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People are judgemental and hypocritical... December 31, 2015, 10:00 pm
So I have 70s style sideburns on my face. My friends have seen laughed and made jokes and I did the same back but they don't call me out on everyday, they accept my style, just as I accept theirs.

What really pisses me off are the people who will talk shit about your style, yet those people follow all the latest trends because they don't know how to choose a style.

Give an experience where people make fun of your style yet they have follow EVERY style that is trendy.

How much does it cost to live by yourself? December 12, 2015, 1:10 am
Okay so how much does it cost for you annually to live on your own? Solo, I mean. Like where do you live and how much would you say that is costs for you to live. Per month or year is fine, just those two please.

So fucked right now... December 1, 2015, 9:56 pm
What do I do now? I can't take with my family. Okay before I say, I am eighteen years old and currently enrolled as a freshman in college. My family feeds me and gives me money for things like gas, but they are the absolute biggest control freaks in the world and they always tell me they are worthless and I can't do anything. They always tell me that I shouldn't try to think of doing anything, like starting a company.

I'm not here thinking the world is perfect. I am a person who can take assholes. I have had a lot to run with, but it pisses me that my parents have to be too, I can't take it. What should I do? I have only a thousand dollars in my bank, so I know I can't move out. I feel like I have motivation to do anything in life because life sucks under them.