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Sick of this shit August 4, 2010, 1:21 pm
I'm Sick of it.

I'm sick of my job. My job has never been about fixing technical computer issues. My job has been akin to a Cuban auto mechanic.

I have ~40 computers that are older than the kids that go to this school. 20% of them require an arcane networking system made by Novell. those 20% require Windows 3.11 WFW. If DOS was still relevant, I'd be a guru at it by now.

The State has no money. The county has no money. This school is using computers from the 90s because money has been so tight. It is illegal to raise money or to ask for it, and the principal is such a jackass that he removed every computer the federal government gave us because "no one would work on them"... uhhhh.... that was my job?

That was 50 or so computers trashed. I wish I could trash these. There's only so much you can pull out of 500 MHz P3 computers with win98SE, and a group of 100-150 MHz Workstations running the only educational programs we can afford (We bought them in 1993). I have ran out of XP activation keys. I will get no more. I have put more effort than most computer repair shops (and have earned nothing close to what they do) and I just can't take it anymore. I have used more floppies than most people have in their lifetime because I can't find a TCP/IP driver worth a damn.

Did I mention that a few of these computers are 486s?? in 2010, I'm working on 486s.

tl;dr baww I hate my job.

I'm such a damn nerd. June 4, 2010, 10:15 pm
While watching The Weather Channel(nerd point 1) I was watching Storm Stories (nerd point 2). between storms, a cool map would show up with a tracker showing the storms, when a new city was listed, a sound played for dramatic effect. The sound was a sample of the Cry from the Pokemon "Unown" on Gold/Silver (Nerd point 3).

Do I have a problem? Or am I a really observant nerd?

Csonig's "Old software n' shit" thread May 24, 2010, 8:04 pm
Hi! (Mods, if this belongs in EE, please move it. I didn't know where to post this originally.)

I've been working on a 1993-era PC for DOS games and to relive my nostalgic childhood I sorely miss (:( ) so, This is a thread for me (and others) to post some Old DOS software crap they remember using or had used, or still use (maes?). I probably won't get a lot of responses, after all , 1993 was a long time ago. But, what I'm looking for are basic utilities like:
    A Word Processor (Windows Write will do for now)
    A Media Player (Mplayer and MP3Play work I guess for now)
    Games (All the DOS games you liked and are freeware or shareware)
    Music/Audio software (got soundforge & TheDrumsProfessional, still looking for MIDI sequencers. I have Fasttracker II & Adlib Tracker II)
    Any other utilities, like a DOS Web Browser, if it exists

To anyone that helps, Thank you so much! And this is just an experiment, so please to be understanding (I have Win95c on a disc ready to install if I just can't take it anymore). This is a learning experience for me.

Reason and Eee PC: Success December 1, 2009, 4:48 pm

Had to turn Cable animation off but it's a blast so far to use Reason on such a small netbook. And yes, it does have some issues. ASIO is a bitch to deal with.
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New Moon November 20, 2009, 8:55 pm

Seriously, don't see this. Don't. See. This. my girlfriend tried to make me see it, but I refused. She took her girl friends with her to see it, she said it was one of the worst things she's ever done (besides me ;_;). One of her friends fell asleep during the movie.

And, to top it off, people were dressing up to go see this. like, as the characters. and some were actually cutting themselves. Darwin should wipe these fuckers out really soon. Luckily, the police were there and kicked the cutters out. There were also some fistfights in the line.

So, yeah. Apparently this movie broke Harry Potter's record of sales in one night... But uhm, Harry Potter was an infinitely better movie, and book.

It shows that Sales do NOT equal quality. This is a shitfest of a movie, and has been claimed as the biggest waste of money by over 9 friends that have seen it. that is *all* who have seen it.

You'd be better off playing Deus Vult Zero.

BEHOLD MY MAJESTIC BOAT November 12, 2009, 4:46 am
1991 Cadillac Eldorado convertible (MODDED!!!!11)
just over 16 MPG!!!!1
eighty-fow stylin' bicycle rims
The ugliest metallic "baby blue" possible
Annoying Mission Control Computer system, which makes you feel like CAPCOM on an Apollo mission
very slightly mildewed dark blue leather seats, interior
the cheapest looking dashboard ever conceived
Interior lights out the ass
automatic butt wipers
Alpine CD player (original radio was shot)

And that special "I feel like a douchebag" feeling comes absolutely free!

At first I didn't want anyone to notice I was driving this POS but then I realised I didnt give a damn, and that with the instant economy function, I could maximize my fuel economy making the avg. economy readout to 22.8 MPG. Suck that, Prius!

Pictures coming when I feel like it.

windows 7 now installed on my main desktop October 29, 2009, 3:04 pm

It's spiffy. It's also fast as hell.

I had some trouble installing photoshop again, but other than that it's the best OS I've used. Now that I've used it in a real working environment, I can say it blasts Vista out of the park with a bazooka. The only problem is that I miss the old start menu.. :(

Bought the 2009 Beatles CD set October 7, 2009, 9:05 am
It is aural sex.

I converted them all to V0 MP3 and threw them on my iPod. It has revealed a lot of stuff I had no idea was there. These remasters are not fakeloud and I found myself turning up a few of them.

Lemme tell you, A Hard Day's Night has some wicked cowbell. Bruce Dickenson would be proud. Let It Be is ethereal as ever, too.

Though I know someone this morning who said "lol you can't torrent?"

No, you assholes. I WANT THE POSTERS.

It sure as hell beats the "1" CD I have. In fact, That shit was drink coaster quality to begin with. muddy compressed crap that it was.

How to Read Real Estate Ads *cough* *hack* September 23, 2009, 3:32 am
I got this from my Professor today-- apparently it was a "mistake" but it was so funny I decided to post it anyway.

Baroque = Broken
Casual Living = Your neighbors have a refrigerator on their front lawn
Charming = Corners donít line up. Sagging porch.
Country Living = Your street will never see a snow plow.
Cozy = Cramped
Diverse Wildlife = Raccoons will raid your garbage. Bats will roost in your attic. Coyotes will eat your dog. Bears will eat your children.
Urban Setting = Ghetto
Family-ready = Previous tenants left toys everywhere
Historic = Has ghosts
Interesting History = Has murderous ghosts
Laid-back Lifestyle = Retirement Community
Outdoor fire-pit = Previous owner burned the garage to the ground.
Private Drive = All your neighbors were eaten by redneck cannibals
Quaint = Outdated
Quiet neighbors = Cult compound
Scenic View = Adjacent Cemetery
Spacious = No windows
Starter Home = Cardboard box
Tree-lined = Welcome to the jungle
Unique Layout = Architect was unlicensed and possibly schizophrenic
Waterfront Property = Septic tank backs up in spring

Also, I have mono. It feels like some leaky faucet. Inside my neck.

Also I don't know how I got it. Feel free to speculate.

Reddit SUCKS. (Digg sucks redux) August 25, 2009, 4:37 pm
Remember when I said that digg sucked? that was around 2006. Yet, somehow Digg has remained somewhat tolerable compared to the alternative that was touted as something better: Reddit.

Reddit and Digg seemed to be the same kind of setup with the same NEWS AND CULTURE topics, but Reddit allowed people to make their own categories and allowed boobs. The quality of the comments and posts were somewhat better at Reddit than Digg, but now that trend has reversed: Whereas Digg.com has gotten better in the "Actual content" department, Reddit has fallen to a pointless nut-filled mob of sheep that post bullshit like "BACON RULES". Reddit also has a section called "AskReddit", where a user was to ask a question and let the community comment and try to answer it. That's been lost somehow, and has spread across the site to just be a "I THINK THAT *insert subject here* is *opinion on subject*, VOTE ME UP IF YOU AGREE". A person doesn'e even have to post an article or a link, just his little rant or opinion and everyone comments on it. That's not news, that's bullshit. Reddit is not for news anymore. Reddit makes Slashdot look like CNN. That's how bad it is.

How bad is this shit? If you were in #zdoom you got to see this:

Obesity is due to diet. There are no obese people in Ethiopia, there are no people getting obese in Ethiopia. It's as simple as that, caloric intake. Why is it that no one has the balls to take this stance? That it is wildly politically incorrect to place the blame on those EATING too much?

No fat people in Ethiopia? Man, Who needs facts when we have Reddit? Of course the best part is that this kind of topic attracted the meatheads like moths to a flame:

"Fuck counting calories. If you eat healthy to begin with you can stuff your face all fucking day and night and still never touch obscene calorie numbers."

"Look it just boils down to this. Is the food convenient? Is the food not natural (processed meat, chemical cheese, no expiration date)? Is the food from a restaurant? Does the food have some huge fucking brand name associated with it (Nabisco, Kraft, Coca Cola, etc). Then stop buying it. Most healthy food doesn't need a brand. It doesn't matter who makes your green beans, your chicken, and pineapple folks."

"And quit giving in to friends and family dragging you to shit holes that make you fatter. If they care about you and your health they'll respect your decision, if not? Fuck em."

"And yes, fuck your friends. And yes, your family too. If people do not care about your well being and your health, then they don't care about you. It really is that simple."

"People always want an excuse for their failure, which is why we have these folks blaming their genetics for what is the fault of their lifestyle. Personal responsibility seems to be almost taboo in this country, especially with the inspiration of a government which just hands out money to flailing corporations."

Look I understand that It's well accepted to most that reduced physical activity and fast food are linked to obesity. But evidence that these are the main causes is, quite frankly, bullshit.

A look at the front page right now at 4:21 PM CDT gives us these wonderful articles:

  • Time doesn't exist and the universe isn't really expanding, says physicist Julian Barbour. Both are illusions.
  • Am I the only one sick of music downloaders acting like they are crusaders for the greater good? I love music. I don't like paying for it. I steal it. Simple as that. I am no hero. Those that want to protect their investments are not Nazis.
  • Why aren't the religious right fighting tooth and nail for the Public Option? I mean, they go ape shit all over protecting the life of a fetus; why not the life of a full grown human?
  • Orthodox Islamic school treats Dutch teachers who are not Muslims as inferior beings. They have to have their meals separately, cannot be greeted in the same way as Muslims, and must teach that Christianity will be abolished. (this story was found to be bullshit)
  • Cutting edge features in Snow Leopard! Now with more reliable disk eject
  • I'm wondering, who on reddit is the oldest virgin?
  • TMZ is reporting on Sears selling a baby cooking grill. I hope you are proud of yourselves.

Digg.com's frontpage has this:

  • Obama to Nominate Bernanke to 2nd Term as Fed Chief
  • Australians Develop World's Most Efficient Solar Cell
  • New Research Examines How Career Dreams Die
  • Global starvation imminent as US faces crop failure
  • Google Maps Adds Traffic Conditions to Major Roads

Still shitty, but Digg.com wins by a mile.

That's just sad. Really. I'm considering leaving all "Web 2.0" news "portal" sites like these altogether. They're obviously biased and packed with trolls.

Like FOX News.