ground, while another stood in my way, probably to make sure I didn't get the rest from behind. He was all like, "Whatcha gonna do, mother fucker?!" I just shrugged at him, glacing over at the beating my friend recieved. A minute passed and they all ran back to their car, flashing some last minute gang signs and threatening to kill us if we called the cops. I forgot to check their licence plate, or I would have called the fuzz right there.

Me and Howard stood there for a bit, letting what just happened sink in. I laughed the whole thing off, like a psycho would. I stood there taking free face shots for however long, and I didn't even get a fat lip. That lot were a bunch of pussies and didn't bother to rob us or anything. I kind of dubbed this the worst mugging in the entire history of man. Howard's still pissed about it, and I am too a little I guess.

My Most Sinister Scheme Yet! October 11, 2005, 12:55 am
A few weeks ago, my XBOX crapped out on me. I called Microsoft tech support and was like, "WTF?" and they replied, "Yea... Ur harddrive is prolly broken, pay us $120 to fix it LOL!" I responded with an even louder 'LOL' as I hung up the phone. I sure showed them, but my counter-attack wasn't over. I soon trekked over to my neighbourhood hobby shop, and the guy there claimed he wouldn't only fix my XBOX, but he'd modify it for $150. I thought it sounded like a sweet deal, so that's what I planned to do, all I needed was that kind of cash.

Awesome news: A local Zellers hired me to work nights restocking shelves! The only thing I had to do was fill out this form with my chequing information. For this, I needed a chequing account; I didn't have a chequing account. Nevertheless, my mom wakes me up the next day and asks, "Want to get your own chequing account yet?" and I'm all like, "Damn straight." We take care of that and I get $243 in my account. Upon leaving the bank, mommy asks me, "What do you think you're spending that dough on?" My answer, "I don't know... Probably gonna get my XBOX fixed--" "NO," mother interupts, "You [U]cannot[/U] spend it on that!" "Psssh," I, uh, psh... Indicating that I wasn't promicing anything.

My plan? While my parents are at work tomorrow morning, I'm hauling my XBOX over to that hobby shop and getting that SOB fixed. I was intending to wait until I legitly earned the money to fix it, but now games like Farcry: Instincts and Doom3: Resurrection Of Evil are out now, and I'll be damned if I ain't playing those ASAP. In my mind, I'm not expecting my parents to notice my XBOX is missing until it's too late. I don't think they have much reason to get angry even if I do get caught; two nights of work will cover the cost, anyway.

second attempt at a speedrun June 12, 2005, 5:49 pm
First Attempt

This time I only tried E1, still level 2 difficulty. I don't know if you're suppose to include the time for E1M8, but if you do, I got somewhere around 8:46; if not, I had 7:26.

I nearly died on M7 when I exploded a barrel right next to me near the last switch, but managed to get out of there with 3% health.

If I knew how to record demos in ZDOOM, I'd make some for everyone to see.

Cool, I won an art contest June 7, 2005, 2:38 pm
A couple months ago, my Art teacher made the whole class participate in a poster contest, the theme being road rage prevention. Today I was informed I won second place and I made $50.00 doing so. The piece doesn't fit in my scanner so the best I can do is take a webcam shot of it:

I was up until 2:00AM finishing that bastard on the day before it was due; I guess now it was worth it.

Yucky KD April 14, 2005, 5:21 pm
I was having a nice big bowl of my favourite, most easy meal to make, Kraft Dinner. In one scoop, I noticed a dead insect in my food. It's probably ruined my taste for KD forever... Ball snakes.

Post loan? March 26, 2005, 8:38 pm
Would any major posters, say Danarchy, like to loan me a portion of their postcount? Just like one or two more thousand? It'd make me feel like a big man if I had a postcount of 3000.