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Fun with Volcas.. October 11, 2014, 4:01 pm

Made this about 5 minutes after unpacking my new Volca Beats by Korg.

The construction is surprisingly sturdy. The knobs are steppy, which is a bit of a let-down considering it's (nearly) full analog machine. The snare leaves something to be desired, but the kick is very versatile. On the fly beat making when paired with the Electribe is incredibly fun. It doesn't satisfy all my drum needs, and I'll no doubt be adding some PCM drum module or routing a channel off of a rompler / work-station to give the drums a bit more texture. All and all, I won't lose any sleep spending $150 on this little unit.

- February 8, 2014, 9:26 pm
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Mr.Handsome November 16, 2012, 3:24 am

18 hours of labor, one c-section and 4 days in the hospital later, I finally can call myself the proud parent of this handsome young man.

It was a very complicated delivery. After we were in the clear, the head nurse informed my sort-of-mother-in-law that my girlfriend and baby were in a pretty dire situation and the c-section was an emergency measure. Ed Jr was facing chin forward with the umbilical cord completely wrapped around him. My girlfriend had an un-diagnosed condition of fluid retention that was putting so much pressure on her insides that the baby was lodged and hadn't budged an inch in 7 hours. His heart rate was decreasing more and more with each contraction, very scary stuff.

I owe quite a bit of gratitude to the nurse staff. They averted what would have been the worst day of my life and ended up making it the best.

I'd say 2-3 years tops and I'll be uploading his first map to /idgames.

- August 27, 2012, 10:13 pm

Iphone game October 28, 2010, 1:33 pm
I've been sitting around for a year thinking about building this game. I've got this whole game mapped out in my head and I decided just to go for it.

It's called Putrefier, it's basically the story I was using for sc5 but way more in depth. It takes place hundreds of years after this war that wipes everything out. Society is nonexistent, the planet is a desert with collapsed cities lurching out from sand dunes. You're a member of a nomadic tribe that ends up coming across this complex that's alive and functioning. It housed an experimental cloning device to be used in battle that regenerate soldiers as they died in battle. You wake it up, the building swallows you. Things get way, way fucked up. The building is a living organism. Fleshy tendrils on everything, organic growth patterns in the walls. The enemies are mashed up globs of multiple humans with horrifying, cancerous out-growths.

I have some really talented friends, a lot of good artists. I'm sure they would be able to help. I have a lot of resources too, but I have to really do the fucked up, tendril-laden stuff.

Either way, I'm doing it. It's going to take a long time, but it should be awesome if it works.

Some of my new textures, grungy.. mmmmm..


Ta hell with it! February 3, 2010, 9:25 am
I know these are a really big no-no in the Doom community (or in any, for that matter), and I'll probably get flamed for it, but I'm gonna go for the gusto and do it anyway. I guess you could call this my 'goodbye' letter. I've never written one, and I'm very much aware that 9 times out of 10 the person does it for attention and comes back under a new screen name weeks later. It's just rude to leave the party without thanking the hosts, IMO. So, thanks to anyone that played my levels / mods and possibly enjoyed them and thanks especially to the founders / moderators that keep this website and old game alive. I'm off to new and amazing adventures!
It's been fun!

Butthurt January 13, 2010, 2:26 pm
So, some fucking cock-head decided to call our apartment 17 fucking times last night at 4 in the morning. He ended up totally butthurt with god knows how many horny old men from Korea ended up calling him. Dear Internets, I love you.

Here's one of the voice-mails he left us.. the Terrorist Acts remix


Completely unrelated, ChatRoulette is so much fucking fun.

Work in progress May 2, 2009, 5:08 am
I'm pretty sure this will be the last night in my studio, as I can't afford to keep up in here anymore. Most of my analog keyboards I'm selling off, the rack synths I'm keeping. Drum machines, amps and two of my guitars are already sold. Everything else, processors, pre-amps, monitoring and what not is coming with me to my apartment. :(

Well at least I've put in a good night's work before the breaking down of this tangled mess.

Nord Lead 2 glitchiness running through a ring modulator. Kinda half done but it has a funky tom thing going on. The resonant lead in the second half is my Juno doing what it does best. The combination with Nord really come together pretty nice. I got stoned with a friend of mine and he suggested the Pork Man end samples.. I'm gonna keep em.
A Homage to 1800-Jackoff

The lead is annoying sounding. JX-8p belltone, tried doing a minimal 1990s techno song.. it's somewhere in between. Some wicked analog pads in the epic break-down around 2:20. A lot of this song was done with the Novation A-Station. The mid-range talking synth, the arpeggiated synth in the bridge and some of the pad layers.
Horsebolt 9000

Messing around with break-beating and trying to play something remotely classical.
Horsebolt 9000 PT 2

Well hopefully I'll be able to actually get back to working on these before hell freezes over. Time for the big tear down :\

Strippers: Not dating material April 17, 2009, 3:47 am
Every sexual fantasy I've ever had seems to be crumbling under me one girl at a time.

Me and my girlfriend of 4 years broke it off around New Years and I think I've come to appreciate the value in a good woman in these four months. Right off the bat I met an Asian girl in Boston. Now I've seen enough videos in my time to get a solid grasp on how this whole Asian fantasy sex is supposed to go down. One thing led to the next and sexy time commenced in great fashion. One thing the internet and it's many videos fail to represent is the level in which the shrew, sexual coos of such a small creation can actually reach in db. This girl's "OOOOOHH" sat somewhere between the 16th-17th octave range at a truly deafening level. Mind you, it was mid afternoon and the rest of the apartment outside my door was bustling. Fantasy over.

Thursday, April 16th:
Through a mutual friend I was introduced to, let's just call her "Destiny". I picked her up around 3pm, she walked to my car. A fair skinned woman of small stature with every physical feature one could fantasize about. The date begins:

I'm a person of little judgment and I'm willing to see the good in everyone.. but.. I have no clue how one person can posses every conceivable personality disorder that's been documented. When I think "bat-shit crazy", I will now and forever have a physical incarnation to reference to. Imagine a bi-polar Lizzy Borden with a longer rap sheet with nothing more to talk about than the staggering amount of ex's and how their lives had to be ruined because they broke off the relationship after a whole two weeks. "I've been arrested 13 times for assault since I was 13" She's 20, and fresh out of a one year stay at Bridgewater State. Charming.

The fruitful conversation led, predictably, to a show and tell of her numerous cutting scars. Each one accompanied with a detailed reflection of yet another shattered relationship. I had absolutely no desire what-so-ever to do anything remotely sexual with her. I tried to make some small talk, yawned quite a bit and brought her back to her house.

Lesson learned, once again, never underestimate the value of a good woman. Also, anyone that shows their goods to a crowd of 50 year old men for a dollar will no doubt have something terribly wrong with them.
I'm going to make a stiff drink and pretend I didn't waste my day with this portable lunatic asylum.