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Computer problems ahoy July 3, 2004, 11:48 pm
Hot figgity fudge, I'm pissed. The bastards who put together my computer didn't put in a good enough power supply, I recently discovered much to my surprise. The lack of a proper power supply does seem to answer many problems I had before, though.

Let's take it from the start. Sometime quite a few months ago, my CD-RW drive stopped working right, buring CD's strangely and refusing to read discs half the time. Just recently I invested in a new CD drive. Nothing fancy, just a standard CD Drive. I opened up the case and hooked it up just fine, as far as I know. So I start up the computer and nothing works. The monitor gives a "NO SIGNAL INPUT" error, the speakers play no startup sounds, the optical mouse doesn't light up, and the keyboard lights do not activate as they usually do. Ok, I figure something got knocked loose. No, upon inspection everything was in the right place. So I try again, and same thing. I then decide to disconnect the old CD drive, as it might be a power distribution problem. It works fine, but I don't use the CD drive just yet. I then go online and leave the room. When I come back, it has reverted to the state of "NO INPUT SIGNAL." I get pissed and reboot. This time I try to install Red Alert 2. It starts installing, then when it gets to the Serial Code input screen, the voice that's being read from the CD starts skipping. "Security code input requi- input requi- input requi-" Then the fun starts. The program shuts down, and I get a split second BSOD that doesn't look like a normal one. It's got all sorts of numbers and words on it I can't understand, and then the computer acts like it's restarting, but fuckin snaps and pops are coming from the case! It begins to reboot, but I shut it down. Just now I disconnected the new CD drive and tried to run the computer but all I'm getting is "NO INPUT SIGNAL" mode. I hope I didn't fry the goddamn thing. 7 or so gigs of mp3's lost, photoshop projects, txt files with passwords and phone numbers etc., extremely hard to find movie files (Samurai Pizza Cats episodes, all gone!), games, and all my doom shit could possibly be in computer data heaven. I am so damn pissed right now.

And also tonight I almost got into a head on collision with a cop car going 90 miles an hour. Whoopie.

MSpAint thing 1 November 8, 2003, 7:54 pm

I drew this in paint while talking to Lizardcommando over AIM. I like it. Only used the Pencil tool, too. I am so great.

It's my doom comic star Steve Fletcher trying to stay cool in the face of danger. Or something.

Awesome online game idea November 4, 2003, 2:28 am
I was just checking out a korean online game called Gunbound (http://gunbound.net) and I had an awesome idea for a multiplayer online game in the same vein. Instead of tanks, you'd control little soldiers. You'd build up cash and experience through battle, andwith that you could upgrade your equipment and character. For example, you start with no money and a Rookie rank. From here, you would need to go to Basic Training to automatically get $100 for your use only and a rank of Private. Otherwise, you'd have to go out and get money yourself and get exp that way. Sort of a way to make sure that everyone knows how to play.

Class - At first, all you can be is a Infantry (Rifle only, normal armor, . If you revisit basic training, you can invest exp. in skill areas and get trained to be any of the following:

Soldier (Access to all guns, heavy armor, no real abilities otherwise)

Medic (Only able to use pistol, light armor, can heal players or revive fallen comrades, no grenades, if you die on the field without getting revived whatever gun you had equipped is gone and you need to buy it back)

Engineer (Access to Rifles, Shotguns, and SMG's, normal armor, can plant/disarm mines and explosive charges, necessary for certain missions)

Officer (Access to Rifles and SMG's, normal armor, can use artillery/airstrike grenades, can pass out ammo, can mark distress signals on overworld map)

Spec. Ops (Access to rifles and SMG's, light armor, can use explosive charges, can use Sniper Rifle, limited stealth)

Now, as far as guns are concerned, each group would have different kinds of weapons. For example, the Nuclear Disaster Area troops would have high-tech guns that are a bit more effective but are also more expensive. Meanwhile, the Rebel Faction would have weaker guns but at very cheap rates. Ammo would need to be bought, but capacity can be upgraded. Now, the classes of weapon:

Pistols (Accessable by all classes, weak, unlimited ammo. Certain groups start with the revolver, some with the 9mm. Revlover does more damage but fires lower, 9mm fires faster but has less stopping power)

Rifles (Accessable by all, medium strength, good range, moderate reload time. Ammo is not very expensive, upgrades start cheap but get VERY costly.)

Shotguns (engineer & soldier only, heavy strength, short range, long reload time. Ammo is not very expensive, upgrade costs start medium expensive and get very high, but not as high as rifle ever gets.)

SMG's (Available to all but medic, light strength, long range, fast firing rate, short reload time. Ammo is least expensive, but you'll buy a lot. Upgrades are cheap, but it's the ammo that'll get ya.)

Rockets (Soldier only, heavy strength, long range, slow everything. expensive ammo, upgrades VERY expensive.)

Special Ops can upgrade the rifle to Sniper Rifle after becoming that class and getting the money. Sniper rifle allows you to aim anywhere up to a screen or two away. reload time is long, and if two sniper rifles on one team are in the same area, they cease to function. Sort of a Sniper Spamming solution.

Character looks can be upgraded, such as helmets, logos on helmets, outfits, etc. Team colors, team emblems, etc. are all customizable.

Weather changes, time of day changes, foliage can be hidden behind, water can be waded in, some swimming. IF you play Soldat, slow it down a bit and you'll see what I'm saying. I think it would be great, but I have no idea how to go about making it. I might be able to make up the art or something, bu otherwise I'm stuck. Anyone know how I can learn the coding to do all this? I really want ot see it a reality.

I rule.

Quake Rant October 22, 2003, 2:38 am
This was my original response to the "Quake Props" thread, or whatever it was. I decided not to put the whole thing, because it looked to me like I was just ranting like an idiot, and that's what blogs are for.

"Top # games of all time" lists are stupid. It's just the opinion of a bunch of people who work there portrayed like it's the concrete truth. Sure, Quake was a good game. It was a great game. Best game? Not really. They praise it for it's multiplayer specifically, and base the #1 game factor on that alone. Unfair! They need to think about all factors when making such a decision. What about those who have never played Quake multiplayer, or never wanted to? They wouldn't call it #1. It's like calling one brand of cereal best, not because of the cereal, but because of the fact that you can eat it with your friends. Or something.

Fact: The Quake rocket launcher is the best FPS weapon ever.

You're kidding me, right? What about doom's Shotgun? It started the mandatory FPS Shotgun movement. Wolfenstein's chaingun, maybe? Remember the raw power you felt when you first picked the monster up? Why not the quake grenade launcher? THAT was the original heavy weapon of choice, reducing those zombies to paste and giving the player a new edge against this massive demon army. The Q1 rocket launcher, though? That's so cliche. Why not the Doom rocket launcher? Same gun, just no mouselook. Next thing you know they'll call Shub Niggurath the best boss fight seen in an FPS. IF they do, I'm going to go crazy.

Heh, after reading some of their choices of "best game evar" they had in the past, it looks like they just take games people in the office called "Good" and rushed them to press as "Best." Bionic Commando? What the hell? Heroes of Might and Magic? Lame. Where's the Gauntlets, the Marios, the goddamn Bombermans?! They call themselves gamers, do they? I call then slaves to the man. What the FUCK... WIPEOUT XL??! WHAT ARE THEY SMOKING!

Arhghghehgehg, I need more soda.

Hmm... as I read previous entries, it seems that at least SOME of them have gaming brains.

So... yeah. Blog!

Nautical Jesus October 19, 2003, 6:02 pm

I drew that!