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10 February 19, 2014, 1:34 pm
Well, almost. But if I don't make a "I've been on DoomWorld for ten years" thread now I might forget about it in two months' time.

Yay etc.

It finally happened May 15, 2013, 7:12 am
Dwayne Johnson just raised his eyebrow at me.

Join me in celebrating this momentous and auspicious occasion, Doomworld.

Welp, my video card died April 24, 2013, 9:45 am
So after five years of steadfast service, my 8800GT finally kicked the bucket today. I think it was a slow and painful death; my system has been acting funky for a while, with random freezes, crashes and visual anomalies on the screen, when gaming and when not gaming alike. I've thrown an ancient Geforce 7 in the case, so I can at least come on Doomworld and cry about it.

I'm now in the market for a new video card. I'm looking for something equivalent in performance to the 8800GT, maybe a tiny bit better. I don't want to spend more than 100. Even if I could afford something better, it's a waste of time seeing as the rest of my hardware is even older and shitter than my late 8800GT.

Suggestions, anyone?

Fitness progress (somewhat vain and boastful material contained within) November 18, 2012, 4:47 am
So I started weight training back in March, after a lifetime of avoiding all fitness-related activities like a tropical disease (as a kid I skived off P.E. in school for a whole year, because I detested it that much). Motivated by a pay cheque, a few years ago I did fairly hard manual labour for a living, but that wasn't exactly the same as a structured and strict exercise regime; heavy things were lifted, but at irregular intervals and not in a dedicated pursuit of building muscle.

A mere eight months into my newfound love of lifting weights for 60-70 minutes a day, 3 days a week, and I've already seen a lot of improvement. My upper arms have passed the 16" circumference. Hardly massive, even on a 5'11" man, but considering they were a scrawny 14" when pumped before I started training I'd say the hard work has paid off. Chest, shoulders, back and legs have also developed nicely. It's nice to be able to look at a nearly naked DoomUK in the mirror and see something which I'm mildly happy with in the reflection.

My plan is to keep doing what I'm doing for another four months, and then start to integrate cardio into my workout regime. The muscle I've developed is still covered in a layer of unsightly fat, and while weight training improves your general fitness I'm sure I'd look a lot better (and feel even better) if I cut down my bodyfat percentage a little, even if I have no ambition to be a competing bodybuilder or anything.

TL;DR: Regularly lifted some cast iron and put it down again using the correct form, got bigger and stronger, felt good.

How many spaces do you use after a period? October 7, 2012, 3:21 am
The other day I was assisting a friend from Croatia by proofreading something she'd written. Her English is almost flawless but for some minor grammatical errors, and she asked me to help.

But we got into an argument after I put two spaces after every period she used, something I've done all my life since I was taught to do it that way when I learned to write at school. After I looked it up, it turns out that she was doing it right and double spacing between sentences isn't necessary any more. But it's a difficult habit to get out of after doing it for 25+ years.

Do you use one space or two?

I came out of the closet September 4, 2012, 4:12 am an atheist.

It 'officially' happened roughly a year ago, after spending my whole life sitting on the fence about my belief in God and the afterlife and whatnot. When I was a kid and my parents dragged me off to church every Sunday morning, I was always confused about how the God everyone in the congregation was worshipping was real and the god(s) people of different faiths were worshipping weren't. God's spiteful attitude was also apparent to me and conflicted with "His love" everyone spoke of. I didn't get any of it at all, but I suppose I bought into it because my parents did. And the idea of going to hell because I didn't believe was a little frightening.

I maintained my blind faith up until my late teens, when I started to drift into agnosticism. I was still surrounded by Christian people and I was a little ashamed of not being a believer in the sense that they were even if I accepted the concept of god on a philosophical level. As I got older still my confidence in it became weaker, intelligent arguments against the entire idea of god seemed increasingly reasonable, the need for a god seemed less and less. Eventually I announced to myself that I didn't have to sit on the fence or pretend I believed in something that I didn't any more.

My life is exactly the same. I still have the same insecurities and problems to wrestle with, but not having to drag around a dead carcass and grapple with the quandaries that my old faith presented on top of my other problems feels good. It's nice to be able to see sense without feeling guilty about it.

I don't suppose this story is unique or even interesting to anyone. I just felt like sharing it.

30 August 15, 2012, 5:24 am
Yup, I'm old now.

Internets problems. July 22, 2012, 2:54 pm
I'm going to throw this out there in the vague hope that someone has a suggestion based on my admittedly vague description of the problem I'm having.

For the past year or so my (DSL) internet connection has been crapping out sporadically. Everything can be working fine for several days, weeks, perhaps months, but then it starts randomly disconnecting every ~10 minutes and my download and upload speeds are badly affected. It's a 10Mb line (1Mb upload) but the speeds are reduced to dial-up levels of slowness (this is noticeable while looking at web pages, playing games, downloading torrents, watching YT videos, everything). Currently it's in one of these bad moods and hitting the Preview Post button means waiting a painful amount of time to preview my post.

Of course I've contacted my ISP (British Telecom) about this, who are, conveniently, also the owners of the physical land line and responsible for maintaining it, and thus far I've had three engineers visit my property and inspect the line and my equipment. All of them reported no problems at all. I don't know whether they were doing their job thoroughly (they're the engineers, not me), but I have to take their word for it I guess. As the problem is sporadic they weren't here at a time when the problems were occurring, and I can't make an appointment with my ISP at arrange a visit when it's going to happen next, because I don't know when it will happen next. Sod's Law states that if I arrange a visit right now, the problem will go away when the engineer gets here.

I've gone through all the obvious/common sense stuff, with and without the advice of a professional. Swapped the line filters, swapped all necessary cables, tried several different routers. There's also two PCs in the house, both connected to my router via Ethernet, both experience the same crap. I also got a friend to bring his notebook here to test it, same story.

Maybe it will resolve itself tonight and be fine for the next few months. Maybe it will stay like this for days or weeks on end. I can't tell. But if anyone has any suggestions or ideas about what the fuck might be causing this I would be most grateful.

The "I have a random thought about something" thread June 30, 2012, 2:22 pm
Because I think Doomworld needs one of these. Can't recall there ever being one either. Post whatever random thought(s) you're thinking right now and wish to share.

Need to start fitting in some cardio into my workout regime. Also need to stop clicking on the 4chan bookmark in my bookmarks folder in the vain hope that it's online again, just because I need my fix of mindlessness to counterbalance the seriousness of today. Also wish I was in the pub.

Are bars ever called pubs outside of the British Isles?

X And Philosophy April 18, 2012, 6:47 am

^ Came across this site the other day. The Twilight and Metallica ones initially made me think it might be a spoof website, but apparently it's legit because you can buy these books on Amazon etc. I know a true philosopher will tell you that philosophy is everywhere, but I have a hard time imagining who would take the insipid plot of Twilight so seriously.

Anyway, has anyone heard about or read any of them? I like pop culture and I like philosophy so I'd love to give one of these books a go. The Terminator and Lost ones particularly interest me.