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The Bokuto Development Thread - Coders, Modelers, and Artists Needed! December 5, 2009, 5:45 pm
Just seeing if anybody'd like to help me make this silly game:

Greg Tamnel is going to make you do his chores! Suck it up!

From the mind of Greg Tamnel a.k.a. doomcup comes a brilliant satirical game of blazing action and quick-witted comedy! Imagine a world where Daikatana was a *good* game, where Ion Storm bought out iD and outshined even Valve! Thanks to the magic of the Daikatana, John Romero has made the world his bitch! However, there is another relic whose powers rival even those of Romero's great blade, the powerful wooden sword, the Bokuto!

Ryan Fox, outdoorsman and action movie fan, awakens in his tent in the woods outside his house, remembering that his practice wooden sword comes in the mail today! Unbeknownst to him, but knownst to us, the practice wooden sword he ordered was none other than the Bokuto! On the advice of his seer and dusky Romanian wife, Romero sends his men to intercept Ryan before he can take posession of it! Will he succeed? What will Ryan do with the Bokuto? And where did all these frogs and dragonflies come from?

Possible features:
4 eight-map episodes, each in a different time period!
6 different weapons for each time period, including the powerful Bokuto!
A thrilling yet hysterical story from the person who brought you FLOATING NAZI WIZARD SCIENTIST!
Full motion in-game cutscenes!
Characters that are likable!
A plot that doesn't try to make sense!
Multiplayer deathmatch, co-op, and more!
And lots and lots of fun!

If you have the balls to work on this awesome game, hop onto irc:// and idle!