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Erik's Doomworld Forums Blog

Just checking in January 7, 2005, 6:51 am
Just checking in so that noone believes that I am dead in Thailand or whatever.

I am just in a situation with very low doom interest atm, so I am focusing on other things like school and console RPGs. I won't be on irc or the forums for a while most likely.

But I will be back.

Scythe 2 May 18, 2004, 2:15 am
is once again in progress, yay! =)

Projects status. June 16, 2003, 9:15 am
Well, I am invloved in quite a few projects. And I am trying to make up a priority list somehow. In that process I made alist of the projects and rated their chances of making it (estimates).

One bloody night ep2 - 20% progress or so, donated one map away and it's on hold, might be merged with scythe2. I give this project 20% chance of making it.

Scythe2 (or whatever I will call it) - 2 maps done, maybe a couple of maps from my other projects will be incorporated into it, slow progress. I give this project 70% of making it, it will probably not be in full 32 map megawad form for the first release at least though.

Europa 4 - renewed interest in this lately, I have lots of ideas and layouts drawn, interesting stuff. Also some pressure from Julian (heh). I give this 75% of making it.

RTC - hmm, dunno what to say. I asked shaviro to show me the progress. It doesn't look too promising atm really, and I dont really feel like working on doomed projects :\ I give this about 25% chance of making it.

Torn's doom1 megawad - mixed feelings here, torn insists that it will get done. Espi is doing most of the work and I am quite slow on my progress (I didn't make any official commitments to this though). I give this 50% chance of making it, and I hope it will.

Millennium - too little info to actually make an estimate here, I really am confident in lut's ability though (I am as confident in Zaldron's lazyness though).

plutonia 2 - lots of good maps here which are 100% finished (unlike rtc which has a ton of fragments which don't fit together at all). sam woodman is cool, but he seems to need somewhat of a reality check at times, if there still are more people than him involved I give this a good chance though to be out this year, 85% or so.