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12 years and 5 days April 1, 2016, 1:07 pm
I registered on DWF March 27, 2004. That still sounds like yesterday. I am no longer a "noob" anymore.

I've never been on a forum for more than a decade besides DWF and ZDoom Forums - mostly because they are the only ones that haven't shut down due to the changing winds of the Internet.

And I still haven't published a map.


So I decided to start a serious map after years of playing and seeing what works and what doesn't. Fighting with editors has always been a pain (I'm not on Windows) and the Linux ones aren't there yet. I'll figure something out.

So watch this space. Or something.

When do Doom wads become malicious? November 23, 2012, 2:14 am
This is in blogs so little jerks can't find it as easily, but I still want the community's input on this. I've been reviewing maps lately, so consider this a blog entry.

Now before I start this entry I'm sure you all know the little jerk known as "Terry" that uploads jokewads on /idgames from time to time. Most of them are immature, unplayable maps.

A lot of people have asked who Terry was, and was simply told to ignore him, and he'll "go away". That's rapidly becoming impossible to do. Instead of labeling his maps as jokewads, Terry now uploads zip-bombs under a dozen alternate names. Let me explain what that is.

A Zip bomb is a malicious compressed file that exploits compression techniques to compress a huge file of gibberish into a small size.

A recent PWAD that does this is "Dementia". It can be downloaded here.

This Zip is 4272 KB. Let's unzip that.

See that huge number? that's over 500 Megabytes of uncompressed garbage.

This isn't the worst offender. There was a previous wad (that has since been removed) that unzipped to a whopping 1 GIGABYTE in size. It was distributed as a WAD in a compressed PK3 file, which meant that ZDoom was loading the entire WAD into memory. While modern machines wouldn't find this an issue (just an annoyance), it still is a pretty dickish thing to do.

I have no idea how this guy is getting under the radar. Surely there is some way to check these wads before they get into /idgames. But I'd call for a more radical solution: A check for this in source ports. since Eternity Engine now has ZIP support, this is now something I would like to brainstorm about. The issue is checking the entries of a WAD file without having to extract the whole blasted thing from a zip file, and from what I've read, that is close to impossible.

So my Grandfather left me... with this August 19, 2012, 3:35 am
After taking care of him for a year and a half, I was given a small "gift" for my work... this old, old piano.


As you can hear, it's out of tune pretty badly and needs some work. it probably needs to be restrung, too. Half the problem is that it requires special strings, the other half is that it's gonna take a huge chunk out of my wallet to get that done.

It's pretty haunting.

OPL3 stuff I gone and done January 19, 2012, 12:14 am
While looking on the youtubes I came across this garbage:

And had to correct it.


How I did this? Shh, it's a secret.

So I trolled an Internet Radio show today January 12, 2012, 1:18 am

I should be ashamed.

Transferring all my home videos to DVD January 7, 2012, 2:09 am
I've been looking for DVD authoring software for months and came upon DVDFlick, it's pretty damn good and it's GPL. I've been transferring all my home videos to DVD and finally I can make use of my DVD drive. DVD-Rs are super cheap now and now I can put all my home movies on DVD and send to relatives. Woot!

I'm also impressed on how much I can fit on a single-layer DVD and still keep acceptable quality. And to think I was using VHS for all these years.

the only sucky parts right now is the audio. it's normalizing it and I don't like it. The video also can jerk around on scene changes(when I copied a movie), but this is rare. I was told this was a problem with ffmpeg and nothing I can do about it, but I doubt it's unfixable.

Finally I can prove OPL3 emulation is not complete December 10, 2011, 4:17 am
But no one will care!

I made this video.

So I got a ThinkPad August 23, 2011, 11:00 pm
And at home I still have friggin' dial-up. booo.

I was told that the windows assessment score or whatever was completely bunk in terms of this machine because of "the nature of the beast".

This thing truly scares me.

I appear to have 8 logical cores, and some sort of GPU black magic on top of that. I have no idea how it works, but from what I can gather the GPU itself is acting as a co-processor, just like the old days. I knew that would come full circle.

The machine also has the ability to turn on/off any major component at will and still operate. Or, that's what i inferred from the exciting marketing things I seem to get for no reason.

Other than some of those creepy things it's just a computer. One I desperately needed since my Dell XPS fried and my EeePC was frustrating me more and more each day with its slowness. I was using something made for simple tasks for complex tasks like coding and video, and it just wasn't working anymore.

Also I watched some videos it came with where a guy abused the hell out of the computer and it still worked. I don't know why they ran over it , poured water on it and threw it in a dryer, but I suppose if I ever leave my ThinkPad in my jean pocket, I can rest easy knowing it'll be fine with a day to dry.

Help me with cooking ideas! June 19, 2011, 8:14 pm
I've been taking care of my Grandfather since early May, and since then I've had the opportunity to use old-fashioned cooking utensils (cause the microwave is pure shit). Since I'll be here until late August, I decided to learn to.... cook.

Yeah. Cooking. No more Hot Pockets.

What I'm looking for are some quick, easy and po'-folks recipes. since I am on a very very small food budget, I need ideas with low-cost items that won't take too long to prepare. I have a crockpot , an old oven, and pretty much every stovetop cooking apparatus known to man. I just need to know what to cook. I've been looking through cookbooks, but most of it seems to require really weird niche spices that I'll use once and never again.

Any recipes the Doomworld Forumers can share? I'll take anything that's good and not too wacky (My Grandfather has to eat it, too).

Ran into a slight problem. January 14, 2011, 5:06 am
Apparently I gotta believe in trolls and angels and unicorns or I can't live at my parents' house while I look for more suitable housing for graduate school.

I got this note on my car:

You will not be an agnostic or an athiest. If you are, then hit the pavement. No car, no money,clothes, etc....

How do I fake this? I'm an honest person. Living a lie hurts me. I'm already forced to go to this evangelical church or whatnot and everything I hear makes my brain spin. I don't like that feeling, at all.

What do? And no, moving out is not an option. There is no way I could support myself right now or find someone that will, because almost everyone I know is in this exact same generation/generation situation. There is no tolerance for un-WASPy stuff here in the south at all.