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OMG BLOG! December 11, 2003, 5:59 pm
Im writing in my blog. This is odd, I never use this time-waster, but atm, I dont feel for sleeping.

Today I woke up with the idea I would go eat, play some quake, call some companies to find a job for a school project, play some doom, eat, work some on a site for another company, watch over the DC lobby, eat, play some doom, eat, eat, eat and sleep.

But no. Right after I called those companies, my old mom downstairs yelled my name. So my ass goes downstairs: "sup?". The new DVD player with surround and subwoofer has been delivered :D

Our placing of furniture in the livingroom wasnt really good for surround setup, so ive been changing the whole livefuckingroom all day fucking long!


The DVD player, with all its features, pretty much made the hifi-set obsolete. So thats mine now. Hooked it up on my computer and now having powerfull sound with 2 big ass speakers on each end of my desktop.

Next, iron my shirt, because I have to dress up in suit tomorrow as im going to ESA (thats NASA, but in europe).

I just wasted a few minutes of your time ;)
Much better, now i feel like sleeping, tnxbubye!
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blogs are a waste of time August 27, 2003, 5:53 am
Im never interested in blogs, because its just another waste of time in my opinion. And its not a good way to 'spread the word' either because only half of the poeple read it. Ciao.