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Spiders! September 8, 2005, 1:10 am
I haven't posted in a pretty long while, so here are some horrible man-eating (not really) spiders I've gotten recently:

(super hires version)

The little brown one has a 1.5" legspan, maybe 1.75", but it's going to molt soon (maybe within a week) and the big one is 3" if not slightly more in legspan. He's in pre-molt too (they stop eating is how you tell, plus if they have a bald spot it starts to blacken. the little one's looks like a big bruise now; that pic is over a week old), but he's got longer to go before that happens.

The little one has that bald spot because they flick their hairs as self defense or when they get nervous. At the pet store he was in a little dish-type-thing inside a big tank with a ton of other animals, which I'm sure he did not enjoy. He's pretty goddamn fat though, so at least they fed him well (plus he ate four crickets in three weeks under my care before he stopped eating).

That is all!

Competing Pong Product March 7, 2005, 3:20 pm
We at Cyb industries are unhappy with Assmaster Inc.'s pong game and feel the market is ready for another free pong-like product. Thusly, we present to you: Cyb Pong! (162k)

Up and down controls your paddle, and uh, that's it. You can change stuff in the config file (pong.cfg), such as paddle colors (use html color codes but with 0x in front of them instead of #, so 0xFF0000 is pure red etc) and the AI can be slightly changed by making GAME_AI 0, 1 or 2 with 0 being 'normal' 1 being somewhat unfair (the second paddle can move faster than you) and 2 being 'retarded'. SCR_LIM will set the upper score limit. The program doesn't check if anything is valid really, so it's probably possible to crash it if you enter in wacky stuff. After the game ends you can press 'N' to start a new one, or ESC to exit (ESC will work at any point as well).

<strike>Edit: <a href="#post522351">new version!</a>
Edit again! <a href="#post522621">new version!</a>
OMG EDIT <a href="#post523044">latest version!</a>
Wooo <a href="#post523578">new version!</a></strike>
Hooray! <a href="#post525683">final version!</a>

Hey It's Doomworld's Official Take A Picture of Your Half-Life 2 Box/CDs Thread! November 19, 2004, 8:31 pm
In memory of the same thread for Doom 3

I'll start this one too!

and I know not everyone has CDs... mine is actually a DVD, but we can be lenient

itsa me, mario October 12, 2004, 2:35 am

I win the prize!

ps - read the txt file or DIE

Special Edition of ZDoom August 21, 2004, 7:15 pm
[07:41pm] &lt;zarkyb&gt; has anyone found the cybsux secret in tremor
[07:42pm] &lt;Cyb&gt; don't make me release by special zarkyb sux edition of zdoom
[07:42pm] &lt;Cyb&gt; s/by/my/
[07:42pm] &lt;zarkyb&gt; i dare you
[07:42pm] &lt;Cyb&gt; very well

Forget Skulltag and ZDaemon; this is the greatest fork of ZDoom EVER. If you're not convinced here's a screenshot:

I think you'll enjoy it more than Zarkyb sucks (and he sucks quite a bit). (637K)

ATTN: all posters read this first, very important August 13, 2004, 7:22 pm

I am drunk

Hey It's Doomworld's Official Take A Picture of Your Doom 3 Box/CDs Thread! August 3, 2004, 11:36 pm
I'll start!


I'm cooler than the rest of you! July 15, 2004, 4:34 pm

The last pic is $5 of subway money (guess where I'm going for lunch tomorrow?!) which is my pay for all the ACS and other misc work I put into Action Doom. I'd have done it for free, but if that were a real job that $5 would work out to around $0.02 an hour.

ps - my camera is a piece of crap

Official Doom Jr. 2 Blog Thingy July 4, 2004, 2:56 pm
Because people keep telling me to and because I am bored in the summer sometimes, I am making Doom Jr. 2. It's not going to be as godawful as the first one because frankly I couldn't mimic that kind of bad level design now even if I had half of my brain removed (and I'm not willing to try that method either).

So anyways, I will be making 32 maps, all pretty short and made in a small amount of time. I'll update here with dl links as I finish each one if anyone cares to take a look and then when I finish all 32 I will release it as a brand new megawad!! YAY! It requires ZDoom, btw. Comments, complaints, flames and concerns for my mental health are all welcome.

MAP01 - UAC Base Thingy : 30 min build time
MAP02 - These Mines are My Mines : ~30 min build time
MAP03 - Hidden Underground Marble Place : ~1 hr build time
MAP04 - Still Underground : lost track of build time
MAP05 - Don't Open a Portal to Hell! : ~90 min build time
MAP06 - Something's Funny Here... : lost track, but probably around 2hrs
MAP07 - Base Without a Purpose : too long, probably over 3hrs :/
MAP08 - I Hate Tech Bases : lost track of the build time
MAP09 - Trained Train Trainer : ~3hrs build time (I guess)
MAP10 - Scuba City : totally lost track
MAP11 - Lost Soul Factory : I'm not keeping track of build times anymore.
MAP12 - Vileation Nation : not very long :D
MAP13 - Scuba City Redux : two days on and off (yay 4 labor day weekend)
MAP14 - God Damnit : I estimate ~4 hours total (over two days)... needs texture alignment
MAP15 - Hell is a Series of Boss Levels : ~2 hours (maybe)
MAP16 - Random Isle : I forget - you can use the sergeants multiple times
MAP17 - Water You Doing Here? : Not long, but longer than I'd have liked.
MAP18 - Killa Marinez : Around two hours, mostly done today (2/27)
MAP19 - Return to Scuba City... Again : Few hours of work ... six maybe?
MAP20 - Hasta Moria! : Not too long, but I lost track again
MAP21 - This is Exactly What Hell Is Like : Few days work on and off over a couple weeks I guess.
MAP22 - Get the Heck out of Hell : I forget... not long though
MAP23 - Air Strike! : Couple days
MAP24 - This Map Makes No Sense : Few days, mostly spent on the stupid scripts
MAP25 - Escape from A Whale : Not long, but now I remember why I hate making organic maps
MAP26 - Duke Nuked : hahaha who the hell knows
MAP27 - Saved by the Bomb Shelter : hell if I know

Also if you are impatient or something, you can also check the doomjr2 directory of the damned:

More levels will be posted as I complete them.

I lost all my wires! June 28, 2004, 6:51 pm
I finally got a wireless card and access point for my laptop, so now I can poop and browse the forums at the same time!!

In fact right now I'm not even inside my house!!! AMAZING!!!!

All for $44 (including shipping). God bless ebay.

Outside is pretty overrated though... there're lots of bugs out here, and it's getting kinda dark and I'll probably get cold soon since I'm not wearing any shoes or socks. Hey look, a rabbit! Weird.

More on this development as it develops.