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Good news April 20, 2005, 7:04 am
I received a lot of good news for the next month.

First I'm finally finishing my programming course in cegep this May.

In second I'm doing a class in a company 4 days out of 5 right now and they just told me they will employ me after I'm done with my studies so I'm getting a job and money.

Third is Kung Fu Hustle getting release here the 22nd and I can't wait to see it.

Fourth is Guild Wars release on the 28th.

And fifth is GTA: SA on PC in June (15th ?).

Yay horray hoorj whatever !

Stuffage August 24, 2004, 7:35 pm
Bah I started school this week and I got 24 hours/week of class. I'd like my schedule if the classes were more compressed together. Now I start at 8 am to 11am then I got a 4 hours break until the next class. This happens 3 times every week, oh well. At least all my buddies passed the last semester too. We're now 19 in the program and we got to know each other pretty much since we're all in the same group since last year.

I also changed my fav arcade place. It's a bit farther but they got the newest drummania and guitarfreak. I finally got to play Agnus Dei and it's sooo cool ^_^ I also learned that my arcade buddies also go to this arcade and that they also go to my cegep :/

Finally I started learning the D3 editor. It's the first 3d map editor that I try and I like it pretty much. It took me some time to learn the basic but I think I'm getting the hang of it. Here's some Screenshots
1 2

It's not really detailled and I need to work on the lightning but feel free to comment on those if you like. I'd like to know what I should work on.

Omg Birthday April 24, 2004, 7:59 am
Today marks my 20th year on this rock. Since yesterday I got a good amount of money, matrix revolution and the 2nd set of episodes of The Griffins. I'm going to be alone in the house all day so it sucks a bit. I don't have anything to say so I'll add a picture of a giraffe

Home vasectomy kit April 10, 2004, 6:11 pm

Order now and have fun !

Uru December 8, 2003, 8:35 pm
I totally forgot about that game. I slapped myself when I saw the ad on TLC and I bought it today.

I've played a couple of hours now and it's really impressive. It really captures the first Myst feelings compared to Exile. You don't know your enemy (if there's one) and don't know what to do next so it's much less linear than Exile.

The music is so beautiful (must be the same music composer as Exile. The song of Voltaic age was my favorite and the music in Uru are made with almost the same instruments IIRC). But now there isn't music everywhere, just at "critical places". The atmosphere is stunning as any of the series.

It's starts pretty easy but it soon get a bit complicated. At some point and the puzzles gets relatively hard but since I didn't play long I'm sure it's just me and I'll figure it out soon enough. There's 2 row of around 10-12 linking books on a shelf but I only got 5 of them right now and those areas are very well done.

If it wasn't for school tomorrow I'd still be playing.

Buying a GC for Christmas November 12, 2003, 8:24 pm
Well by seeing the thread of MP I decided that I'll buy a gamecube for Christmas. I talked to my sis about it and we'll split the cost in 2. I read in the newspaper that on the 17 it's gonna come with 4 zelda games for 139$. I'll also buy MP and surely wind waker(if it's out I dunno). My sis will surely take Mario party (4 or 5) and mario kart when it will come out. Are there any other good games or other games that deserve attentions ?

Goodbye video games November 7, 2003, 10:59 am
This rarely happens but right now, I'm pissed. There's been a law that passed in my province that makes it illegal to possess a unilingual(sp?) game that's not French. Yes, games made in English without a French translations/instructions are now banned, fucking banned! Right before christmas ! Yesterday, some games sellers/renters had to return 60% of their games to the companies. Now if I want a game(D3 for example), I'll have to order it from US if it doesn't have French instructions. That means paying 40$US that makes around 70$Can +shipping and taxes. And since a lot of games are only in English, I'll have problem obtaining them. I don't think I'll go to that much trouble for a game. I hope ID makes French instruction cause I don't want to start to warez games. This is a bad day...

Apocaliptica October 6, 2003, 4:41 pm
One of my friend told me about the band so I dl some of their music to see if it's good. I got to say it's FUCKING AWESOME. They take popular classic music and they make it with violin and electric guitar and vice versa. I've listened to Hall of the mountain king and Harmagedon and they are both excellent. Now I'm waiting for the classic version of Enter the Sandman. They definitely own and should be checked if you don't know them. I usually hate metal but I love this.

edit : Well Enter the Sandman isn't as good as I tought, but Path sure is good.
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Oh joy September 26, 2003, 7:19 pm
I finally managed to create a character with lightwave and put bones to animate it. He does a nice matrix pose while doing a jumping side kick. I think should start my fighting movie soon, after some more practice. Happy day...err night.
I'll celebrate by going to the arcade. Horray !

#16,839 September 19, 2003, 7:26 pm
Tonight at the arcade has been awfull. I entered the arcade, like any Friday's, by the front door. I ask for 6,25$ of coins (as usuall) and I see the DDR has finally been repaired (after a month of brokeness).

-Cool, I say.

Then I walk to the drummania arcade, as I usually walk. I put 2 coins in it, as I usually do, and I wait for the normal buzz sound to tell me to press start. I hear the sound as usuall, but something is wrong.

-Mmh, I say confusingly.

Only the right speaker is functionning. Since there wasn't anyone else in the arcade I could still hear the music.

-Ah ben, I said (note that I speak French so I wouln't speak in English so that people here could understand what I mean.)

I start playing easy song (60 difficulty) to know if all the pads work as usuall, which they actually are. I pass the first 2 songs with abnormal difficulties. I decided to do Concertino in Blue at advance (80) and I fail worse than usual.

-Sa peut arriver, I tought.

So I continue playing, but after 2-3 games, more people are entering to the point that I can't hear the right speaker anymore, making me having trouble to sync with the song since I can't hear the bg music.

-J'va aller jouer au DDR, I then tought.

But I haven't played DDR in more than a month, since drummania has become a better game to my eyes. So I step on the right pad like any other day that I step on the right pad, put the 3 coins like I usually do and start to play as usual.

-Au moins a marche comme du monde, speaking to myself.

So I start with my usuall maniac songs : Daikenkai(oni), exotic ethnic, Rythm and Police, Across the nightmare, Afronova, Bag, So Deep, A, V, etc... I can't beleive that not playing for a month could affect me like that. I did more B's than A's. I couldn't believe it. I even had a miss...

-Shit, I tought loudly.

So I decide to do Paranoia Survivor(maniac as usual). I FAILED ! I was so pissed. I manage to fail a song that I usually do a 500 combos on.

-Fait chier, I said.

I decide to do the maniac Pop4 nonstop to put yet again my name, even if all the record slots are with my name. I did 2 miss and 1 boo. I didn't even broke my other records. I then knew something was wrong, I lost my skills and I'll need to rework on it. I need to restart playing at home, but I've been to busy the last 2 months either with work or school work.

I left the arcade earlier than the other days to arrive home and write this blog. That has been another Darkstalker's wacky Friday nights out !
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