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Reddit SUCKS. (Digg sucks redux) August 25, 2009, 4:37 pm
Remember when I said that digg sucked? that was around 2006. Yet, somehow Digg has remained somewhat tolerable compared to the alternative that was touted as something better: Reddit.

Reddit and Digg seemed to be the same kind of setup with the same NEWS AND CULTURE topics, but Reddit allowed people to make their own categories and allowed boobs. The quality of the comments and posts were somewhat better at Reddit than Digg, but now that trend has reversed: Whereas Digg.com has gotten better in the "Actual content" department, Reddit has fallen to a pointless nut-filled mob of sheep that post bullshit like "BACON RULES". Reddit also has a section called "AskReddit", where a user was to ask a question and let the community comment and try to answer it. That's been lost somehow, and has spread across the site to just be a "I THINK THAT *insert subject here* is *opinion on subject*, VOTE ME UP IF YOU AGREE". A person doesn'e even have to post an article or a link, just his little rant or opinion and everyone comments on it. That's not news, that's bullshit. Reddit is not for news anymore. Reddit makes Slashdot look like CNN. That's how bad it is.

How bad is this shit? If you were in #zdoom you got to see this:

Obesity is due to diet. There are no obese people in Ethiopia, there are no people getting obese in Ethiopia. It's as simple as that, caloric intake. Why is it that no one has the balls to take this stance? That it is wildly politically incorrect to place the blame on those EATING too much?

No fat people in Ethiopia? Man, Who needs facts when we have Reddit? Of course the best part is that this kind of topic attracted the meatheads like moths to a flame:

"Fuck counting calories. If you eat healthy to begin with you can stuff your face all fucking day and night and still never touch obscene calorie numbers."

"Look it just boils down to this. Is the food convenient? Is the food not natural (processed meat, chemical cheese, no expiration date)? Is the food from a restaurant? Does the food have some huge fucking brand name associated with it (Nabisco, Kraft, Coca Cola, etc). Then stop buying it. Most healthy food doesn't need a brand. It doesn't matter who makes your green beans, your chicken, and pineapple folks."

"And quit giving in to friends and family dragging you to shit holes that make you fatter. If they care about you and your health they'll respect your decision, if not? Fuck em."

"And yes, fuck your friends. And yes, your family too. If people do not care about your well being and your health, then they don't care about you. It really is that simple."

"People always want an excuse for their failure, which is why we have these folks blaming their genetics for what is the fault of their lifestyle. Personal responsibility seems to be almost taboo in this country, especially with the inspiration of a government which just hands out money to flailing corporations."

Look I understand that It's well accepted to most that reduced physical activity and fast food are linked to obesity. But evidence that these are the main causes is, quite frankly, bullshit.

A look at the front page right now at 4:21 PM CDT gives us these wonderful articles:

  • Time doesn't exist and the universe isn't really expanding, says physicist Julian Barbour. Both are illusions.
  • Am I the only one sick of music downloaders acting like they are crusaders for the greater good? I love music. I don't like paying for it. I steal it. Simple as that. I am no hero. Those that want to protect their investments are not Nazis.
  • Why aren't the religious right fighting tooth and nail for the Public Option? I mean, they go ape shit all over protecting the life of a fetus; why not the life of a full grown human?
  • Orthodox Islamic school treats Dutch teachers who are not Muslims as inferior beings. They have to have their meals separately, cannot be greeted in the same way as Muslims, and must teach that Christianity will be abolished. (this story was found to be bullshit)
  • Cutting edge features in Snow Leopard! Now with more reliable disk eject
  • I'm wondering, who on reddit is the oldest virgin?
  • TMZ is reporting on Sears selling a baby cooking grill. I hope you are proud of yourselves.

Digg.com's frontpage has this:

  • Obama to Nominate Bernanke to 2nd Term as Fed Chief
  • Australians Develop World's Most Efficient Solar Cell
  • New Research Examines How Career Dreams Die
  • Global starvation imminent as US faces crop failure
  • Google Maps Adds Traffic Conditions to Major Roads

Still shitty, but Digg.com wins by a mile.

That's just sad. Really. I'm considering leaving all "Web 2.0" news "portal" sites like these altogether. They're obviously biased and packed with trolls.

Like FOX News.

Picked up Something at a Garage Sale Yesterday August 21, 2009, 2:34 pm
Was coming home from school yesterday and noticed a Garage sale, and picked up one of these:

No, the picture isn't mine, but it works.

Picked it up for 5 dollars, ran home and shoved a 9-volt battery in. All I gotta say is, This game is addictive as hell. It's a two-player game at its core, but it's still fun to play around with it and dodge the defense, whose speeds change depending on the difficulty. the buttons feel like, well, buttons. they make a satisfying "click" sound and have a little resistance to them, just like buttons should have.

The back of the unit has a funny sticker (at least to me) that says: IF GAME MALFUNCTIONS, TRY FRESH BATTERIES. Yeah, if only all electronic devices were that easy to troubleshoot.

I do find the most fun thing to do is to run the quarterback to the endzone. Passing is ok, but the defense can snatch the ball from you and sometimes the receiver can fail to catch the ball, or the ball is intercepted.

The only problem I'm having is that you can't leave the defense behind and run like a nigga-on-smack on COPS. That's because you immediately roll over to the opposite side of the screen. if there is a dude there, he'll kick your ass, so you gotta watch both sides of the screen if you want to make a mad waterboy-style dash to clear a few yard lines. if you do clear a screen (or wrap around to the same "column" the ball snapped) you get a first down. I find that in setting 2 the best thing to do is to aim for the first down and that only, and not wait around for that wonderful moment where one row is empty to blast the player through like a freight train. There's a bit of strategy to this game of handegg, dammit!

This thing is built like a tank, too. It feels rather heavy, and I suspect it's built using the old-style thick circuitboard. The plastic isn't frail or thin, and it isn't discolored at all. The display is also quite bright. I don't know if it's LED or VFD, but you can clearly see the screen in the daylight, which is a plus.

oh yeah, here's a video.


Edit: I read in the manual there's a way to get a safety. Talk about thorough!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeepc May 25, 2009, 11:41 pm
Yeppers, I gots an Eee PC 900HD.


i've already upgraded the RAM to 2 GB, the netbook soars above my previous laptop, the one bloodshedder and I both had, the PCG-FXA36.

160 GB HD , card reader, VGA out, realtek (YOSPOS BITCH) onboard. plus the screen isnt bad either.
the only problem im having so far is that some programs assume 1024x768 now as a bare minimum (pidgin, looking at you) and it's hard to use those. not a very good situation.

P.S. glxgears 999 fps lol

p.p.s: the keyboard kinda sucks. it's hard to get used to.

I was in the hospital, huge success March 12, 2009, 10:17 pm
I had 4 surgeries Tuesday. Rhinoplasty ( new nose lol) Septoplasty, Turbinoplasty, and a tonsillectomy (emergency).

Rumor has it than when the swelling subsides, I'll have a real nose and will have the ability to breathe through it. I was in ICU for a day and a half just to hear that information.
I'm still alive!


I can't have anything harder than icecream with no nuts in it. So much for filet mignon.

Doom Folding@Home Team Revival! March 1, 2009, 11:57 pm
I'm still chugging away at Folding@Home, which I find to be infinitely beneficial to solving those little problems like, say, cancer. I've determined that it's such a good thing to do to further research that I'ma try to revive it in this community. I'm the only active one on doomworld's team (45070) and I'm tired of being the only one feeling as if he's helping whilst everyone else is running programs that analyse radio static from space. (but hey, another man's signal noise is another man's... interesting analysis of signal noise)

Therefore, I'm unofficially calling for the revival of the Doom Community Folding@Home team. Our Team number is 45070, and the website to download the software is http://folding.stanford.edu/.

I hope to be seeing you guys folding proteins along with me. If you have a newer CPU, you'll get beefier projects, which means more points. it's a competition thing!


If you know a program where the community has moved to (non SETI related as that seems to be a bit superflue) please, by all means, let me know. Otherwise, let's start foldin'!

AT&F'nT December 15, 2008, 5:32 pm
Because I am an idiot (and the other carriers pissed me off entirely in the 90s with roaming charges) I decided that Bellsouth Mobil-er, Cingula- er, AT&F'nT would be the best choice for a PDA Data plan. Since the bitches carry the iPhone, and, since its inception, have created sensible data plans (note: one I could actually afford) I decided to buy a Pocket PC,-- HTC Kaiser II. It has 4 GB Memory and an SD Micro expansion, Data this and that, can watch stupid movies if I wanted to on there. Can even draw on it. Whoop. However, it also has the ability to use ICS, or Internet Connection Sharing, which basically connects a PDA/PPC to a standard PC and connects said PC to the network. Shouldn't be an issue, right? I mean, I got a data plan, having an extra step to a PC should be just like using Opera or IE on the phone itself right?

Huhuuh, I was wrong.

Turns out that this wonderful function is a bit too wonderful and easy and obvious that AT&T decided that it'd be the coolest idea in the world to make such an option an extra 10 dollar charge and casually forget to tell me about it- EACH TIME I USED IT. Charge to use tethering in a monthly plan= $10. The sales rep didn't tell me shit about this, and it wasn't even in the plan I read as an extra charge, or the manual I received. It wasn't supposed to be an extra charge. I guess some big wigs decided to make it one and not tell anyone (but they love to tell me I can get a free car by sending me over 9000 SMS messages) just to get some extra cash to scare the shit out of the iPhone and PPC users.

and if they ever read this:

Fuck you, AT&T. Intentionally crippling devices to fit your stupid data plans may be common practice for you guys, but to not tell your sales reps, me, or even post that such charges were currently suppressed and were to be reinstated that month... Come on. Even Satan wouldn't pull shit like that. no, posting on your shitty tech forum and not the main one doesn't count either. At least you could have stickied the topic.

In conclusion, AT&T was the last carrier on my list of carriers to try. They all suck, mobile technology in America is screwed just like it was when phones were on landlines. same shit , no wires. Gotta love it!

Floppy Disks Suck. May 19, 2008, 3:59 pm
If you don't know, I'm a collector of old computer shit. I have an old Yamaha Midi Keyboard that has its own OS and sound chip inside- with a small boot disk. I immediately made images and backups of the original and used copies. Good thing I did. Because today, when booting, I heard a very bad "scratch" sound. to my horror, something from the inside of the floppy disk had gotten into the fabric and scratched the soft readable goodness off a section of the disk-- So much that I can see through it.

The problem is this: this is a brand new floppy disk, and with all my workings with computers, it seems that floppy disks are getting shittier and shittier as time goes by. not in age, but in performance with NEW floppy disks-this one lasted maybe a month before it died, while old floppies from the apple //e era still work. What the hell?

On another note, CD-Rs are also getting shittier. the labels come off easily, some never burn correctly, and one Memorex brand CD-R failed to work in all of my CD Burners. Funny, I used to equate Memorex with quality VHS Cassettes. Why does Removable storage in 2008 have to suck so bad?

may/may not April 28, 2008, 1:13 pm
So I come home for the weekend with my girlfriend and find out that:
My mom may/may not have had an affair in the past 5 years
My dad may/may not have a rare form of malicious skin cancer
My dad also may/may not take a job that would get him $140k/year
My scholarship may/may not be renewed for reasons not related to my GPA
My mom's church may/may not be closing

And to top it all off, the water may/may not work.

The other day the Kitchen sink stopped working altogether, so my dad bought another faucet and such to install. it ended up taking until 3 AM to install it, and upon turning off the gate valve in the basement, the shaft snapped. So we had no damn water. We attempted to fix the gate valve with moderate success, but it now leaks for no damn reason. so if you want water, you have to go outside, turn the meter on, get water, go outside, turn it back off, repeat.

But that's ok since I found this:

So I decided I want to major in History February 25, 2008, 12:36 am
And Mom was not happy.

Why do I have to be a lawyer like the rest of the family when I find it so boring? Ugh. Emo emo emo.

I want to be a Historian, but let's be honest, I can't really earn much with a History major. Quite honestly I couldn't care less about the "money" but apparently that's all my parents do care about.

Edit: Fine,fine,fine. At least I didn't choose Astrophysics ;)

A weird search result I got on Limewire January 22, 2008, 12:30 pm

I'm not so sure I want to download it.